lookup formula

  1. S

    Best formula to use to pull in values with 2 true criteria's

    I am adding values together from 2 different sheets based on 1. date (in its own column) AND 2. if the description contains "AP" or "CD" (In another column) to populate on a summary tab. I have tried the following formulas: For my values containing AP or CD 1. =SUMPRODUCT(('GL...
  2. K

    Lookup Formula

    Please help me below. Hope someone can help me, I have two workbook like below: Workbook 1 As below: <colgroup><col width="72" style="width: 54pt;"> <col width="83" style="width: 62pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2656;" span="5"> <col width="112" style="width: 84pt...
  3. P

    Linking two data sets - assistance requested

    Greetings fellow pivot table practitioners, I'm trying to link two sets of data. Samples are listed below. I'd like to figure out a formula that populates the "Status" and "Day Status Began" in the top table based on the data in the second table. EX: On 21 Jan 2015, Scott submitted a report...
  4. T

    VLOOKUP or MATCH or INDEX ~ Really need help with my problem!

    Hi all, Have had so much help on this forum in the past, and would love for some help and support again! :) I really need help to find a solution for what I need to do: I will try to explain it in the best possible way below... SHEET 1 ______Colm F_____________________Colm N Row 6_COMPLETE...
  5. A

    Compare pivot table results to a static data set

    Hi all I have a pivot table that generates a list of staff that have completed timesheets for eaqch day of the month and the hours booked. The number of entries on each day will vary accoring to whether a timesheet has data on it or not - so for example, on one paricular daythere may be 3...
  6. S

    Wildcard in Vlook

    I have a huge spreadsheet of contact. I am trying to scrub out all the email address that contain an email extensions on my exclusion list. For example @gmail.com and I am trying to use a wildcard character to find all the email address within my table that cannot be contacted. I am unable to...
  7. G

    Combining Lookup and SUM

    I am having trouble trying to workout how to do the below. <tbody> W/E 12/04/2014 19/04/2014 26/04/2014 03/05/2014 10/05/2014 17/05/2014 24/05/2014 Rev. 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 Cost. 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 </tbody> I would like to combine a LOOKUP and SUM to say the following...
  8. C

    Question About Lookup when Both Column and Row are Variables

    Greetings! I have a conundrum regarding a bit of data validation that I'm developing. The purpose is to determine if, on a particular row of data, a specific text string exists. The text string could be found in any column past the first. For example: <tbody> Name variable 1 variable 2...
  9. J

    Lookup Formula

    Hello, I have a column of data with: Last name,Company Name-First Name I wanted to create a lookup formula to return only the company name in the adjacent cell. Does anyone know how I would do this? Thank you
  10. X

    Color cells based on lookup values in a separate workbook

    Environment: I am using Excel 2003 and self taught in excel and VBA. I am very new to VBA and if pointed in the right direction will learn a topic. However I need direction I have a mockup of a Call Center floor seating diagram called "Seating Chart" Workbook and Spreadsheet. "Seating Chart"...
  11. C

    Finding the next date in a list

    I am working on an Excel spreadsheet to make sure that everything that has to happen to get a new hire enrolled in benefits happens on time. Our staff are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month after 30 days of employment. (i.e. if the hire date was June 19, 2013 the staff member is...
  12. Y

    Excel Dynamic Formula to List all Cities in a State

    I have an excel spreadsheet that has 3 Columns: 1) City 2) State 3) Population all on sheet 1. On Sheet 2 cell B1 I want to be able to select the state and display all cities within that state & their population. I would like to have a formula that accomplishes this and it needs to be...
  13. A

    excel formula lookup

    I need to pull a product ID based on if the number of users and a specific product are in a range of values. I tried a few formulas with no luck. <COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=9 width=64><TBODY> ID Users PROD ID ID USER LOW USER HIGH PROD ID A 1 A 1 100 AB1 A 100 A 101...
  14. C

    Vlookup in a Range

    Hi! I have a part number that I need to look in a range of value in order to have the manufacturing program. The Range I have is like this: Part 1 to Part 5000 is for chevrolet Part 5001 to Part 5925 is for Dodge Part 5926 to part 6000 is for JEEP My list have for example part 4500...
  15. khawarameer

    Lookup for Horizontal and Vertical Search

    Dear All, I have two tables, in table 1 i have a statement of more than one customers combined in sequential order, in table 2 i have customer numbers vertically placed and dates horizontally placed. i want to use a lookup function which may extract day end balance in front of each account...
  16. S

    VBcode for adding a LOOKUP formula

    Hello all, I am relatively new to the VB code for Excel macro and wanted to get your advise on the following macro.. '=== CODE START === Sub c_SLCodeThisWk() Dim t As Long For t = 2 To 100 Range("AR" & t).Formula =...
  17. D

    Use index to look up and return multiple unique values

    Hi, I need to be able to find multiple values where the same thing occurs. This also needs to be able to use subtotal so that if I filter it only returns the names shown. Poor English so I'll use this table to explain: I need to fins any pupils name where they have particular values. So for...
  18. C

    Need help dependent list box and maybe a lookup formula

    Hello gracious gurus, I need assistance with dependent list boxes. I have reviewed about 7+ videos and cannot find my answer. I need a formula that will show a List Box based on formula. For example, if I select model "CT4-3/8" then, I want to have the "LB_TB_Fifteen_In " List Box choices...
  19. J

    Lookup a value which is contained in a cell and return a value

    Hi Guys, I have a problem I cant find a solution too. I have a table of stock codes with corresponding price list (exported from Sage), but on another sheet I would like ot lookup an abbreviated code and return the corresponding price. This means searching cells which contain a particular 4...
  20. D

    Partial Words Lookup and Replace

    Looking for a better way to substitute correct words for incomplete spellings in a list. The following works, but if a word is not exactly like I have in the lookup, the replacement fails. In the next column over from C34 I have...

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