match function

  1. C

    Match function with two column fields

    I have this Excel Array Formula. It works on the Actual Excel worksheet. However, when I tried to transfer it to VBA Excel, it gives me this error Run time error 1004". I normally creates fhe formula first to make sure it works then transfer it to VBA Excel, that I can include as part of the...
  2. M

    Match function returns error when no match found

    Hello everyone, Here is what I am trying to do : My userform called selectTr has a listbox in which the user choses one value. I want to check whether I have this value in the third column of my sheet or not and act accordingly so here is my code : Dim found As Integer...
  3. A

    Excel formula bar: Function to return TRUE, FALSE or #NA if data in multiple columns/rows does not match

    Hello Apologies for the vague question. Hope that someone can help me with this. This is what I meant: There will be another column where it would tabulate TRUE (if the data match) or FALSE (if the data do not match). Basically, the user will continue updating the rows and columns. Based...
  4. H

    Returning adjacent cell looking in a large array

    Hey guys, I am search a large array with multiple columns B2:AC46. I want to be able to use a set of accounts in a kx1 column vector on my sheet as the reference and always return whatever value is directly next to that reference anywhere within the other array (e.g. I may have 40 in column 5...
  5. C

    Returning Unique Value Combined with an IF or Match statement

    Hello, I am looking for help with a formula to return a unique value once Excel has found a match. I will try and explain as best as I can. I have a column (Column A) in a master worksheet (Worksheet A) that compares two columns from two separate worksheets (Worksheet B and Worksheet C)...
  6. T

    Match Function Giving #N/A Error After Text Import Wizard on Known Matches

    Greetings World, I am using Excel 2010. I am trying to use a Match function to find exact matches to strings in a pdf file that I extracted using text import wizard. The only way that I can get the formula to give me the correct result is to manually retype the Match function's lookup value's...
  7. 2

    MATCH function query

    Hi, I hope this question hasn't already been answered, I promise I did search the forums prior to, but to no avail. I apologise if it has however. Premise: I have a column starting at cell A1 (with a value of 0 i.e. zero), which increment by 0.1 upto and include cell A4601 e.g. Cell No...
  8. M

    Match Function Error?

    The match function is returning the wrong value. This is an amortization schedule I made and for some reason the match function only returns the wrong value for a 20 year loan term. If I change the year at the top of my spreadsheet to 21 years or 30 years, for example, match will return the...
  9. T

    Help with match function - defined match value as well as range

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble with a match function. I don't know what I am am doing wrong. If I use the match function and manually specify the matchval and matchrng I get the answer that I am looking for, yet when I use VBA I get an error (Runtime error 1004, application-defined or object...
  10. H

    Match function error Here is a link to my simple excel file. There is a problem in using the match function. You can edit the ranges filled with light yellow to get the results filled with sky blue. The problem is with cell F9. Even when the...
  11. K

    Sum costs from unique records having a given type

    <tbody> A B C D 1 Job# Description PO Type 2 3 5400 311 11st job 4 1101 NC Ward 350.00 deck 5 1102 IL Cotr flex 6 1101 NC Ward 350.00 deck 7 5204 600 Pat Place job 8 1102 IL Cotr 407.00 deck 9 1103 WA Brown flex 10 11...
  12. T

    Use ISNA and MATCH functions to return a Yes or No when a match exists or not.

    Hey guys, I have been trying to figure out why my Excel formula is not working, but can't seem to figure it out. The web has a lot of information regarding ISNA, but when I use it the formula seems to be broken or something. I have the following formula in D4 of Sheet1: =IF(ISNA(MATCH(D3...
  13. S

    Return cell references to multiple matches (no macros, functions only)

    I can use the following to return the cell reference in Column-AA that has a match to the content in E2. =SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,COLUMN(AA:AA),4),"1","")&MATCH("*"&E2&"*",AA:AA,0) If E2 contained "fed oatmeal" and AA20 contained "Bob should be fed oatmeal twice daily" then AA20 would be returned...
  14. C

    Index Match Help: Multiple cell references (combined) - range lookups across tabs

    I'm new here so good day all! Could do with a bit of assistance if anyone has time? I have tried searching Google and these forums for an answer I could apply to the situation ... Ie. Inside these threads: ...but I'm not quite getting the logic behind this Index match...
  15. E

    Calculating a rolling sum in Excel 2007

    Hi, I'm new to the Excel board, but I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I need to find a way to calculate employees' sales for the last 3 months on a rolling basis. I think I want a function that looks for the column that matches "current month," offsets by -2 columns, and then sums from...
  16. J

    MATCH function: Sort orders for match type

    I'm using a match function as part of a formula to pull back data from an array. The first column in the array contains dates and the second the data points I want to analyse. I need to analyse the data for various date ranges, but the data is externally sourced and therefore some dates (such...
  17. H

    Lookup Match From List

    Hello all! I am working on two worksheets and need to cross reference them. I would appreciate any help. On worksheet one I have a long list of data with many duplicates and an empty column for category number. They're in a specific order. The names run from A3 to A371. The category number...
  18. F

    Still need help with address and matching function

    Hello Friends, Im using windows vista with excel 2007. I have a list of phone numbers in column C and the last four digits to those phone numbers in column B in descending order. Im looking for a function that would give me the address of my partial number in column B that is in column C? I...
  19. N

    Issues with Array Functions I am lost overcoming

    I have been working on this for days and have searched and searched. Of the forums where I have found help this has been the best. I have two columns of data: Name: Performance Value: A 1 B 2 C 0 D 2 E 5 F 6 G 3 In another spot I am...
  20. T

    Formula which works in Excel 2003 doesn't in later versions?

    Hi I have a spreadsheet which I built in Excel 2007 but saved in 2003 format. Had to do this as some users who receive it still only have 2003 (believe it or not). When opening the file in 2007 in Compatibility mode the formulas all work fine. However, I have found if you open in Excel 2010...

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