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  1. S

    Select the range of cells which contain Merged cell in between

    Hai Dudes, I would like to select the range of cells in one row which contains some merged cells in between. The macro has to be run for many files with different range of cells. For example File1 has to be select from C5:C10, file2 has to select from C5:C20. There are some cells merged in the...
  2. B

    Copy & Paste Values in Single Cells to Merged Cells via VBA

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J 1 Kit P/N Kit S/N Kit Part Kit Parts S/N Kit P/N Kit S/N 2 Kit 1 123 Part 1 001 Kit 1 123 3 Part 2 002 Kit 2 456 4 Part 3 003 Kit 3 789 5 Kit 2 456 Part 1 004 6 Part 2 005 7...
  3. A

    Autofit Row Height of Visible Cells Only (including merged cells)

    I am trying to autofit the height of cells (including merged cells) for visible rows only when I have filtered a set of data. Below I've listed cell references: The range of cells A2:A19 are all merged together as one (and there are about 5 lines of text within that group of merged cells)...
  4. A

    Autofit Row Height of Cells (including merged cells) for Visible Rows Only

    Hello, I have a file that contains multiple groupings of merged cells, as well as many cells are not merged. I need to be able to filter a column and have all of the visible rows auto-fit the height so I can view all the text within (some will be merged and others will not be). I have found...
  5. D

    vba to help with merged cells

    Hey guys, I am trying to create a macro which deals with merged cells. The data I deal with comes from a table in powerpoint. when i copy the data over a lot of the cells end up being merged (I'm not sure why, but it's not merged in the ppt). what I want to do is to unmerge all the cells, then...
  6. D

    INDEX/MATCH error "#N/A" when I have some merged rows, to use RANK as an end goal

    Hello, I have gotten the INDEX/MATCH formula to work just fine when it is all neat and orderly. But I am trying to neatly RANK my investment clients, but because my manually-entered values in the spreadsheet above where I want to view my RANK Table, I have several column/rows that are merged...
  7. G

    Unable to Tab from unlocked merged cells to any other unlocked cell

    Hello. I apologize if this question has been asked. I tried to locate any threads pertaining to my issue but could not locate what I was looking for specifically, but I could have overlooked any that were posted. I have a locked worksheet with several unlocked cells. Some of the cells are...
  8. velohead

    VBA Amend Column Width (Problem is Merged Cells)

    Hi All, I need to automatically amend a column width, which is easy with VB. Script supplied below. However, the author of the spreadsheet decided in their wisdom (d'oh!) to incorporate merged cells. Unfortunately, I need to retain these numerous and illogically placed merged cells. is there...
  9. D

    Conditional Formatting MOD(ROW(),2)=0 on MERGED CELLS

    Dear Experts, beginners question here; MOD(ROW(),2) does not work on Merged Cells (?) in my table, cells A1:A2 , A3:A4, A5:A6, etc are merged and thus the mod row function in conditional formatting does not work. how to overcome this ? Thanks in advance Desmond
  10. J

    AutoFit Row height for Merged cells with data exceeding row height limit

    I've been racking my brain for a long time on this and I'm absolutely stuck. I have a unique excel file with some issues that I just can't figure out. I have a worksheet, "Form", with drop down user selections, that copies the selection into a second worksheet, "Final" (Final!A22:A25=Form!B3...
  11. S

    VBA Autofit merged cell

    Hi, I am relatively new to VBA and I have found a Macro which autofits merged cells to ensure they are all visible (by adjusting the row height). the only issue is, the VBA I have leaves a huge gap above the text that is autofitted. I can't seem to identify the issue. Any assistance, or any...
  12. B

    Clear Contents of Merged Cells

    Thanks all for looking. I have done some research and came up with the code below for clearing merged cells. The problem i have now is I need to add some more ranges of merged cells to the code and am unsure how. I need to add for the line with w5:x39 to carry on with more ranges.Example...
  13. G

    Filtering on Merged Cells

    Good Morning, A co-worker is trying to use a filter on a column that has 15 rows with a merged cell. However, when she uses the filter, it naturally only recognizes the cell where the text is writte and does not display th other 14 rows. I built a work-around for her but I'm now curious if...
  14. R

    Populate & maintain client worksheets from a host worksheet

    Does anyone have a suggestion how to go about populating and maintaining client ws's from a host, or master ws of data? The table below is what the master worksheet will look like and contain. I need to figure out how to auto-populate / maintain: In a CS1 ws the details about Project 1 &...
  15. D

    Merged cells using drop-down list not filling correctly

    I've merged cells D10 to E12 and want it to show a temperature from a drop-down list, conditionally formatted to fill red, amber or green accordingly. The issue is that only the top row (D10 and D11) of the merged cells change colour whereas I want all six merged cells to reflect the change...
  16. A

    Conditional formatting help with merged rows

    Hi all, I'm trying to fill rows with colours dependent on pass or fail. The issue is some of the cells are merged including the one that has the pass or fail selection, and hence only fills the top row of that merged cell. Please see image 1 attached for a better idea, this is how it currently...
  17. K

    VBA - merged cell query

    Hi all, Is it possible to Copy a cell value and paste that same cell value when the original cell is merged without the excess empty cells? The merged cell is 4 cells horizontally so when the macro runs, it copy and pastes the value of 1 cell value and 3 empty cells Thanks
  18. velohead

    VB - count merged cells

    Hi All, I need to count the number of occurrences of merged cells within an active worksheet. Eg if 1 merged cell exists over what was previously 4 cells, then I just want to count the 1 occurrence. I presume this is possible with VB ? Thanks
  19. P

    Reference merged cells to concatenate all values in the adjacent rows

    Hello! I have a larger data set that has merged cells in column A (see example below). Pretend that in column A ("Animal") that lines 2 and 3 are merged, and that lines 4,5,6 are merged. Nothing in column B is merged. the interface isn't allowing me to merge anything here. column A...
  20. R

    sumifs formula works in one column but only gives zero value in the next column

    Hello all, thank you for taking a look at this. I am using Excel for Mac 2011, OS X Yosemite. I am setting up a sales tracking database for my bakery. The data is entered daily, and I am building weekly and monthly summary sheets. Each product (e.g. Chocolate Chip Cookie) is a row. Each column...

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