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    Problem with Formatting for Microsoft Query Tables

    Good afternoon all, thanks in advance if anyone is able to help me out. I have a problem at work. I have a set of distributions; the distro's are made up of 10 columns. One of them being 'UPC' which is a 12 or 13 digit number. Basically, I have a master file with all the distro's that can go...
  2. H

    Microsoft Query > Power BI

    Hi all, Hope all is well Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have recently started with Power BI, previously relying on Microsoft Query to pull data into Excel to manipulate. Looking for any guidance to getting Power BI set up to replace / refresh Microsoft Queries. In principle I...
  3. H

    ODBC - SQL Statement help

    Hi all, I am using a SQL statement via ODBC to query a CRM table. I want to group the results by number of appointments in a month by company. So my raw data example is Company Name Appointment Date Appointment Type Joe Bloggs 01/01/2018 Audit Joe Bloggs...
  4. N

    Excel Query

    When I save a range as a table or when I create a dynamic range it works perfectly.......but the range isn't available when I try to import that range(table) using microsoft query from another workbook. When I change it to a regular named range, It is on the query list and I can import it. Am I...
  5. T

    Excel 2013 Question re: Microsoft Query from SQL

    I am trying to set a query in Excel from Data\From Other Sources\From Microsoft Query - I am able to get the base data to load fine. The issue becomes when I am setting a parameter based on a Cell value. In this case C5. The cell has valid data in it. If I hard code 'SIR%' I get results...
  6. H

    Parameters from a column for Excel query

    I am trying to run a query in excel where I can use a column from a different sheet to pull the data I need. In excel I run a query and pull the follow fields (plus some): <tbody> Account Number Effective Date System Next Pmt Date Payment Amt 123456 2/17/2017 IVR 3/13/2017 $200.43 254684...
  7. A

    Adjusting Microsoft Query Filters

    Hey everyone, I'm attempting to make copies of a document I'm already using but each copy will pull different rows out of a master "source" document. For example the document I already have uses Microsoft Query pulls rows with strings like "04 TestA", "05 TestB", "06 TestC" in one column and...
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    Updating tables but keeping rows together

    I have a table that daily updates from an SQL server, this is then pulled into a new excel document through a Microsoft query. The rows of data can be deleted or updated daily on the SQL server. In the final excel document I added a few columns where where specifications are input using a data...
  9. J

    SQL password on Query

    Hi All I am working on a workbook that get data from a Microsoft Query (The query gets info from a SQL server). When i run the Query a popup appears that requires a password Is there a way to Skip the password or a "macro" that can enter the password without "User" input??
  10. J

    MS SQL query returns results in Microsoft Query but not in Excel 2012

    I have a query that does the following: Drops Table #Temp if it exists Creates a new temporary table called #Temp (which I have in other queries that work) Declares some variables Sets a loop-count variable (by counting the rows of the Table Schema). WHILE the @NumberofLoops <= my loop count...
  11. D

    A query for all users/domains?

    Hi, I've created a report that acquires accounting information from the server. It works fine for me but I want the file to work for other users as well. Other users work in different domains. My query code is a standard "recorded" query that I created via Microsoft Query: Sub...
  12. T

    MS Query returning data to excel some columns I cant sum looks like text

    Hi im using Microsoft Query to pull data from a table on 1 sheet to another sheet in the same workbook. My problem is some of the columns I cannot sum looks like they are text (left aligned). I have about 20 columns and 7 columns will not sum (on table sheet1 some are straight number inputs...
  13. A

    the data connection wizard cannot obtain a list of databases from the specified data source error

    I have recently upgraded my machine from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have DB2 and Microsoft 2003 installed in my system. I am trying to create a new database query using Microsoft Query. I have tried out following options so far: 1. Added a data source using Configuration Assistant. I am able to...
  14. A

    how to maintain formatting (such as highlighting) when importing in ms query

    I have a master log that I import using Microsoft Query to 4 other spreadsheets (called Regional Logs), depending on the contents of the column "Region." I have all this figured out, but I can't figure out how to have the highlighting persist through the export and refresh. I edit the Master...
  15. L

    Error when displaying multiple tables on a single worksheet where all tables use 'Total Row'

    Hello, We are using Excel 2007/10 (some users on each). We have an Excel workbook with several connections to SQL Server via 'Data --> Microsoft Query'. All connections work properly and display as tables -- essentially creating a 'dashboard'. We allow users to pass in parameters so the...
  16. M

    Using Microsoft Query for many SQL queries.

    I am a novice to Microsoft Query and I am trying to find the best approach for creating an Excel workbook that will display results from SQL queries. My workbook will display the results of nine SQL queries for each year this report covers, and the data goes all the back to 1999, so that's 14...
  17. O

    Microsoft Query - FULL OUTER JOIN of 3 tables

    Hi, I'd like to do a FULL OUTER JOIN of 3 tables in Excel. Each table has 4 columns - 3 categories (for joining) and one metric column. All the 3 joining columns are the same across the 3 tables. As MS Query does not support the FULL OUTER JOIN command it can only do this using UNION. There...
  18. S

    Data | From MySQL using MS Query removes "AS" statements

    Have you seen this before and if so do you know how to stop this from happening? I am using "Microsoft Query" to import mySQL data into a spreadsheet. The data returned from the query is correct, but "Microsoft Query" is removing the "AS" statements. Thus the column headers are either the...
  19. P

    Slow to Edit Microsoft Query

    Hi, I am using XP and Excel 2007. I have no problem in refreshing data and editing queries in Microsoft Query in the past. Results came back in seconds. Recently I installed Essbase on mine, I could still refresh data in seconds but when I edited query, it took forever. From network...
  20. V

    SOS ~ Retreiving data from access (based on customer id)

    Hi, I am trying to link my spread sheet with an access file which has details of several customers and each customer has a customer id (customer id is not unique - one customer can have more than one row of data if they buy more than one product) followed by customer details. I need to...

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