1. T

    Grab rows if meets criteria, and put them in body of Outlook appointment.

    I have the vba worked out to create the appointment with no issues. Sub Makeapt() Dim warning warning = MsgBox("You are about to create Outlook appointments for " & ActiveCell.Value & " " & Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 10) & ". Is that right?", vbOKCancel) If warning = vbCancel Then Exit Sub Set...
  2. S

    Subtracting 30 minutes only if parameters are met...

    I have a time sheet calculator that i developed to calculate summations for me in respect to total hours worked for an individual. I stumped myself and believe I am over thinking the equation. Essentially i need it to subtract 30 minutes for a break if certain conditions are met, 8 hours or...
  3. H

    Formula to fill dates but leave out those that don't meet specific criteria

    I've received some great help with a formula for date series' that allows me to fill this formula in date sequence however, omitting Bank Holiday Mondays and where a BH Monday occurs, it simply skips that Monday date from the series and just goes straight on to the Tuesday. I'm then able to use...
  4. D

    if date falls on weekend, roll to Monday

    eg if the maturity date was october 13, i'd want the maturity date to now be october 14 (monday).
  5. H

    Highlight all Mondays (or Tuesdays...) that start a week

    Hi. I am using CF to highlight all Mondays in a week using this formula =WEEKDAY(P5)=2 When I populated the dates from left to right across my columns, I filled right with this formula: =WORKDAY(S5,1,Holidays) However, since I've got my Holidays range to ensure that bank holidays aren't...
  6. P

    compile error sub or function not defined

    I changed the date on my computer to test the following code so the current date would be a date that falls on a Monday. If the current day of the week is a Monday, display the current date in Sheet1.Range("B1") The error message occurs on the following line of code the word "today" is...
  7. K

    Set date for 2 days later

    Hi All, I have a UserForm where the user must enter all the public holidays for the year. In South Africa we have a Public Holiday for the Easter Weekend. The Friday and the Monday is Public holidays. The lazy me, I mean that is why we use Makros, want to automatically add the date for the...
  8. A

    Countif formula help

    Hi Guys, can you please help me with below report, I need a formula in "Analysis table" which will count number of WFH, PL, UL, SL based on "Report" table. I need count based on criteria Name and Days of week. For ex - I need a formula which will show me count of "SL" for Mr. A on Monday...
  9. A

    Trying to redeem myself from being an idiot!

    I apologize, I really got reamed for my last post (and justifiably so) and I will try to make it right this time as not to waste your time again. I would like to get the number of days between the last two dates in the date column that has the task columns checked (columns C, D, E & etc.)...
  10. K

    Rolling Filter for Table

    I have a table that is filtered by monday dates to pick up the current monday date and the previous 10 mondays to create a rolling summary. I am wondering is there any way I can setup a dynamic filter so it always picks up the previous 10 weeks each monday rather than manually removing one date...
  11. E

    Linking multi-select ListBox to Cells Value

    Linking multi-select ListBox to Cells ValueHello, I have a multi-select Listbox1 with 4 valuees: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I want to link it to a cell such that depending on the selections a column of YES or NO values is produced. For example, if user selects only Monday and Wednesday...
  12. A

    Conditional formatting based on the table value

    Can i have a table of conditional formatting color buttons that change as the color of the cell of other table changes Example : I have two tables (1). shift table and (2) status table 1. Shift table is the monday-friday table with 3 shifts of 8 hours each and each shift is divided into 4...
  13. H

    Alert - First Monday of the Month

    I'd like to have the word Project appear in cell E2 on the first Monday of each month. Any ideas on how to do that?
  14. C

    VBA to filter a table based on selected cell

    Hello, I need a VBA to filter a table based on a selection from a dropdown on cell G5. The table is on the same sheet and the filter is on the second column of the table. The table is titled "Table35" For example, I want to select "Monday" from the drop down on cell G5. Then, the table35 below...
  15. M

    Need to count blank cells between two non-blank cells

    I have a sheet for the days of the week, and hours within the day. Every hour worked has a '1' in the corresponding cell. Every hour not worked is blank. I need to calculate the number of hours between worked hours. <colgroup><col span="5"><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> Monday Tuesday...
  16. rhino4eva

    get directory names

    I have a very complicated problem that may have a simple solution I work with a biochemical analyzer which churns out copious amounts of data for quality purposes The machine outputs a directory structre which I need to explain the root of the directory is on c:\data\ each day the computer...
  17. A

    Formula for conditional formating - NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS

    Hi all, Wondering if someone could help me with a problem. I need a formula do add to conditional formating to auto turn grey lines depending on day change and acording to the table below? <tbody> 01-01-2019 MONDAY 01-01-2019<strike></strike> <strike></strike>MONDAY<strike></strike>...
  18. Z

    Nested IF and NETWORKDAYS Query

    I've spent quite some time trying to figure this out, but can't - seeking assistance from those with far better skills than I. I am trying to calculate the number of days between two dates (A2 & B2) excluding: weekends, holidays (by state) as well as for a ticket received before or after 1PM...
  19. B

    conditional formatting

    Is it possible to setup a rule that can highlight a date in column H red if the date does not fall on a Monday or the 10th of each month?
  20. A

    Using Monday, Friday or Sunday dates to find relating month, If last week of a month has a Wednesday, then that week is part of same month

    I'm currently trying to using Monday, Friday or Sunday dates to find relating month, to show week X is part of month Y. <tbody> A B C D 1 Week Commencing Monday 30-Jan-17 29-Jan-18 28-Jan-19 2 Week Ending Friday 03-Feb-17 02-Feb-18 01-Feb-19 3 Week Ending Sunday 05-Feb-17 04-Feb-18...

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