moving data

  1. O

    VBA: Moving data range based on contents of specific cell in the range

    Hi, I'm creating a 'to-do' list and currently have 6 columns. Columns A:C are for 'to-do' items: Column A: Task Column B: Priority Column C: Status Columns D:F are for the 'doing' items Column D: Task Column E: Priority Column F: Status There are 20 rows. When a 'to-do' task is updated to...
  2. M

    Moving Entire Row based on Cell marked "Completed"

    I am new to this and trying to get each row to automatically get copied to my second sheet "Completed", then deleted off my main sheet... So - when I select "completed" from the dropdown in Column "N", that entire corresponding row essentially moves over to the second sheet labeled "Completed"...
  3. P

    Creating monthly report and moving data from mainsheet.

    Hi, I'm trying to create VBA code that creates daily sheet and moves data to new sheet when running code. For example, I'm running today the code in the main sheet, it will automatically create sheet called "report 12.11.2021" and move the data from main sheet there. The problem is that I can't...
  4. L

    Moving/managing data between different worksheets

    Hi. I'm a noob in this vba stuff and I need to solve a little problem. I have a worksheet named "File1" where I have some sales data and the same with a worksheet named "File2". I have 3 values among all the columns (val1, val2, val3) that I need to compare between the two worksheets. If the...
  5. M

    Help - VBA code to move certain info from a Master Sheet to new sheets

    Hi All, Looking for some help with a VBA code. Each day I get a data download from one of our systems which compiles all completed, ongoing and cancelled cases. I then have to manually go through the data to sort into 3 new sheets within the same workbook. With over 20,000 of data each day...
  6. L

    Moving data from one cell to another

    I generated a report and would like to move the data from one cell to another. I have data in Column J3 and would like to move it to K2. Please advise. Thanks. -- removed inline image ---
  7. T

    efficient code to move group of cells from one tab to another

    hey guys, I have a tab that has main info. The tab has the code below to filter out and create new sheets based on a word. I am trying to get certain cells from the output to be placed in corresponding cells within other tabs instead of random sheets. how can I have the data go from the main...
  8. M

    Macro to move rows in worksheets not working as expected?

    Hi, we have used the following macro (its in 2 parts one to copy the other to delete from the original tab- because when we ran it all together it caused even more issues!) to move data based on codes onto 3 separate worksheets (active, completed & Cancelled) however when we run it only moves...
  9. M

    Macro to recognise a code and move all rows of data from one tab to another...

    Hi guys! I need some help I'm a bit of a novice and have never used Macros (I've tried to work it out from other posts but I'm stuck). I have a sheet which has rows of information on tab1 from column A2 - J2, in column J2 at the end we input one of 3 codes or N/A. What I want it to do is if i...
  10. S

    Help Moving data down 1 row

    Hi there.... I'm new to this forum so be gentle. I have a Rental Form that i'm working on, and to tidy things up when I print it out, I would like to move a cells data down 1 row if that cell is empty. Here's what I have: cell b8 - First and Last Name cell b9 - Address1 cell B10 - Address2 cell...
  11. A

    A moving auto population of cells based on date

    Hi, I have learnt so much from this forum and have reached the point where I need to ask for some help! I am working on a workbook whereby the data needs to be stored each week in an archive sheet. Is there any way of doing this automatically? If this could be an action that is performed...
  12. A

    Formatting and moving data to another sheet via Vlookup? or VBA ? or Something Else

    Hi I am currently trying to produce a spreadsheet for an entry system to sort out swimmers in a gala by events they have entered. Currently I have the main entry sheet which I receive back from each swimming club, with the details entered, Columns F to J are y / n answer if Y is selected the...
  13. H

    Taking Action Based on Day of The Week

    Hello, Let's say I am selling a weekly newspaper @ $1 each (retail), and I purchase 10 newspapers at the wholesale price of $0.25 each. During the 7 day week — Wednesday through Tuesday — I sold 8 newspapers, leaving me with 2 leftover papers from that week. So, when the new newspaper comes out...
  14. S

    error 1004... moving data from first col to another (variable) column... complicated simple problem...

    Hi guys, I have a column of data down my col B, and then more data staggered in various columns further to the right on my worksheet, I'm trying to write a 'simple' <.< *grrr* script to move the column over to the cell one to the left of my other data. For example, if this is my current sheet...
  15. M


    how do I use VLOOKUP to move whole columns of data from one report to the other.
  16. Q

    Dropping data into Label

    I have a workbook with numerous sheets, few sheets have data in standard rows and columns, one sheet has a label/tag setup such as : Date:___________ Name:__________ Style:__________ Number:________ Is there anyway to highlight a row of data from another sheet and drop that information into the...
  17. P

    Need help with If Function between sheets

    I am trying to simplify having to input fixed information. I have information on two excel sheets/tabs One sheet is where i want to input data the other sheet is where i want it to grab the info. So if I put in 3 in A1, it will look on the second sheet and grab a number from B3 and place...
  18. C

    Moving Data into another sheet

    Hi Everyone I need a little help, I have a sheet which contains fairly simple data in a Sheet called "Trade Planning", it contains data in columns A:T, each of the rows has a mixture of Manually input data and formula, two of which reference a sheet called "Contract Calcs" for some data needed...
  19. K

    moving data

    Hello, I'm using XP & excel 2007 pretty much just learning. I would like to move data from many cells in the same column at the same time. The cells are separated by other data or blank cells. There are many cells in the column to move at the same time, so moving them 1 at a time takes too long...
  20. W

    VBA macro code to move data from one Excel Worksheet to another Worksheet within the same Workbook

    Hi All, I am a beginner in VBA Excell scripting. My requirement is as follows: I have a Excel workbook with two sheets - 'MainDataSheet' and 'ArchiveSheet' . The 'MainDataSheet' has 5 columns and one of the column is 'status'. The 'MainDataSheet' will have a command button 'MoveData'...

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