multiple columns

  1. Z

    Count Distinct Values in Filtered Table across Multiple Columns

    Hello, I have a formula that counts distinct values within a range of columns. =LET( ThemeRng,t_MUs[[Theme A]:[Theme C]], SUM(IF(ThemeRng <> "", 1 / COUNTIF(ThemeRng, ThemeRng), 0))) However, I'm trying to figure out how to do the same thing when a Table column is filtered. I found a few...
  2. T

    One column list from multiple columns

    Hi ... I've got this Excel sheet contaning 29 columns from E:AG with different words. You see, the norwegian alphabet has 29 letters. Columns varying from a 100 rows to a few hundred thousand. I want to, in a search cell, type for example, ??rem??, and get a one column list of all seven...
  3. L

    Setting range looking for text across several columns

    I am using the following for a macro: Dim y As Long For y = 1 To Cells(Rows.Count, “AK”).End(xlUp).Row If Range(“AK:AM” & y).Value = “DRUG REQUIRES PRIOR AUTHORIZATION” And Range(“A” & y).Value = “” Then Range(“A” & y).Value = “PA REQD” End If Next y However, I keep getting an error...
  4. Z

    Filter Multiple Columns and List Column Headers in Array

    Hello All, I am using Google Sheets for this project. I have a dataset with many columns that have similar values. In the example below, they are "Gold," "Silver," and "Bronze." I need to filter my data by the person's "Name," and return the column headers in a list. I have almost 100 columns...
  5. R

    Count cell in multiple columns based on criteria found in other multiple columns

    Hello all, I am having a problem, I thought I got it all figured out with sumproduct function. However, it doesn't work as it should. I am trying to count all the cells containg "2" in columns AM:AO, but only if "1" is found in columns AJ:AL. Ideally a formula that can be further filtered, for...
  6. B

    Excel VBA Result based on Multiple Column & Conditions

    Need some help on the below requirement. Please help me.. I want to update the Column E (Final Status) based on below Condition.. 1. Col A & Col C should be equal 2. Col E should have Success / Failed ( don't consider any text other than Success or Failed) 3. if above 2 qualifies...
  7. C

    Sumproduct, Isnumber & Match Multiple Columns Query

    Hi all, first time post to the forum and I was wondering if any excel genius could help. I need to match match match multiple and sum against multiple columns of information, I'm nearly there but cannot figure out how to finish the formula. Here is where I am so far...
  8. T

    Filter multiple columns using "text filter | contains" without VBA?

    Hi. Pretty sure I've seen VBA code to do this, but is it possible to filter multiple columns within a table using wildcards (e.g., "contains")? Example column headings would be "FathersName", "MothersName","PaternalGrandparentsNames".
  9. M

    Table of Contents (Mulitple Columns)(Excludes several sheets)

    Hey folks, I have found several examples of how to make a TABLE of Contents (single column), but I have only found one which displays multiple columns. The code below works well, however, when I attempt to "exclude" additional sheets, I get an array error. I am not good at arrays...
  10. T

    Multi Column Data Validation in Excel Table

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel table. I am trying to perform a multi-column data validation. I am trying to use the COUNTIFS function like so: =COUNTIFS([Supplier],C2,[Supplier_Code],D2)<=1 The goal is to ensure that the data entered is not a duplicate. The combination of [Supplier] and...
  11. F

    Check Multiple Columns For Condition And Duplicate Rows

    Hi All, I am very new to Power BI and need help in following... I am running a query based on answer in this thread to copy rows based on a condition... let CN = [#"Column4"] in if Text.Length(CN)=11 and Value.Is(Text.Start(CN,4),type text) and...
  12. J

    Search 3 Columns for 1 Word

    Hi, I want to search more than one column for a single string, I can do it for one column but having a problem over 3 columns without having to add extra columns and do it individually then do an If statement for the final column. This works for a single column...
  13. L

    Count Distinct Cells in Multiple Columns with Criteria

    I'm trying to count how many distinct items appear across multiple columns with a single criteria from another column. My ability to use the right words might be keeping me from finding a solution on the web. Cities Restaurant 1 Unrelated information Restaurant 3 Unrelated Information...
  14. K

    Macro to vlookup multiple columns

    Hi, I need to populate almost 10 columns with information from another excel sheet. We usually do it using vlookup. Can we use a macro and automate it. SO that I just click once and all the columns gets populates. Table A where the information needs to be populated <tbody> IP Location Metal...
  15. A

    Automatically hide multiple columns in one worksheet based on multiple inputs on another

    Hello, My employees work on multiple projects, they use excel to record their hours. We currently have 10+ projects but an employee may only be working on any 5 of those. Each employee has their own excel spreadsheet (stored on sharepoint- online 365) I would like to be able to...
  16. T

    Count of Multiple Columns via Pivot

    Hi All Hope you're all well. I need a bit of help. I have a data set where I have a list of Servers (multiple values) in Row Labels, and a list of Violations Types (x4) in the Column Labels,in addition there is a username Column and a Platform Column. I need a report preferably via a Pivot...
  17. A

    Retrieve Data From Summary Sheet With Multiple Columns

    Hello friends, Kindly need your help, is it possible to create a Index and Match formula that goes through multiple fixed columns? Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day.
  18. I

    Macro to insert blank row after data value change for multiple rows

    Hello, I am having some trouble with figuring out how to insert blank rows to my data set. I have been able to find information and figure out how to insert blank rows based off of one column. The problem for me is that I need to be able to do this for multiple columns where the data value...
  19. S

    DAX calculate current status based on 2 date columns

    Hi I have a data set with 2 date columns (start and end). For each record I need to determine if TODAY is before the period, during the period or after the period. My formula works OK if I'm testing TODAY in either start date or end date but I don't know how to test them together. My current...
  20. S

    Vba code for Multiple Columns all Combinations and if exceeds limit for worksheet moves on to a new worksheet with the rest of the results

    Hi I’m trying to find out if it is even possible to create a Vba code for Multiple Columns all Combinations and if exceeds limit for worksheet moves on to a new worksheet with the rest of the results I guess you can call this a excel VBA code challenge

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