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    Macro to vlookup multiple columns

    Hi, I need to populate almost 10 columns with information from another excel sheet. We usually do it using vlookup. Can we use a macro and automate it. SO that I just click once and all the columns gets populates. Table A where the information needs to be populated <tbody> IP Location Metal...
  2. A

    Automatically hide multiple columns in one worksheet based on multiple inputs on another

    Hello, My employees work on multiple projects, they use excel to record their hours. We currently have 10+ projects but an employee may only be working on any 5 of those. Each employee has their own excel spreadsheet (stored on sharepoint- online 365) I would like to be able to...
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    Count of Multiple Columns via Pivot

    Hi All Hope you're all well. I need a bit of help. I have a data set where I have a list of Servers (multiple values) in Row Labels, and a list of Violations Types (x4) in the Column Labels,in addition there is a username Column and a Platform Column. I need a report preferably via a Pivot...
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    Retrieve Data From Summary Sheet With Multiple Columns

    Hello friends, Kindly need your help, is it possible to create a Index and Match formula that goes through multiple fixed columns? Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day.
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    Macro to insert blank row after data value change for multiple rows

    Hello, I am having some trouble with figuring out how to insert blank rows to my data set. I have been able to find information and figure out how to insert blank rows based off of one column. The problem for me is that I need to be able to do this for multiple columns where the data value...
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    DAX calculate current status based on 2 date columns

    Hi I have a data set with 2 date columns (start and end). For each record I need to determine if TODAY is before the period, during the period or after the period. My formula works OK if I'm testing TODAY in either start date or end date but I don't know how to test them together. My current...
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    Vba code for Multiple Columns all Combinations and if exceeds limit for worksheet moves on to a new worksheet with the rest of the results

    Hi I’m trying to find out if it is even possible to create a Vba code for Multiple Columns all Combinations and if exceeds limit for worksheet moves on to a new worksheet with the rest of the results I guess you can call this a excel VBA code challenge
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    index match

    Please help. Cant get index and match to work :( <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> Location Old Code New Code A AVR =INDEX(Table2,MATCH([@Old Code],Table2[#All],0),8) N VVB G XX W YY p 9S C RCM1M T H </tbody> Table 2: <tbody> A N G W P C T New Code ABB PPS 2PL AB APB...
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    Sum and subtotal filtered results for multiple sheets/rows/columns

    Hi all-- I have an extensive formula that works well, until I filter the results. Hope someone can give me some assistance in shortening the formula (if possible) as well as getting the filtered results. Here is a sample of the formula that I am currently using...
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    Multiple Criteria In Multiple Columns

    Hi Folks, I want to be able to get a sum for a column using multiple criteria in at least two other columns. I don't have a problem when using multiple criteria in only one problem, but I can't find a way to have multiple criteria in multiple columns. An example follows: Product Supplier...
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    Conditional Formatting, match a list to multiple columns

    I have a list of values on another sheet that I want to try and match to two columns (there are multiple lists to match to different sets of columns so something easy to repeat would be great). If one of the values in the given list (changeable) matches a value in the columns, the whole row...
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    Get a result based on conditions in several columns

    Trying to solve this. What I want: Formula in column D saying Yes or No based on following rules: If a cell in Col. B equals "Bob", then look everywhere in Col. A with the same content, for ex "A1", and if in Col C there is "17", then put "Yes" in D on same row as Bob. Otherwise, "No", as...
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    Excel sum from multiple columns where date between several columns

    I need help with excel sum calculating! I have a table with 4 Amount Fields and 4 Date Fields I need to Calculate sum from all amount columns which are in particular month and get a result like this: January 2016 - Total Sum January 2017 - Total Sum etc... I already try this...
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    Match Sum of Cells in multiple columns and ignore blanks

    Hello All, I thought I'd nailed this but I think I'm well off the mark. I've two columns, one with dates and one with times, side by side, they'll be entered by humans and so keeping date and time separate is essential to avoid a **** up from the beginning. I then have a cell with a single cell...
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    Unique list, combining 2 columns, with a date range criteria

    Hello All, Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I need to extract a unique list of names from two columns of names, but only names that fall within a given date range. I would also like for the extracted list to be sorted alphabetically a-z. The datasheet is a list of "deals" for...
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    Sum multiple columns based on multiple criteria

    Hello, first time user here! I am trying to calculate total sales for each line item in Sheet 2 from the information given in Sheet 1. For example, Line 1 (Car WK1), should have total sales of 35. I'm having trouble figuring out how to sum multiple columns with the same header by using sumifs...
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    Excel MS2010: SUM Formula Involving Multiple Columns & Drop Down List

    <tbody> I'm looking to sum totals in a drop down list as follows:In column C (lines 7 - 38) I have a drop down list that assigns categories to that particular line. In column F (lines 7 - 38) there are totals that apply to that particular line item that are numbers. These totals change with each...
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    Filtering a multi column listbox with case insensitivity

    I am trying to use a listbox with multiple columns to add data to a worksheet. Because this listbox has about 1000 entries, I need a search box filter to help me quickly find the data. I have found some code here that will filter the listbox as long as it is for a singe column and it is case...
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    Help with INDEX/MATCH, looking to MATCH Variables in 2 columns

    Hello, I'm trying to build an array formula that will return the value, based on matching criteria from 2 columns within that spreadsheet. Here is an example of the data, and what I've pieced together so far that is returning an #N/A: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q 1...
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    how to sumif when the range is split over several columns

    I have a sheet whose data looks like this (only much larger, of course): Account# JanAmount Account# FebAmount Account# MarAmount 132441 $36.28 12444 $249.45 143144 $223.10 144314 $97.19 143144 $283.29 41343 $278.80 12444 $68.82...

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