multiple users

  1. C

    Macro to save files to a desktop for more users

    Hi I am sitting whit a problem I can't solved right now. I am working on a sheet where we are more users. I wanted to make a button to make the sheet to a pdf a save it on how ever use the spreadsheet desktop. I don't seem to find a solution on the internet and therefor ask here. Right now...
  2. K

    VBA Save Copy to OneDrive -- Multiple Users

    Hello, A project I'm working on has a button that is supposed to create a static, macro free copy of the workbook and save it to the folder which is located on OneDrive. This button will be used by multiple users, not just me. I have this coded and it works perfectly whenever I test it, but...
  3. O

    Using a macro enabled workbook across different computers

    Hello All! I have a macro that sorts a raw data set and adds a bunch of buttons. Those buttons call methods that search for a specific data set, sort data, or build graphs. It all works great when used on a single computer, but I'm having trouble if the document is emailed. If I run the macro...
  4. D

    multiple user

    The idea is a visiting person(s) wanting to come to visit site submits details 48hours previous for security to approve. At present our office uploads the data to a security form and emails to security via one of our managers to approve. The workbook takes out the repartition and has saved an...
  5. T

    Two Way link between excel workbooks

    Hi folks, The issue I am having is I have tens of thousands of entries in an excel workbook and all of them require different users to put a comment for the ones belong to them. Since there may be up to 100 users accessing the file at the same time, the file has been constantly corrupting. I...
  6. F

    Message box alert when someone else opens a shared workbook

    Hi Is it possible to create a message alert that would inform all users working on a shared spreadsheet that (Username) has opened / closed said workbook? Regards Paul
  7. A

    Embed xlsx file in a web page?

    Hi, Can you please tell me if i want to embed my online excel workbook in a restricted webpage (clients can access after username and password) 1. Does my workbook can give access to multiple users at the same time such that one user who is currently editing a workbook doesnot create problems...
  8. A

    Multiple Users pulling same record from access file

    So little background, I have an excel userform that my end users interact with. This form pulls and pushes data to and from Access databases. The trouble I am running into is that when I have several users on and they are pulling records at the same time, often they will pull matching records...
  9. M

    Automatic email on set date, referencing another cell for email address

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I have quite a large spreadsheet. I want to set up an auto email reminder (using outlook) so I can go back and check on the status of certain files I keep track of. I have a userform that fills out certain information and on this I have...
  10. J

    Linking Excel Through Email?? Automatic Update?

    Is it possible to create a excel sheet and then send it via email in such a way that allows multiple users to access it, but updates to every sheet? I am not sure if that is clear. But I want to have multiple people be able to open the sheet on different computers/locations/times and be able to...
  11. A

    Reference a table in a closed workbook… With a twist

    Hello everyone, I need help with a new feature for a Excel based program I'm working on. I currently have a macro that searches a list object table for words that match a target string and returns information that target string based off of which will matched in the table. The database table...
  12. T

    Macro-Enabled Workbook for Multiple Users

    Is there a way to save macros in an add-in or something so that I can save a macro-enabled workbook to a share drive for people to access and use? Right now the document I created only works for people who have newer computers. For everyone else I have to sit at their desk and save the doc as a...
  13. O

    Sharing the document

    I am working on an Excel project that I am trying to make interactive with a group of 30 people. I originally tried doing this on Google Sheets, but that doesn't have specific locking features or the ability to create macros so I have to do it on excel. The problem I am encountering is that I...
  14. D

    Difficult task: Creating a work monitoring dashboard

    Good day, For our next project we would like to use a master excel file (monitoring dashboard) that brings together all the information stored in 4 individual excel files in a cloud. The 4 individual excel users should not see the master file (as they should not see each others work) but I...
  15. C

    Does Shared Workbook feature work when file is managed through SharePoint ?

    Dear All, From the web link : I have understood that the SHARED WORKBOOK feature in Excel, allows multiple user to read and write on a single EXCEL Workbook kept on a common...
  16. J

    Negative number formats change when multiple users share a spreadsheet, causing frustration

    My entire Finance Department wants to show negative numbers with parentheses -- as (1), not as -1. I created a custom format that does this for me, and which aligns the decimal points. When other people in my department open a file that I created, they see the negative number as I want them to...
  17. K

    VBA revert to saved for multiple users

    Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I am creating a VBA invoice for my newspaper carriers (I am the manager of the company that delivers them) for when they do each other's papers. I have gotten everything to work so far and I am now programming...
  18. S

    Multi User Saving HELP!

    My self and a group of people are using a shared workbook, But not everyone is great with computers that use this work book and if a popup appears they normally just say ok with out actually thinking about what it says! The problem is when people are saving there overwriting other peoples work...
  19. L

    Read only settings

    I have a small office with 4 computers including 1 server. All documents need to be accessible by all workers on all computers. My problem is that every time a document is created on one computer, even if it's first save is to the server, no one else has read write privileges on it until we...
  20. N

    Multiple Users, One Excel Sheet

    Hey All, I am looking to have an excel sheet that many users will have access too. Is there anyway to lock information on the sheet after each person has put in their own data? I know you can lock cells and then protect the sheet, but by doing this, those that enter information after the first...

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