multiple values

  1. A

    Match multiple values

    Hi, wondering if anyone could help? I am trying to find a formula which can tell me if the numbers in that cell match another number - but for a range of numbers. To explain further, here is some data: Scores Satisfaction Work 4 Relationships 3 Friendships 8 Hobbies 1 Score...
  2. T

    Problem with sales, multiple values, postcodes, etc.

    Hi guys, I came across this problem today and I'm not sure how to solve it..I'm sure this is easy for you but I'm a beginner so this is really stressing me out :((( I have two tabs which include: 1: Sales dates, postcodes and number of sales 2: postcodes, store number, store names Each...
  3. M

    Find and replace in all sheets, and replace in exact format and properties

    Hi, I got this code from another post. The solution is amazing and really helps me. I would like to know if there is a way so I can 'Find' and 'Replace the exact value' The values I'm replacing with are hyperlinks. So I would like to replace the new values with those hyperlinks and keep them...
  4. R

    Finding and returning one of multiple potential values from a range

    Hi Everyone Unfortunately I cannot download XL2BB (work IT security), so I have had to use the below screenshot. I am working on a large formula and have got stuck on one component. For ease, I have broken out this component and simplified it as follows: I have 5 values: MYTPP; MAPTM; EGPSD...
  5. R

    Sum based on looking up mutliple comma seperated values.

    Hi In Cell E2 below I have the formula =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF($A$2:$A$5,MID(SUBSTITUTE(D2,",",""),ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(SUBSTITUTE(D2,",","")))),4),$B$2:$B$5)) and it works a treat. However I need the same in G2 to J2 (the ?'s), where it pulls out the values based on the Heading in G1 to J2. Thanks...
  6. C

    Find first match from one range in another range and return related value

    I need to find the first instance of a named range that occurs in a table and return another value from that table on the same row. Two Named Ranges Cat1 and Cat2 <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Cat 1 Cat 2 Type A Type E Type B...
  7. J

    Conditional Concatenation of Multiple IP Address Values Into One Cell

    I have the ff. tables in a worksheet: Table A (Sheet 1) - a list of 1000+ computers that don't have a specific piece of software installed Table B (Sheet 2) - a list of 15000+ host-to-IP address entries from the local DNS obtained using the <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 1px 5px; border...
  8. J

    Multiple Criteria Filter VBA

    Hi, I'm trying to create a macro that will filter multiple values using array. However, I'm not sure what is the problem on the code and it wont filter more than two criteria. Im trying to filter column I if it contains "*Extra Air*", "*Extra-Air*", "*ExtraAir*", and if it does then I will tag...
  9. B

    complex VLOOKUP help please as need to know: how many sales per unique sku?

    Hi, We are using the value "unique sku" to look up to. The problem is that each sale is on its own row and we need a total of all sales. I know what the answers should be, what is the formula? I am very stuck using SUMPRODUCT VLOOKUP. Does anyone even know how to do this please?! Thanks, RP...
  10. V

    Lookup column A, return column C value where non-blank

    So this is only some test data to prove the concept. Essentially I have a data set that will contain duplicated values in one column which I need to do a look up on with either blank cells or a unique identifier in another column. If the desire look up value is present in the first column, I...
  11. L

    Return multiple values for a lookup

    I realize that this is a repeat of other posts that are out there but I have tried for hours to tweak the formula suggested in the other posts to fit my needs and still can't quite get there. I have a name in cell C3 (Sheet2) and I want to return all the values in column A of Sheet 1 where...
  12. B

    Conditional Formatting - Three colors for various values

    I have a column that has a percent value and I'd like <1% to be green, 1-2% yellow and >2% to be red. Is it possible to have multiple conditions on a single row? I can't figure out how to make that work. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  13. J

    Slicer setting for 'Contains' rather than equals?

    Hi all, I am wondering if/how i can modify either my slicer settings or my data in order to achieve a regular looking slicer that acts more like a filter for 'contains' rather than equals... So i have a table with a list of my teams and another table with a list of tasks and which teams are...
  14. L

    Find value in string and return reference cell

    I have been a long time viewer of this forum but just recently signed up. Based on what I have found on here I know that someone has an answer to this problem. I have a cell in column B that contains a string of values (example 1) on one sheet in a workbook. On another sheet I have cells that...
  15. C

    Cell with comma seperated values and vlookup

    1st table/report has cells with single values as well as multiple values separated by comma. <tbody> Identifier AA XY,AA,YX BE RE,WX,EW,XT AB,ER, </tbody> if any of the values in the cell is there in the 2nd table I need to filter the 1st report. 2nd table/report <tbody>...
  16. I

    Lookup Returning Multiple Values

    Hello, Is there a function similar to vlookup that will return multiple values instead of just the first time it appears in a list. I have the same user submitting multiple files and when I get a report of all files submitted from a given day I want to be able to look up the user by their ID...
  17. R

    Lookup a list of values and return values in singe cell concatenated format

    Hi - looking for a formula/code to lookup a range of values from a matched value and present them in a single cell concatenated format including range and comma separator: There will sometimes be sequential values that can be ranged i.e. 100-106 but then there may be single values so needs to...
  18. B

    Multiple Date Trouble

    Hey All, I have two data tables linked by Sale number. Let's say the data looks like this: <tbody> Sale Number Sale Date 12345 01/01/2016 23456 02/02/2016 34567 03/03/2016 45678 04/04/2016 </tbody> <tbody> Sale Number Change Date 12345 01/02/2016 12345 01/08/2016 12345...
  19. T

    Look up and return value based on more than one factor

    I've been searching high and low for a formula that will return a value from a table based on multiple factors (seems to be some combination of IF and Vlookup formula). I looked through the forum to see if anyone has already posted a question similar to mine but I didn't find an exact match (is...
  20. K

    Searching for values in cells that contain multiple values per cell

    I have a column of data (Column A) that has multiple values per row that are delimited by a comma. I’m trying to find a way to search this column to find rows that have two or more codes from another column, Column B (single values in this column). Any ideas on how I can do this? My second...

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