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  1. U

    HELP! Consolidating Multiple Workbooks into One - the easiest way

    Hi Guys, I would to ask a suggestion if what is the easiest way to consolidate multiple workbooks into one without using Ablebits function. Is it possible to have a code for macro on this? or is there another way? Need your help on this for work related concern. The faster the easier, the better.
  2. N

    Conflicts in coding between different workbooks

    Background: (Maybe I'm supposed to say this somewhere else, but I can't find an introductions thread.) I'm new here. I've used this site for years, found many answers here, but this is my first time posting. The work I do with Excel (these days) is for my own use and I'm not brand new but still...
  3. D

    Copying Data over from one workbook to another issue

    I have two workbooks for my code, one is a database (The "Changes" sheet in my example) and the other is an input sheet "(Codename "Sheet1" as my code is being written inside this workbook where Sheet1 is). I am trying to have the code check if the value of certain cells in column "K' of Sheet 1...
  4. R

    Help with retrieving data from multiple workbooks - VBA for an amateur

    Hello, Could someone please offer some guidance in the VBA code Ihave pasted below, Im definitely an amateur user who needs alot of help but ivemanaged to cobble together some code by joining other peoples solutionstogether. The VBA i have used works fine but I cannot figure out how to patchin...
  5. A

    VBA to search multiple values and multiple workbooks and return filename where found

    I am attempting to create a tool where I input a list of values (20-25 as I don't want the code to take forever) and then Excel does a search across multiple workbooks and for each value in the list and returns what workbook it is located in and where it is within that workbook. On another page...
  6. dannyok90

    VBA Filter in External Workbook

    Hi all, Im trying to use the following code to open a workbook filter sheet 2 by column b with "5124" and column C with "Job numer:" "Parent Job:" "Project Director:" "Client:" "Totals for Job" Then paste the result in the original active workbook. I havent got as far as the copying and...
  7. C

    whats wrong with my formula?

    Hi need help completing a SUMIFS(INDIRECT function that will gather data from another workbook. I am trying the below formula but it I get a message saying theres an error, but I'm not that great at this sort of stuff. =SUMIFS('[WEEKLY SALES PERFORMANCE.xlsx]'INDIRECT("'"!$H:$H),'[WEEKLY SALES...
  8. N

    Calculation of Closing Balance in Excel

    So I want to apply a simple formula to calculate closing Balance i.e. 'Closing Balance= Opening balance + purchase - sale' But there are many complexities. the main issue is. I have 3 workbooks, Workbook 'O' and Workbook 'T' and Workbook 'CT' Workbook 'O'- containing Opening balance as on...
  9. D

    How to run VBA code in multiple workbooks from one workbook.

    I have VBA code which retrieves historical stock prices data for the last number of periods (days, weeks or months) up to the endDate specified by the user in the workbook. If I try to download data for more than 100 shares at a time, the speed of download progressively decreases. The only...
  10. A

    Create Multiple workbooks, with multiple workshhets, containing a template

    Need help to solve a tricky situation: I have an workbook with two sheets: "sheet1" containing on column A the working days of a year and on column B the months of a year and sheet "Template", which contains a template (with formulas in it). (1)By clicking a button I want to (2) create 12...
  11. C

    VBA Code to copy data from (specific sheet) in multiple workbooks and paste rows with content to Master Workbook

    The goal is to: write a VBA Code to copy data from (specific sheet) in multiple workbooks and paste rows with content to Master Workbook. I have spent the last few days working on this, but I was really excited to come across this site. Current, when the information desired is copied, I noticed...
  12. C

    REF error with INDIRECT formula

    Hi Hoping someone can help, I need to gather data from multiple worksheets on multiple workbooks The below gives me #REF error =SUMPRODUCT(INDIRECT("'"&$C$5&"'[JAMIE SHEET METRO.xlsx]!'""'c$12:c$25"),$C$9:$C$22,INDIRECT("'"&$C$5&"'[JAMIE SHEET METRO.xlsx]!J$12:J$25")) Cell C5 refers to tab...
  13. S

    VBA to extract values from multiple spreadsheets into one

    Hi, I have 30 files in the same folder (P3/2014/PPD Data) one for each month (last 30 months). Each file has approx 6000 rows of data with prices for the drugs for that month. I need to extract the data relating to only 5 of these drugs over the 30 months (call them drug 1, drug 2, etc). The...
  14. N

    VBA to Copy Worksheets of the same name to a master file

    Hi all, I am looking for a macro that will open multiple excel files in one folder location (to be input by the user) and extract only the tab named "Output" into a master file (which will be the workbook with the macro). Ideally, the "output" tabs would be renamed to the source file name and...
  15. L

    Macro Question

    Hello all! I'm struggling with a macro that I'm trying to create that will pull data into a Master workbook from a different workbook that is updated weekly. The problem I'm having is that the file I receive weekly is always named differently (updated for the week ending) and 7 of the 8 tabs...
  16. T

    Keyboard Shortcuts, Multiple Workbooks with the same shortcut Open at the same time

    I have two workbooks, each with a Keyboard shortcut assigned to the same key stroke combination. Both of the shortcuts do similar things, e.g. delete or add rows, but because the workbooks are different in terms of number of columns and content, the Macro can't work exactly the same in either...
  17. S

    Merging data from different excel files into one worksheet

    Hi, I am trying to merge data from a number of excel files (60+) into one spreadsheet. The header rows are the same, however, the number of records in each file is different. Can someone please help with a VBA code that can copy data from each file and add them all to a single worksheet in a...
  18. M

    Range().Delete not working when I run macro from a different workbook

    I have a main workbook that I open that has code in it. when I run the code on that workbook it copies some data, opens a template workbook, pastes the data into the template workbook, runs a macro that is in the template workbook, and saves the template workbook with a new name and closes it...
  19. D

    Lookup Cell Across Multiple Workbooks

    I'm trying to create a formula that will look up the same cell only across multiple workbooks. Someone has created a new workbook each week and entered one point of data I want to collect over time in the same cell of each workbook. Each work book has the same name but ends with a different...
  20. E

    Synching some columns in multiple worksheets and align others

    In workbook 1, columns A-D have employee info (first name, last name, division, and supervisor) and columns E-H have dates trainings were completed In workbook 2, columns A-D have the same employee info but columns E-K are tracking employee schedules and attendance In workbook 3, columns A-D...

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