multiple worksheet

  1. K

    Macro to convert multiple CSV's into a single xlsx file with multiple workbooks (each workbook is the name of the csv file)

    Hi - I tried using a 'tool' / addon but when doing this - the xlsx file has the values but when there is leading zeros in a cell - the zero is stripped out by the addon so now I am thinking only a macro might be able to do this. I need something that would enable me to convert say 20 csv's into...
  2. W

    Printing multiple worksheets with VBA based on Condition

    Good morning, I'm trying to figure out how to create a macro/button to print 2 worksheets, out of the several worksheets that exist in my workbook, but printing them under some conditions; 1. If cell S19=TRUE, and If cell P13=TRUE, then print 3 pages of each both worksheets. 2. If cell...
  3. D

    VBA to sort data across multiple worksheets (same range)

    Hi all As usual I have no idea where to start on this one. I have a workbook with a number of sheets in that I want to perform a sort on all of them. I would like to sort the data in A29:K100 (No headers) by column B (ascending) across all worksheets in the workbook. I don't know how many...
  4. J

    VBA - Creating Master List (from different worksheets)

    Hi All, I'm new the forum and have very limited VBA experience. Would really appreciate ANY help with my issue. Right now, I have 3 different sheets of data, with different number and order of columns. I need to create 1 master list that combines the data from 3 of these sheets, thought not...
  5. J

    how to write VBA code to apply a macro to multiple worksheets

    Hello Everyone! I have a code here(please find below) and was wondering if you could help out. I am using this code to delete all the blank rows in a worksheet , and this code works fine. The problem I am Having is that, when I run the code it only does it for the current worksheet I am on. I...
  6. czarpogi

    How to clear range in selected multiple worksheet

    Hi, I need some help in making this code short and simple. Is there a way to do that? Thanks in advance. Here's my code: [code]Sub ClearData() With Sheets("NPS") .Range("A2", .Cells(.Rows.Count, .Columns.Count)).ClearContents End With With Sheets("QFY") .Range("A2"...
  7. S

    Sorting Data Across Multiple Worksheets

    I have several hundred files, each representing a different date and each containing roughly 500 rows and the same columns. I would like to sort each of these files in the same manner (while adding a few extra columns with calculations) with the ability to then compare and analyze the sorted and...
  8. S

    VBA Auto filter

    I am trying to create an auto-filter on the first page of my workbook, the worksheet is named Index. I have created a dropdown box on this page with criteria that I want to filter against, on 8 different sheets in the workbook. I can't figure out how to reference the drop down cell on the...
  9. T

    How to make my VBA command run on several worksheets

    Hi, I have one workbook with several worksheets, however when i run it, it only run on one worksheet. Can anyone help me to make this code also run for other worksheets in the same workbook? Here is the code: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim LRow As Long Dim LName As String Dim...
  10. O

    Delete columns if headers contains "A, B... or Z"

    Hi, My name's Oliver and I'm currently writing my university thesis and need help with sorting out a lot of data. Have several worksheets, where every worksheet contains between 1000-7500 columns with headers and data below. I want to delete the columns that contain certain texts (like...
  11. P

    Copy rows with blank cell in specific column from multiple visible worksheets to one new table

    Hello everybody, I am trying to consolidate rows from tables on multiple worksheets into one table in new master worksheet. Tables have the same amount of columns from A to J but not same amount of rows. Condition for rows I want to consolidate to new table is the blank cell in column F. In...
  12. Aperras7

    VBA to split worksheet into multiple sheets. Based on rows. Keeping formatting and headers

    Hello all, I know that this question has been asked a thousand time before, but I can't find the perfect one for me. I'm looking for a VBA that takes all my rows and separate them into multiple sheets in the same document. Here's exactly what i'm looking for: - something that keeps my...
  13. E

    Opening multiple worksheets on the same workbook

    We're using MS Office 2013 and Windows 8. Every time we open a new excel file, it opens to a new workbook. It would be nice if we have the option to open a file on the same workbook (to easily put them side-by-side) or open it on a different workbook. We prefer to have the files look like this...
  14. J

    Running totals across multiple sheets

    Hello, I'm struggling with the formulas across multiple sheets. I'm presently trying to run about 10 worksheets on 1 excel save. I need to be able to keep running totals across these sheets. So for example, I need the total of Sheet 1 C47 + Sheet 2 C47 I then need the total of Sheet 1 C47...
  15. F

    shorter way to sum multiple Index/Match results from multiple tabs? Excel 2010

    Hey folks, this is a bit of an oddball question here. With much help from trolling this forum and others I've learned a lot, but often I just modify what I can find and make it do what I want :) I'm wondering though, if anyone has any opinion or advice on my formulas I'm going to post, because...
  16. L

    VBA Paste Formulas Across Worksheets to Last Row of Data

    Hi, I have a macro that splits my data by column x and pastes it into new worksheets for each unique item in column X. However, while the formatting is preserved I lose all the formulae. Is there a way of preserving the formulae while I do this? Or would I need to create a separate macro to...
  17. M

    Highlight Cells Across Different Worksheets

    Hi, I have three worksheets in a workbook all listing the same values, but in different sequences. I would like to highlight a cell/value on Sheet 1 and have that same value, wherever it appears, highlighted on the other cells. Essentially, these are working lists and when I switch back and...
  18. M

    Multiple worksheet and certain cells

    I have about 90 worksheets in a workbook that I want to copy 2 certain cells. The cell is different in each workbook depending on what the data is on each workbook. I know which row the cell I want to copy but not the column. Bascially I want to take the last cell in row 23 that has content in...
  19. T

    Need formula to retrieve data from a masterfile to a workbook with multiple worksshet

    I have two excel workbooks. One workbook contains one worksheet with all the data information. Another workbook containing 35 plus worksheets is what I need to populate. Let's say each worksheet pertains to each individual state (ie. California, Texas, etc.) in the US. The information I...
  20. R

    Search for text in name range in Sheet 1and return Value in Sheet 2

    Hi, I have something of the following : Shee 1 (Name Range : Code) Column A -------- Column B School ----------- 1 College ----------- 2 University--------- 3 Sheet 2 Cell A1 = (Search for "College" in Name Range Code and get the Value of "2" as code. ) So value of 2 should be present in...

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