1. Y

    Index Match on a random string, multiple possible criteria, results

    I have a huge list of accounting entry descriptions (all are unique and hand typed) that need to be examined to determine treatment (1 of 3 possibilities). I built a keyword finder using IFERROR(INDEX(MATCH(ISNUMBER)))) that works great. It leverages a 2 column table with keywords and their...
  2. W

    Rank by group (3 columns)

    Hi all, I have read a lot of the forums to related about rank by multiple criteria, but I still not work for me. I would like to rank by value sales (column F) based on Shop, Category and Period. I have already input the expected rank in last column, please kindly help me to solve this...
  3. A

    Append/Consolidate Multiple Workbooks with Multiple Sheets retaining the Format

    Excel warriors, I have 38 xlsx files stored in one folder. Each file has a different count of sheets (15+)—all sheets have the same column count, same headings, but different counts of rows. I need a macro to append (consolidate) all of the sheets into one sheet in a new workbook. This...
  4. M

    Get unique values from one column from all spreadsheets in a folder and copy to a new spreadsheet

    Hi, I have anywhere from 60-100 spreadsheets generated from a reporting process in a folder. Each spreadsheet has set number of columns (A through G). Column G (Notes) is used by end-users to put notes. I am working on creating a unique list of all these notes from all the spreadsheets in the...
  5. C

    Count Words in cell and ignore blanks

    Hello, I am trying to create a word/phrase counter where it counts the contents of the cell (regardless of how many words are in there), and shows how many times it appears in the range. I apologize if it sounds confusing, but here is the example: Source: Genre Number Historical...
  6. M

    VBA code to extract unique data across multiple sheets and multiple columns

    Hi everyone, I'm searching the web but I only found one code that kind of works but I need to make it more complex. Let me explain. My issue is that I have an Excel sheet with multiple worksheets, which all contain the same kind of information but are copied weekly by me. So every week, I will...
  7. H

    Index/Match values for multiple possible matches

    I have a list of employees and their course assignments, a list of employees and their certifications, and a list of the required certifications for each course. I am trying to run a single cell check on whether the person is appropriately certified for a assignment based on the range of...
  8. A

    Macro to delete every n+1 row across all worksheets

    Please the number of first rows to be deleted INCREASES along with the worksheet numbers. For example, row 1 (first row) would be deleted in sheet 1, row 1 and row 2 would be deleted in subsequent sheet 2, row 1 row 2 row 3 would be deleted in subsequent sheet 3, and so on. Please any help on a...
  9. C

    Sum Multiple Row and Column with Condition

    Hey there, I have two sheets on hand, and need to sum the multiple results in condition at the third sheet. Are there anyone can tell me the formula that can achieve it? Thanks! Here's what I have: Sheet 1 Sheet 2 And here's what I want: Sheet 3
  10. P

    INDEX MATCH with multiple matches

    I've been working on this for a while now without any luck, so I thought it might be time I asked the experts. I have 2 workbooks: Workbook 1: Raw postcode data only in column A Workbook 2 (Index): Postcodes (column A) with all localities affiliated with those postcodes (Column B). Note that...
  11. B

    Rename multiple Worksheets by a cell value (Date)

    Hi all, I tried to google a day to solve this issue but it did not work. Can anyone help me to give me a solution, please? How can I rename multiple worksheets (from sheet2) from a column value (Date) as the photo attached by using VBA code? Thank you.
  12. C

    If & Concatenate Multiple Fields

    I am trying to concatenate multiple fields if there is data there. G2 is what I want the data to look like, only picking up the cells with data and concatenate with the heading with + between each fields.. I managed to only get one cell and header =IF(A2="No","",CONCATENATE(TEXT(B2,$###K"),"...
  13. R

    Fill cells based on data in another workbook

    Hi all hopefully someone may be able to help i have a 6 workbooks.1-5 contain the data from the different offices about the times they are working. I import the data into workbook 6 onto different worksheets. i displaythem in a Gnatt style chart which i have created using the following Formula...
  14. J

    Macro to keep track of username and time for users who opens an excel file

    Dear Team, I have got a macro in an excel file which tracks the username and time of the users opening the file which I definitely need. The problem is that if 1 user opens the file and leaves it open then it doesn't track the name/time of other users who open the file when its in use. Is it...
  15. P

    Query Screen with Multiple Options

    I would like to use our case details listed on a spreadsheet to allow staff to enter one or more criteria and have the details of all relevant cases show up on another tab. I have attached a sample of the type of information recorded. If possible, but not a requirement I would like to query...
  16. L

    IF + MATCH + repeated values

    Hi, maybe some of you guys can help me out, i have the following table: Hour Event Disconnected at Time out 01:25:36 Ping down 02:25:17 Ping down 03:47:50 Ping down 04:50:50 Reconnected 05:20:14 Ping down 06:14:15 Ping down 07:08:55 Ping down 08:00:01...
  17. J

    Need to import 4 sheets from 50+ workbooks into a summary sheet

    Apologies if I'm not explaining this well; I'm a novice at VBA. I need 4 sheets to be extracted from 50 workbooks and copied into a summary. The VBA needs to work in the background. Can anyone help. I wore this code but it's clunk and doesn't repeat. Sub CopySheetFromClosedWB()...
  18. A

    Importing Multiple csv files

    Hello I have an excel sheet in which I regularly need to import data that is in *.csv format. I would be very grateful if someone can provide me a VB code where I can import in a query all these csv files into the existing Excel file. I have been able to find code where the codes *.csv files are...
  19. A

    Problem in exporting into excel when Separator in txt files is "|"(vertical bar) instead of ","

    Hello Can anybody tell me a VB script wherein I have to export multiple txt files where the separator is instead of "," is "|"(vertical bar). I have seen multiple codes where the separator is assumed to be a "," but no VB script for "|" which is a separator. I have uploaded a sample txt file...
  20. M

    msgbox appearing twice

    Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me why my msgbox gets triggered twice? Its in the comboboxchange so my initial guess was because i was making Comboxarea2B.value="" that it was triggering it again but if this is the case then how do I make Comboxarea2B value blank without triggering the code...
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