nested if statements

  1. D

    Nested IF Statement to determine where in a table of date ranges a specific falls.

    I have an array of Date Ranges (Beginning and End Dates in two columns); I need to determine in which "week" a specified resides, and display the Amount (which is held in a third column. I have this formula to do so: =IF(AND(B11 <G36 >F36),K36,0) It works fine for one row in the array of...
  2. adrienne0914

    Nested If formula with an AND condition

    Hi all, I'm trying to group data based on volume. I'm grouping as follows:A: >2000 B: 1000-2000 C: 500-999 D: 100-499 E: 1-99 It looks like this: <tbody> Company FY 2017 YTD 2017 YTD 2018 Group ABC Company 40 12 12 E DEF Company 0 0 0 F GHI Company 2,489 1,136 945 A JKL Company 1,025...
  3. B

    Nested If Statements to calculate Bonus for Speed (# of Days) and % Above/Below Target Price

    New to the forum (Hello!), please forgive me if I am posting my question(s) incorrectly. I have been working on this all day and have hit a wall. The table that I am building is below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R 1 Property Target Price Actual...
  4. P

    Multiple if statement formulas

    I'm using this formula: =IF(D10>29,$D$3,IF(16<d10<29,$d$4,if(d10<16,$d$5))) For the 1st and 3rd 'IF' logic statements, the result is returned correctly. When the second logic statement is met, the result is 'False'. The table shows what I'm trying to do: <tbody> <tbody> DISTRIBUTION...
  5. N

    Formula - Nested if statement returns FALSE and ignores part of the statement

    <eomonth($l6,0)+1),$e6,"")))))[ quote] I am looking at the number of class hours per month across the year, and I have the table set up as such (e.g. 31/01/17, 28/02/17, 30/03/17 in the 3rd row from Q to AB) with the formula in the rows below. The first part of the formula makes the cell blank...
  6. A

    identifying alphabetic sequence, help with nested IFS or new solution?

    Given a column of random letters, I want to identify sequences of a minimum of 3 consecutive letters from the alphabet. For example, if the following letters are given in a column: a,b,c,x, l,m,n, p,g,m,n,o,p,p,g (series1) or a,b,c, k, l,m,n,p,g,m,n,o,p,p,g (series2), I want to get TRUE for the...
  7. D

    Tabulating min seq# and matching then pasting in app cell on other sheet

    NEED help on how get a sheet to tabulate the following problem and allow for multiple usersso I have a insurance office and use Excel to create a log (although currently we just print it off and fill it in manually) to keep track of Which Customer Service Rep's (CSR) turn it is to quote AND with...
  8. X

    Counting Certain Characters in a Cell with Nested IF Function

    Hello, I have the following data in cells: 1 1.12.2 1.12.3
  9. madkinson

    Too Many Nested IF Statements. What are My Options?

    We have an Excel spreadsheet where we log in actions taken on certain service tickets. This so-called “Master Data” log is a required SOX control, so accuracy is very important. I wrote a series of nested IF statements using the following logic. At the top of the hierarchy are the elements...
  10. C

    Formula to identify first year of positive cash flows

    EDIT: I just figured it out. I don't know why I was having such a brain fart, but I just used a nested If statement to check whether the number was above 0. There are only 5 columns, so it wasn't bad at all. I guess I'm just curious now...are there any other cool excel functions to do this...
  11. G

    Nested if statements that's killing me

    I have a column for base cost (dollars). A second column has values of "Yes" or "No", where "Yes" has a value of $3 and "No" has no value. A third column has values of "Yes" or "No" , where "Yes" has a value of $2 and "No" has no value. In the fourth column I have to calculate the total cost...
  12. S

    Nested IF statement for range of cells containing different combinations of text

    Hello and thanks in advance for your help. I'm attempting to summarize the output from a poorly designed online survey that contains 170 columns (really). Is there a nested IF statement that will output into one of four phrases: "Safe", "At Risk", "Both", or "Not Indicated"? One of several...
  13. K

    Help with nested IF(ISERROR Formula

    Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong on this formula? As the first IF statement, it calculates, but nesting causes the cell to think the formula is a giant string of text. I'm trying to calculate different percentages based on options chosen on a list (C15 cell). I thought I had it set...
  14. A

    Problem with Nested IFs Using Find

    <tbody> The following is sample data: The first column is the original data: The second column is what I am getting when I use the formula in the third column. The fourth column is what I would like to get. I thought I understood nested iFs, but I am missing something. Thanks! 719 S ABERDEEN ST...
  15. L

    Nested IF statements/single formula needed conditional on three separate values - HELP! :)

    I've tried to look at every example of multiple/nested IF statements to see if I could figure this out - as I know it's staring me right in the face. :eeek: I've tried AND, OR - and just can't get it to work. Here's the basic issue - simply trying to find out the average number of days that a...
  16. S

    Long nested IF statements not going to subsequent steps

    I'm doing a large set of nested IF/AND statements that isn't working correctly. It's supposed to check if both a user ID is the same as one in the cells 10 rows away, and if the sum of 10 cells in a column is equal to 10. If it is, it subtracts some timestamps. If it isn't, it's supposed to...
  17. L

    Formula to create a classification

    This will be an easy one for someone out there. I need a formula that will evaluate 3 combinations of 2 variables (Sales and Employees) and lookup the correct classification. Tried using Nested IFs but it got very confusing very quickly for me! For example: <tbody> Sales Employees...
  18. H

    Lookup a date in a range challenge

    Hi I've run into a bit of a challenge with dates. Essentially I'm have a bi-monthly calendar with date ranges appearing every two months for a 12 month period. I have two tabs, the first (tab A) contains all the date ranges and an entry for a specific date that doesn't correspond to the range...
  19. W

    Nested IF in VBA

    Hi All, I hope someone will be able to assist with expanding the following VBA. I found this on a thread in one of these forum and it works great in changing the colour of my pivot bar chart However I need to expand this to take in account the following. I would like to change the colour of...
  20. W

    Auto Populate an Annual Budget

    Using Excel 2010 First and most importantly, I need to auto populate a spreadsheet representing a full year / 365 days from a data set. Secondly, if a specific data item changes, whether the amount changes or the payment day changes, I need it to automatically update the spreadsheet through...

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