1. H

    Overdue day count based off of frequency

    I run a maintenance business and I've decided to make an excel sheet that tracks if my technicians are keeping up with their service on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. I figured the easiest way might be by changing "biweekly" to 14 and "monthly" to 30 like I set up the true/false...
  2. J

    Not Due Until & (Over)due

    Hi there, I want to create a worksheet that tells me how much time has past or is there until action is needed. So there is an appointment which needs to be taken every 2 years. I want to see how much time in months is left until they need to take it again or how many months day are overdue...
  3. G

    Combine Nested Funtions

    Need help combing these function into a single cell This formula recalculates the date based off a value in column P =IF(OR(P16="A - Svcbl(w/o Qual)",P16=""),(AM16+450),(AM16+90)) This formula determines the amount of days between today and the new date =ABS(AN16-TODAY()) This formula enters...
  4. E

    Chart Help - 1 stacked column into 3

    Hi I have been periodically creating a stacked column chart. This now has been divided in 3 sections and so the chart has to follow! I'm sure this should be really simple but I just cant seem to manage it. I eventually got it split into 3 by transposing the data but now I am missing P6 from my...
  5. C

    Formula Assistance

    Hi, Newbie here! I've built a spreadsheet to track reports that are on track/due or overdue. I've added IF formulas to show the on track/due/overdue items and used conditional formatting to change the cell colour which is working without any problems. I have chart to show the volume of items...
  6. N

    Pop up alert when due date is reached / link cells of different sheets to one "main" sheet within same workbook

    Hi! This is my first time posting a thread so please be nice to me .. :cry: I have a workbook with 11 sheets - sheets 1-10 have Due Dates (E7 - E50 = reserved for the due dates even though some sheets only have 3 rows filled with dates). Sheet 11 is supposed to be like a main/front page...
  7. S

    Excel Formula for Calculating Overdue Charges

    Dear All, Please find the Loan EMI and Collection table below: <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="2"><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> As per EMI Schedule As per Collection Report Account Number Month Number Sum of EMI Cumulative EMI Due Date Sum of...
  8. W

    Count sum of amount with due dates

    Hello I am trying to create a formula that shows the overdue amount based on amount of days overdue. In this case i am looking to sum up the values that are overdue more than 8 to 14 days. The cells that are overdue are marked with a negative sign...
  9. M

    Finding Values in a Table

    Hi There, Please help! i have a table set out as follows, <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C D E 1 Age of Debt Business Person Govt Other 2 Current 0% 0% 5% 0% 3 Up to 30 days overdue 10% 5% 5% 0% 4 31 - 60 days overdue 20% 5% 20% 0% 5 61 - 90 days...
  10. S

    Flashing cell

    Hi there, I'm in need of a code that will make the cells flash red/white once the cell contains a text value of 'Overdue' in the Q4:Q11000 range. Any ideas?
  11. H

    Help me develop this formula?

    Hi all I have the following formula which is working great (as far as it goes): =IF(AF6>AA6,"Not due yet",IF(AF6>AA6+7,"~ 7 days late","+ 7 days late")) AF6 is Last Review Date AA6 is todays date. So the formula is looking to show: If the Last Review date is overdue return one of the messages...
  12. T

    Using Multiple IF Functions in same expression

    Hello, I am trying to change the values in my Status column to either Overdue, On Track, or Blank. These will reference my Due Date column. I have figured out how to have my cell = Overdue or On Track, but am having difficulty adding an additional layer to the formula. Currently, I have...
  13. D

    Overdue dates for 2019

    Hi I am currently using the following formula to successfully flag up when a person is either due to pay or if they haven't paid by the end of the month when payment was due. When less than 30days the cell shows "due x number of days ago". When over 30 days it shows 'Overdue and the number of...
  14. D

    Showing overdue days based upon the data in two other fields

    Hi can anyone help me with the correct formula I need to show the number of days overdue based on data in two other fields. Field 1 [Date Reqired for Compliance] in which the user inputs the date when someone needs to have responded to a request. Field 2 [Date Material received] the user...
  15. J

    Generate Report from Data Set based on multiple criteria

    Hi all, Long-time lurker; first-time poster. I'm coming up against a bit of a brick wall with my current task and I thought you'd be able to help. My problem is this: I have a set of data, consisting of a list of names (col A), category A, B or C (col B) and number of days overdue (col C) I...
  16. M

    Email individual attachments

    Hi, I am new on the form and not very familiar with Macro's. I found the following macro on the web. Sub SendEmailfromOutlook() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim cell As Range Dim Path As String Path = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path Set OutApp =...
  17. A

    Count unique document numbers on pivot

    Hi I am building a report to show my team of buyers which Purchase orders are overdue under each persons name. The pivot table is pulling from a table of "unprocessed" PO lines. Consolidating the data first by buyer and then PO number. I need to filter due date "= or < current date" and then...
  18. D

    Overdue or Not

    Should be easy. Column "A" has a DUE DATE. Based on the date as of TODAY(). Is it late or not? I can deal with simple true or false. It's just not working.
  19. S

    Help formatting an overdue column however want blank if source cell is blank

    Hi, i have a column which is formatted to populate an overdue when a date is less then today. When I drag the formate down it populates overdue as there is no date currently. How to i I keep the formate however when the source cell is blank the formatted blank remains blank too? sam
  20. R

    VBA to work out if a date is overdue

    Hello, I need a Macro to work out if a range of dates are overdue based on comparing expected delivery date against todays date There could be any number of rows each week so it will have to perform the calculation over an undetermined range. If I was to produce an if statement within the...

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