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    Limit header page numbers to only certain pages

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there would be a way to reshape or remove page setup headers that will exclude the last page of an active sheet? I currently have this macro inputting text "Page not used" when the data in each worksheet is oddly numbered. This makes an empty "dummy page" (as I am...
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    Designing page numbers to ignore certain pages based upon a condition

    Hi all, I want to add page numbers to my workbook to make life easier when printing around 800 pages. Does anybody know how to design a page numbering code to ignore adding page numbers to specific pages based on a certain condition? The condition that I am requiring is that it ignore all...
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    How to Start Page Numbering from a Specific Page in a Worksheet in v2013

    How to start page numbering from a specific page, page 3 in a worksheet. Is this possible in Excel version 2013?
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    Two-dimensional page numbering in excel

    Hello, I am currently working on a excel table that is supposed to be printed out on paper. However the table has more than one column so when I print the table excel just continues the page numbers from the last page of the previous column. I would like to display the page numbers as follows...
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    VBA code to make all worksheets evenly numbered

    Hi all, Can somebody please fix a problem that has ailed me for more than a year!? I need a code designed that will ensure that all worksheets in a workbook will have even page numbers... With this I was thinking a VBA code that will read the content of each worksheet and assign a page number...
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    Table of Contents with Macros?

    I know there are a lot of examples on the Internet regarding this topic, but none of them seem to do what I want it to. All I want is a list of page numbers of all the worksheets in the workbook excluding the first two worksheets from the page count, and return that value on each cell...
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    Updating active worksheet (pg) #s (skipping hidden) -- Probably simple.. but..

    Hello Everyone, I'm fairly inexperienced with vba, and realize things can be done/approached many different ways. I'm guessing I have made an incorrect starting approach. I have one workbook that has about 100 tabs on it that I regularly use, and I just hide the tabs that I am not using. I...
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    Page numbering with multiple worksheets

    I have a workbook with multiple worksheets. I want to print the entire workbook and have the page numbering of each worksheet read "page 1 of total number of pages per worksheet" (not the entire workbook); e.g. if worksheet 1 has 23 pages the page numbering will read page 1 of 23, page 2 of 23...
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    Maintain integrity of page number footer when saving Excel 2010 to PDF?

    Hi, I have an Excel 2010 workboook with 15 sheets. Each sheet is multiple pages and has a footer with the sheet name & page number on it. When I save the workbook as a PDF, the sheet name stays, however the page number seems to revert to sequential page numbers within the PDF. (IE Sheet 1...
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    Get total number of pages to be printer.

    Hi everyone. I need a method or function that can count the TOTAL number of pages to that will be printed. I don't need anything with HPageBreaks or Get.document(50, ""sheet name"")") for these don't seem to work on my worksheet. All they seem to do is give me a number lower then the number of...
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    Incrementing Page Numbers?

    Good morning everyone! I haven't been able to find a formula to accomplish this, and maybe there isn't one, but I figured if anyone could figure it out, it would be the people at Mr. Excel, so here goes. I have created a form in Excel 2003 that will be printed on standard 8-1/2"x11" paper on a...
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    Freeze Panes and Page Numbering

    Just got Microsoft Office 2010 and I'm trying to keep things the way they were on 2007. I use Freeze Panes in the top of my sheet and when I go to add page numbers to those pages, on the bottom, it flashes up a warning saying you 'cannot add page numbers with Freeze Panes activated, if you...
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    Macro that prints multiple sheets and maintains respective sheet page numbering.

    Here's the problem: I have a workbook with multiple sheets in it. Each sheet contains multiple pages when printed out. Also, each sheet has page number separate from the other sheets. For example: 'Sheet 1' has 5 pages, so it is number "Page 1 of 5", "Page 2 of 5", etc. Each additional sheet...
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    Total Number of Pages per Worksheet

    Hi I am trying to print an entire workbook to pdf at the same time. I have numberous worksheets in the workbook and each needs to be a seperate document which in the footer states page x of y. I have managed to get all worksheets to print out starting at page 1 and running through my problem...

    page numbering

    :eeek: Ok here goes.... i have an extensive sheet with about 220 pages in it (page breaks ) here is the thing, when i add a new page into it i have to manually go re-number all the following pages. ( big shlep !) a.s.a.p utilities has a info tool that will tell you on wich page number your...

    Page number in a cell

    I need to have the page number automatically entered into specific cells in my sheet. a header or footer wont work here. i have 170 page in the sheet wich on them have different items. each of these item codes get recorded on a different sheet including wich page it is on . for reference and...
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    Printing Excel

    I am interested in finding a way to print out a workbook with several worksheets so that each worksheet will restart the page numbering. Right now, when it prints, the page numbers just continue on from worksheet to worksheet.
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    Page Numbering in Footer

    I have a 17-page excel sheet which I've been asked to page number including a section number. As well, instead of starting at page 1, to start as page 3. Refer example below: 1.3 - 1.19 How can this be achieved, if at all, in Excel 2003? I know this would be a snap in Word, but have no...

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