1. D

    Copy and Paste Row not working when filtered

    Hi I have the below code(below) that works off a button, to copy an entire row it works fine, however for some reason When the sheet is filtered, it just inserts a blank line, any ideas? Sub Copy_paste() Dim MyPassword As String MyPassword = "Yes" If InputBox("Please enter password...
  2. F

    Lottery verification

    I have an excel program where I count the numbers for the past year then use the count to pick my lottery numbers. I have won small amounts for the past year every week but never amounts over $100 so now I would like to refine my program to look at the past years drawings and compare it to my...
  3. D

    Picture Styles

    My understanding is that the preset Picture Styles (e.g., 'Bevel Perspective') is not available in VBA, but I was wondering if someone had gone to the effort of reverse engineering what values would need to be set to which settings in order to recreate an identical effect? I've tried this in the...
  4. T

    Copying a range two columns wide and pasting in next free column

    Hi Everyone, Heres my problem, I need a macro to do the following. Copy Range AX53:AY68 Then paste to the first empty column row 53 after BK So First Column it could past into is BL53 if that already contains data move on to BM and paste in first empty cell Please help if you can thanks Tony
  5. P

    Help me stop hurting myself or others

    Hi there, I have a excel sheet that is used by others but they keep on deleting columns for no reason at all. I have attempted to fix this by locking certain columns and putting a password on the sheet to stop any form of deletion but still allow them to enter data. The only thing is that is it...
  6. H

    Randomly Distributing A Pre-Determined Sum Over 12 Non-Contiguous Cells

    Good Afternoon, Does anyone know of a way to distribute a certain number (say 25,000,000) over a group of non-contiguous cells, while adhering to a floor, or minimum number, for each respective cell? Also, formulas in the past have been "biased" toward the upper-most positioned cells (so that...
  7. M

    Grouping dates from the past

    Hi, If i list of historical dates from the past in Column A and I want to identify as either "<6 months from today", "6-11 months from today", or "12+ months from today", how should I write the formula? I am having trouble. Thanks!
  8. T

    Insert Pivot Table With Dynamic Lenghtq

    Hi all, I am trying to insert a pivot table into my worksheet however the data can vary in length and I am not sure how to this using the pivot table function, the code I have currently is below. Sub InsertPivotTable()' ' InsertPivotTable Macro ' ' Sheets.Add...
  9. J

    Trying to reference a date using a specific criteria.

    Looking for a formula that allows me to find the date for the first value given >0. For example, P/N 70032 want to find 7/29/2019 date. <tbody> P/N Past Due 7/8/2019 7/15/2019 7/22/2019 7/29/2019 70025 30 0 0 0 0 70028 0 0 0 0 0 70032 0 0 0 0 172 70042...
  10. J

    Copy specific cells from multiple worksheets in VBA

    Hallo Cananyone help me? I have aworkbook with multiple worksheets One worksheetcalled “Search” is where data need to be past to. Allother worksheets have filter buttons that if in use needs resetting, show alldata, before start searching for data. Worksheet“Search” needs to be deleted of all...
  11. gheyman

    Copy and Paste down to last Row +

    I have a table where I need to paste data into (column F) But I need to past in in the next empty row in F down to the last row where there is data in column A So if I have data in Column A down to row 25 And I have data in column F currently down to row 5, I want to past my new data from row...
  12. M

    Cancel=True Not Working As Expected

    I do a lot of coding for the event right-click. I end my additional steps with Cancel=True which used to always avoid popping up the incell menu. Now, for the past many months, the cancel=true seems to no longer work and I get an annoying right-click menu that pops up after my code executed...
  13. K

    Countifs Between Date Ranges

    Hello, I am trying to put together a formula to calculate the number of days action items are past due. Im reading the dates (Column H) between 61 and 90 days past due per se, if the completed column (Column I) is blank and if its designated as an action (Column D). Formula is as follows...
  14. J

    Conditional formatting

    I have 2 sets of dates, depart and return dates I would like both cells to change colour when both dates are in the future. So the depart date may have past but the return date is still in the future so would like both cell filled in until both dates have past. Hope this makes sense
  15. X

    Help with VBA

    Just trying to create a macro that runs when I open my workbook. I need it to check a date in a column(h) and return a pop up if the date is today or has gone past already. I then need to check a column in the same workbook(i) to see if there has been another date entered and if there has to...
  16. T

    Top 5 based on selection from drop down - index/match??

    Hi, I have my workbook set up to show a separate worksheet for each city. The representative from each city will go into their own city worksheet and select their city from a drop down list. When the city is selected, I need to bring in top 5 past due invoices for that city - data set is on a...
  17. S

    Both times with AM need to subtract 1 from the other

    Good evening, I have spreadsheets that I receive from clients which have times in different cells. I have a 8:50 in cell A1 and 3:10 in cell B1 when I looked closer the cell values both have AM in them. I looked at the next one and it also has 7:15 and 4:10 and they are also AM. The times will...
  18. darrenmccoy

    Move 2 Columns and Values into separate Columns for each value formula

    Could someone help me with a lookup formula to move the data from (46k rows) to columns and rows? The person is the CLIENTID. The CLIENTID has multiple CLIENT TYPES. See my example: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>...
  19. sharky12345

    Identify if date and time is in the past

    This may be a big ask, but worth asking the experts..... I have a worksheet with dates in 1 column and times in another - I need to identify if the date and time is in the past and display text for the result. The dates are in column C and are formatted as "dd/mm/yyyy". The times are in column...
  20. E

    Formula that allows overpayment to flow to a different cell

    I am needing help developing a formula that allows the overflow from one to apply to another cell. Basically someone is paying multiple monthly debts but the second debt can't be satisfied until the first one is and the third one can't be satisfied until the second one is. So this is a monthly...

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