1. J

    LEFT() for each rows in a single cell?

    The following data is in a SINGLE cell. I'm trying to get the phone number from each line and output it as just a list of phone numbers in a single cell. FROM THIS: <tbody> (734) 435-8519 < Sent TXT 14/25/09 @ 08:54 (734) 917-1416 < Sent TXT 14/25/09 @ 08:54 (734) 742-6437 < Sent TXT 14/25/09...
  2. A

    Combining cells from multiple worksheets into rows on single worksheet

    Hi, I am hoping someone is able to help me. I have a workbook with about 300 tabs. All exactly the same format. I am trying to write a macro that copies all of the data from several cells in each workbook into a single workbook. Let me give more an example. A1 - First Name B1 - Last Name C1 -...
  3. E

    Parsing Data / Advanced Text to Columns for Non Uniform Data

    I was hoping someone would be able to assist me with a question I have regarding a text-to-columns type scenario. I have copied names, number, address and titles from a website but when i past it into excel it all goes into column A. Normally, if the data was uniform and consistent, you could...
  4. N

    linking combobox value with VLOOKUP to a textbox in userform

    Hello, I have a sheet "Clients" that contains all clients details as the table below and I have all these data as dynamic named range "Client_Details" "A2:D4" I have a userform with many text boxes and combo boxes, but what I need right now is: Once I choose a Client name in the combobox1...
  5. E

    Phone number with area code mask number format.

    I need to set a mask (cell number format) to do this: Phone number can be with area code (lenght): 10 (2+8), 11 (2+9) or, without area code: 8 or 9. (non-us format) Some aleatory (non real) numbers just for example: 12345678 result "1234-5678" 1212345678 result "(12) 1234-5678 123456789 result...
  6. J

    Pivot table calculation question

    I have a pivot table that looks like this Row Label Appointment Email Phone Call Joe 148 302 86 Kate 129 88 303 Ron 157 398 157 Paul...
  7. J

    Complicated Match/Lookup in between dates formula?

    Objective: I am trying to obtain a number (ID) from Table A based off of the Date and Number in Table B. What I am trying to say in my formula is that if Phone Number in Table B is equal to a Phone Number in Table A, and the Date in Table B in the same row as that Phone Number is between the...
  8. A

    Extracting phone number for each cell

  9. B

    Matching formula that is too hard for me!

    Hi everyone, Here are the things that are in each column. Column A - Phone Numbers Column B - Dates Column C - Dates Column D - Record ID's Column E - BLANK Column F - Dates Column G - Phone Numbers I'm trying to write a matching or lookup formula that looks up and down these columns and...
  10. W

    Checking long string for list of keywords and extracting only the keyword if exists

    Hi Team Can anyone help me please? I have a long string in column A. What I am trying to do is check for a list of words (need wildcards) (the word or words will only appear (if at all) once) and if the word(s) exists, copy that word to a separate column, say B. So check for say, "book"...
  11. M

    Macro to find and replace values in several columns of a table

    Hi, I have the following macro which replaces the data in cells that are not blank within several columns in an Excel table, however the macro takes more than two hours to run due to the size of the table (40,000 rows and 50 columns). Is there a more efficient code I could use that would...
  12. K

    Help with Excel app on android

    I have a spreadsheet with dropdown boxes and related vlookup cells. I cannot seem to be able to use this on my android phone, any help would be appreciated
  13. H

    Query not showing all phone numbers

    Hello, I am using google sheets. I am using the following function in cell F2 =query($A$2:$D$1000,"select * where D is not null",0) As you can see in some orders the phone numbers are not showing (Such as order 1208 1209 1210 1215 1217) I am not sure whats going...
  14. M

    #Error in output query

    Hello, I have this formula in access - that converts different formatted phone numbers into a numeric field - because some fields are blank it give me an #Error message. I tried to run the query and append it separately to a table (with a right join) - excluding Nulls, etc. But I cant seem to...
  15. C

    Comparison/conditional formatting of two columns

    Hi, So my problem is: I have a list of 1 million rows of phone numbers I have a list of 500,000 phone numbers In both of these lists phone numbers are repeated so I cannot use conditional formatting to highlight duplicates. Basically I need to highlight any phone numbers/rows in the 1 million...
  16. R

    parse data from text file

    Trying to extract data from the following repeating prompts based on voice-port <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> voice-port no snmp trap cptone timeouts description station-id name station-id number caller-id corlist incoming </tbody> Have tried multiple approaches and all...
  17. R

    parse data from text file

    Need to parse parts of a raw text file and convert it to an Excel file. Seems simple, and have tried multiple approaches, but none have been successful. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I would provide actual files, but do not have permissions to post attachments. sample data: ...
  18. M

    COUNTIFS vs. SUMIFS: Sum of Verbal Phone Orders between 7:01am and 11:59pm

    Hi All, I am having trouble creating a formula... I need the sum of verbal phone orders between 7:01AM and 11:59PM....I counted 10 (data is below) I started with the formula below, but maybe I should use SUMIFS? Or what formula can I use to get me the sum of verbal phone orders between...
  19. D

    Using INDEX function, would like to create hyperlink that also works when saved in PDF

    Hello! I am using Excel version 1808 on a Windows 10 computer. I have the document set up so if, for example, a user types "John" in cell A1, it pulls the phone number for "John" into cell A2. I have a list of names and numbers on a separate tab that is being referenced, and I'm using the...
  20. aacod

    Excel Formula

    I have a spreadsheet which has first and last names in columns B, E. H, L & O and phone #s in columns C, F, J, M and P. I need formula in cell C4 such that when I type/fill in first and last name in cell B4, the formula brings the corresponding phone # to cell C4. Thanks in advance. aacod

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