1. M

    Delete and Insert Pictures VBA

    Hello every one ! I am trying to update my report by deleting the old phot and insert a new photo meanning , if (Case testRange.Value2 < 1#) then delete the old photo in the cell which is (Attach) and insert picname = "C:\Users\MAlhashlamoun\Pictures\UNATTACH" & ".png" also for...
  2. O

    Inserting Image into cell with VBA

    So I am using this to add pictures to my file. I am essentially creating an asset list and want to put the picture with the asset on that line. It essentially then creates a link to open the photo in its original size. The problem is it works sometimes. I suspect it might have to do with the...
  3. B

    Sorting Across the Down with Photos

    I'm creating a database of sorts with Excel. They want a photo page with links to a details page for each item. I'm trying to make a sheet that is 10 columns wide and then raps to the next row. The links are tied to the images so they need to be sortable in the case that a new item is added. I...
  4. K

    F5 goto object

    if I have some photos stored with command button page Is there any way that I can delete the photos only but not command button together by F5/goto/object if no, any macro that can do it? I had around 200photos in column F thanks for the help
  5. B

    Photo Email

    H There, I have the following code that looks up a photo based on column A and places the photo in column L. The problem is when I email the file the photo's are not emailed. Is there any way to fix the photo's? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim myPict As Picture Dim...
  6. S

    searchable database

    need to create a searchable database for website which has lot of photos please help me ASAP thanks
  7. Z

    hyperlink to view multiple picutres

    I have a hyperlink and I want to view all photos in a folder I've tried =HYPERLINK("d:\pics\Prob\*", "photo ") =HYPERLINK("d:\pics\Prob\*.jpg", "photo ") =HYPERLINK("d:\pics\Prob\firstpic.jpg", "photo ") The first two say can't open specified file The last one works and opens the picture in...
  8. K

    VBA Inserting photos based on cell values

    Hi lovely Mr Excel people, It's been a while since I've hung out here... I'm trying to replace a list of photo file numbers in a worksheet with the actual photos, which are always saved in a set location (actually they aren't but I'll sort that later) Photos should resize to match the width...
  9. A

    Goal Seek - Unable to find results

    I am attempting to set up goal seek, and it keeps finding a negative number, no matter how many different ways I try to set up the formulas. I have added photos so maybe someone could help me? Thanks in advance!!
  10. K

    Macro Help

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out what the problem is with my macro. It keeps telling me theres a compiled error, end of statement. I've tried putting spaces in between the = and 0 where there seems to be a problem. Let me know if you can figure it out. I'm not sure how to add photos on this so...
  11. E

    Is there a way to import images and text from an Excelfile into Powerpoint?

    Hi everyone, I regularly have to make a PowerPoint presentation for my study. Then I have a few dozen PPT pages, where I place texts and accompanying photos. My question: Is there a way how I can import urls or computer location (C: / Desktop .. etc) with photos and texts? The photos in the...
  12. B

    Need vba macro to randomly loop pictures in cells

    Hello experts, I need help with VBA code that can continuously show random photos at a certain place and picks up these photos/images that are in the same excel file.. Basically, I need 9 tiles of photos forming a rectangle and each one of this 9 tile should loop showing up random photos from...
  13. K

    re photos

    hello friends am on a small school, project and i wish one to help me with a code which can import photos to one page and display 1 image per cell value on the next page. on the next page i used navigation buttons and i wish to use those to scroll through the images on sheet 1 one by one. thank you
  14. K

    Macro For Selecting from a Data Validation Menu

    Hello Cool Excel Friends, First, must apologize. Total Excel Newbie here. I am just in the course of working with this problem learning some VBA and experimenting with macros. Basically, I'm working for a small company that needs to put together documents for our parent company in which...
  15. J

    Easy Photo addition question

    I am trying to create a push button that allows users to retrive a photo from their files and have it resized to fit a specific cell size. Is this possible?Thank you J
  16. C

    Finding photos on a worksheet and deleting them

    I have a pawn shop invoice that I want to be able to snap a photo of the jewelry and paste it to the bottom of each invoice. The macro I've been working on saves the record, while keeping the invoice open. It also clears out the added items, but I want it to be able to clear the photos...
  17. N

    Strange Question: I would like to transfer my photo listings to excel then transfer to ebay

    Thanks for reading: This is my first post. I'm an ebay powerseller currently, and I have a private photo collection of over 10,000 unique photographs in several digital folders. (yes they are all digital). They also have the titles already there as the file name for each photograph. 1) I...
  18. D

    Saving Reports into Different Folders With Different Logos and Title

    I have 40+ reports that I generate weekly for different clients. I have the workbook set up so that each report is in a new sheet/tab and have a macro that runs through and saves each report as a PDF using the file name I desigate in a cell within the sheet. My clients are now wanting the...
  19. Z

    Selecting Photos

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is an Excel question or just a general computer program question. I have a spreasheet with a list of style codes that we have chosen to sell the next selling season. I also have a CD that has a photo of every single possible style and the photos are named the same as...
  20. T

    Inserting multiple images as the result of a formula

    Hello. I am working with some data and it would be nice to be able to display it visually. What I want to do is if some formula I am working with results with the answer '5', I want 5 images of buses to appear in the following cell. This would be done multiple times all using the same image. Any...

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