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    Combining Fields in Pivot Chart

    I am trying to graph the frequency of a series of cap rates but want to also show the average age of properties that have that cap rate. For example, the chart will show there are 3 properties with a 6.5% cap rate, 6 properties with a 6.75% cap rate etc. but I also want to see the average age...
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    Click on a pivot chart and get the table data ... Possible?

    Hi, Building a dashboard and displaying lots of charts. However sometimes the use might need to see all the details. The details not displayed on the charts. Is there a way to click on the chart or a column/line on the chat and get back to the full details? FYI - all these charts are tied...
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    Get Data table from Excel Chart (pivot chart)

    Hi, I have created a Pivot Chart with Slicers etc. After the user selects the date ranges and filters. IS there a way to then export that view to a data table? Kinda of like in a regular pivot table you can click on the totals and then get the raw data related to that number? My users are...
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    Pivot charts randomly switching data ranges

    Hello all I would appreciate some help with an issue that's been bugging me I made a dashboard with a bunch of slicers and pivot charts. All chart data is in the power pivot data model, there are no pivot tables anywhere in the file. As I am using the dashboard (adding data to model, using...
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    Error "Couldn't get data from the Data Model"

    I keep getting the following error when I try to refresh a pivot table (not Power Pivot). "We couldn't get data from the Data Model. Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I tried re-selecting the data source, but would get the same error message. I checked to see that I have...
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    Calculating averages for a graph - just like a pivot

    Hi everyone, I've got a problem where my solution just isn't good enough and I'm hoping someone will have a better idea. The problem: I have to report vehicle utilisation by month, by region, and by "category" (front line, second line, specialist, and average). I need a line/bar graph that...
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    Copy Pivot Chart To Another Workbook & Keep Links

    Hi Hopeing someone can help - I've looked around on the internet but I could not find anything about moving pivot charts - just moving pivots tables I'm trying to copy a pivot chart (just the chart) to another workbook so I have the pivot table on one screen and the chart on another. I'm...
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    Changing the font size of Axis Tick Labels in a Pivot Chart

    Does anyone know how (or if) I can change the default font size of the tick labels on the vertical axis in a Pivot Chart? This is easy to do in a standard chart, but for some reason, the option isn't presented (at least not obviously) on a PivotChart. I searched the interwebs and found the...
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    Excel Test - Create trend line from data set

    I am stumped by a question on a potential employer's Excel test. The objective is to create a graph showing each particular product's percentage of total month's sales, for a 12 month period. The data set is thousands of lines, each showing sales for each month for a particular product in a...
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    Chart data label position

    I have written this code and and the labels for the charts appear outside the graph area. I want to position data label inside the pie charts. How to do that ? With oChart4 .HasTitle = True .ChartTitle.Text = "On Net/ Off Net (Overall)" .ShowAllFieldButtons = False .ApplyDataLabels...
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    Date-Based Axis for Pivot Chart Excel 2013

    I would like my date axis in a 2013 Pivot Chart to graph proportionally based on the dates in my data set. I know how to do this without a pivot chart (using scatter plots), but I am unable to do this with my pivot chart. Let's say I have sales data for: Col A : Col B 1/1/2000 : $100...
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    Please help change my code!! VBA Code to generate pivot table and charts on a seperate sheet

    Hi Guys, Would someone be kind enough to change my code so that the sheet the pivot tables are created in has a specific name (make it whatever you want). Through the rest of the code it should then reference back to this name. The reason I want to do this is due to the fact that my code below...
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    pivot chart inserted mail merge in word

    Hi, I have to create personalized compensation statement for each of our employees using word. There are 150 employees. I input their salary and fringe benefits into an excel spreadsheet for each employee and then do a mail merge. I did this last year by: 1)Creating a pivot table 2)Creating a...
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    power pivot : vba script on slicer to hide certain values/ to restrict slicer to show only certain values.

    Hi, Can someone help in vba coding to assign to slicer in power pivot report.I have a slicer with blank values coming. i have to hide those blank values. My Model is SSAS tabular model . Since the tabular model wont support outer join these blank values are coming in the slicer. ie, i have a...
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    Pivot Chart - changes within charts won't save

    Pivot chart formatting changes (title position, size of legend box, positioning of values on pie chart) - won't save :( Workbook is password protected. 3 Pivot charts created off 1 data set. Excel 2013. Please help! :eeek: Thank you!
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    Refreshing Graphs

    I have a lot of graphs connected to specific Pivot charts. The Pivot Charts are refreshing when I enter in new data but the graphs connected to them will not refresh when I hit the refresh all button. I go to the graph and click the "Analyze" tab and everything is grayed out and will not let me...
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    Pivotchart exclusion of low number occurrences

    I have a table with 2 columns of data. Column A has a broad description ( body, electric, plumbing, etc). Column B has a more complete description within each broad description ( 12( if next to body means crack)(if next to electric means something else), 39(if next to body means no weld). I...
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    Creating Graphs From Pivot Tables Using Macro

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to recording macro's. I've attempted to create one to consolidate some data, then create a pivot table from this, and lastly, create a graph from the pivot table. The macro appears to work fine all the way through, until it comes to the Source Data for the Graph. I've...
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    Pivot Chart - Footer?

    Probably a dumb question - but is it possible to put headers and footer in a pivot chart? I know this is possible to do in a regular chart but not having luck trying to do this in a pivot chart. Thanks
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    Click on Pivot Chart data point and display data

    Hello, I am looking for a little bit of help with a Pivot Chart and haven't quite found what I need through various searches. Of course, I may just not be quite hitting the right terms. I would like to set up something to where a user can click on an individual value on a pivot chart...

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