pivot table filter

  1. M

    Filter multiple Pivots on same worksheet based on cell in that worksheet

    I am sure this is a simple fix but I am hoping you can help. I do not know VBA, but am trying my hand at altering some code i found online. (see How to filter Pivot table based on a specific cell value in Excel? (extendoffice.com). I was able to modify it to get it to work for 1 Pivot...
  2. D

    Pivot table date filter dynamically using cell value

    Hi, I am trying to make my pivot table's "shop date" filter be updated by my macro based on some cell values in a settings tab. I originally tried to use an array to select multiple dates that would be in the filter to no avail. Now I am trying to simply update the filter to select one date...
  3. L

    How to filter data in a Pivot Table when data is Sum

    I have a fairly simple table that I have created a pivot table for. I can't seem to figure out how to filter the pivot table to only show certain data (excluding sub totals and totals). Here is a screen shot of the info(I have removed subtotals and totals): I need to filter the data to show...
  4. B

    Pivot Table Showing Dates Outside Date Range

    Hello all. I've come here periodically to find answers to Excel problems, but can't seem to find an answer to an issue I'm having now. So I set up an account to ask myself. I've tried searching and playing around with this, but can't seem to find a solution. When I create a pivot table from a...
  5. R

    Add filters to pivot table

    Hello, I need help on this. I have a pivot table with the following columns: Manufacturer Name MPN Commodity Family Project Name Contract Manufacturer Unit Material Cost Volume Spend I want to add filters above the table so it will look like this. Enter...
  6. D

    Pivot table filter rows hidden, can't get them to show

    Hi, I use a big pivot table with ~10,000 rows of data to make monthly individual reports for my colleagues. It's filtered with colleague name and Location, which indicates type of activity - two filter fields at the top left. Today I tried recording a macro to make the pivot in the hope of...
  7. J

    Filtering Pivot Table columns based on different criteria.

    I have a pivot table with YTD information by month for about 8 different KPI's. I want to show some of the KPI's by month to provide trend data. The others I just want the current month to save space on the worksheet. Can I filter the data on KPI's 1 thru 5 to show January thru November and...
  8. D

    pivot table filter

    Hi All Is it possible to arrange a pivot table filter horizontally rather than vertically?
  9. B

    Command button - Lotus notes email

    Hello, my name is bharath. I am now working on a complex process planning. i have integrated data from various sources and grouped in several pivot tables according to my boss's requirement. My questions are as follows: 1. I know how to filter the Pivot table (I use slicers in my case). I want...
  10. B

    Automatically update pivot table filter

    I have a pivot table which includes a filtered date field. The goal is to provide a report showing projected activity for the next month. I can't use the "Next Month" filter since that will include results for the month of May only. I need results from today's date (4/20/15) until the same date...
  11. M

    Linking TWO different Pivot Table Filters to Two Cell Values

    I am attempting to have two Pivot Table Report filters (PivotTable1) update based on values of cells on another sheet ("Summary"). With the following code, it only updates on the first set of instructions - when E4 is updated, "Names" filter will change but not "Sex". Any help is appreciated...
  12. B

    Creating dependent filters in a pivot table

    Hello, My problem is I need to make drop down filters in pivot tables dependent and cascade as the user makes the selections. This is in Excel 2007 or lower.</SPAN> The data table comes from a SQL query report and has many relationships in the rows. An example of the data would look like this...
  13. S

    VBA Pivot table search box filter

    Hi does anyone know a simple VBA code for a text input box on the excel page to filter a pivot table by for example Itemcode. I know you can use a standard filter but this removes the Itemcode out of the row, also a slicer wont work because there are to many values Thanks
  14. R

    Using VBA to update a Pivot Table filter based on the value in a cell

    Hello, I have a workbook with a tab (Individual) containing a cell (PT_Individual_ID), that is a specific customer ID, and 2 pivot tables which read a database contained in the second tab of the workbook. I want to be able to enter the customer ID and have the filters on the pivot tables update...
  15. 3

    Pivot table Filtering

    Hey guys, Excel noob here, Im working on a pivot table just like the one on the picture here http://oi44.tinypic.com/34y9opt.jpg Ideally I wanted the sums by date to be displayed horizontally and not vertically as shown in the picture, but was unable to do so. Anyways, I want to be able to...
  16. L

    Trying to create macro to change multiple pivot table filters when a Drop Down box is changed excel 2010

    I think I'm almost there, just need to find a way to point the filter at the drop down box. My macro code appears below. The macro works when I use the commented out line which points to the value of cell e2. The problem is, I want it to point at my dropdown box instead. I think I just have the...
  17. C

    Multiple Pivot tables from one filter VBA

    Hello, I have a problem that involves several pivot tables that all grip information from one document. This document is updated daily and contains information on faults that have occurred to trucks; the faults can be mechanical and electrical, but I'm only interested in the electrical ones...
  18. R

    automatically add new items to a pivot table's filter

    Folks: Hopefully an easy one for you. I hear there is a menu option to automatically add (check mark) new items to a pivot table's filter. How do I select this? I'm using MS Excel 2010. My end users want to be able to have all filters, existing and new, be able to accept all new items (as...
  19. S

    Pivot Table Filter Based on Cell Value

    I have a question in regards to having a pivot table filter change based on a cell's value. My pivot table name is "Colors", my pivot field name is "Color Names" and the filter is the color available for each commodity which is in cell AJ7. Do you know how I could link the selection from the...
  20. S

    VBA for setting pivot table to show yesterday's data not working

    I have a raw dataset that updates each day to include the latest day. I have a number of different pivot tables and one is to show a view for the previous day. It is a 2003 workbook although I did create it in 2007. Based on advice found on google and the Creating Reports for Each Region or...

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