1. 0

    Excel PowerPivot / Chart with time series, duplicate values.

    http://i.stack.imgur.com/5z5Hr.png I have a dataset which I have simplified a bit for this post. From the image above you can see that I have two data tables. They essentially list the estimated output from two 'facilities', and the actual (measured) output. For this case the measured output is...
  2. L

    grant total in pivot chart

    hello. can anyone tell me how to add the grand total in pivot chart?! :rofl:
  3. U

    Cumulative Line on Pivot Chart

    I have a PivotChart that graphs performance by month for each doctor. For example, DOCTOR A has a stacked bar for February, March, and for April. DOCTOR B has the same months and is right next to DOCTOR A and so on. The pivot table summarizes performance by month AND gives a cumulative rate...
  4. M

    PivotChart only showing first column, not the total.

    Hello everyone, I have a question. I have a PivotChart based on these values: Those columns are names of the days. I want a PivotChart that shows me the Colmun total, but now it shows "Dinsdag" (Tuesday). It shows this: How can i fix this (I don't want to remove the day column's) By the...
  5. D

    VBA Code to create multiple pivot tables from the same data on multiple sheets

    Hi Guys, I have a sheet of data which reflects e-mails that have come into a mailbox. Columns: Date, Category of e-mail, Time take to respond, SLA misses, Comments. (The table begins on A1 with the last column being F1). There are curerntly 50 rows of data. I want a piece of VBA code to...
  6. N

    Chart that varies x axis according to number of variables provided

    Hello, I'm looking for help in creating a chart that will autofill according to results produced by a pivot report. I've succeeded thus far, but am nowing facing the difficulty of data in my pivot table producing either four rows of data or five rows of data. Is there a way that I can make my...
  7. L

    Combining data from multiple tables into one PivotTable

    I have 5 data tables that all contain a roster with the same last names, but with different types of data. I have added each data table to the Data Model. Each time I try to combine one person's data from Table A with Table B, Excel prompts me to create a relationship. I've tried creating a...
  8. E

    Formatting a PivotChart toto have fixed week intervals for hourly/daily data

    I have hourly output data for an entire year. I made data columns for month, week of the month, day of the month, day of the week, and hour of the day. Currently, I have a decent Picot Chart set up that as weekday and hour in the Axis Fields category, month and week in the Report Filter...
  9. J

    How to make a pivot chart work in a powerpoint presentation

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a solution for embeding a pivot table/chart in a powerpoint presentation. After a lot of searching I found a solution through access. It worked in importing the pivot table to the slide - but as soon as I tried to go to Slide show the functionality is gone with the...
  10. T

    Pivot Chart Filtering Problems

    Hi all, I've inserted a pivot pie chart, which works great when filtering to show each column's (months) data in turn. However when I tick to include all columns in the Pivot Chart filter pane, it only shows the first column's (January) data. The title of the chart displays as January, too...
  11. L

    Automatically create chart images

    Hi everyone, I currently need to create around 1200 chart images using excel for a report series I am performing for a client. I have been trying all kinds of different things, all failures, to automate this process. My current method is to filter a pivot table on the building I am analyzing...
  12. S

    Create a PivotChart for Multiple Pivot Tables on the Same Worksheet

    I have a single worksheet with multiple PivotTables, and I need to create a PivotChart for each of those PivotTables, 4 cells to the right of the top-left corner of the PivotTable. Any ideas? Scott
  13. N

    2 PivotCharts and same slicer - Making one chart as Primary

    Hi, I have 2 charts. For example, Chart 1 and Chart 2 has different sales figure for northern and southern region. And both have Product category and sales quantity as slicer. Now it is a known fact that if I make selections in the slicer, both the charts gets automatically updated. I will...
  14. R

    Pivotchart keeps defaulting to left-most value column

    I'm running a pivot table that has 3 columns worth of values. The pivotchart keeps defaulting to the leftmost column. If I want to see the other values in a chart, I have to move that dataset to the beginning. How can I fix this? Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the buttons on the chart to...
  15. L

    Multiple chart types in a pivotchart

    I am trying to make a PivotChart that has both a bar chart and a line chart in it. Along the x-axis I have 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 forecast, 2013 plan, ytd 2012, and 2012 ytd plan. I want the data for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 forecast, and 2013 plan to be in a line chart and I want ytd...
  16. C

    Pivot chart - how to change data source

    Hi, after I created a Pivot Chart from a Pivot table, I like to keep the format of the Pivot Chart but want to change to a different Pivot table, how do I do that? this is what I tried: PivotChartTools - Design - Select Data, in the Select Data Source dialog box, Chart data range is gray out...
  17. J

    Help with automation

    I'm looking for a way to automate some data manipulating. I have rows such as the below: Start Date------Days Supply------End Date------Unit 1/1/2011--------30-----------------1/31/2011-----540 I need to be able to chart this data by day (via PivotChart). Whereas, I need a column that would...
  18. D

    Cloning a 2007 PIvotChart

    Hi, I am trying to copy out a worksheet to a new workbook. This worksheet includes a pivotchart and a pivotable, where the pivottable is the charts datasource. When i copy the sheet to a “New” book, the chart is no longer linked to the pivotchart and it remains static. As part of my cloning...
  19. eschiesser

    Show categories with no values in PivotChart

    Hi all, I am creating a pivot chart in excel 07 from a table using 4 different columns: Week Number, Acronym, Employee, and Hours. I've got the week number and the employee in the legend, the acronym on the horizontal axis, and Sum of Hours as the values (vertical axis). The problem is, in the...
  20. M

    Create PivotChart from PivotTable

    How can I create a PivotChart using VBA? I ran the macro recorder, and it referred to the source data in the standard way: ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range("'sheet1'!$A$3:$C$25") How do I create a chart that is specifically a PivotChart, referring to a PivotTable as a source, so that...

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