1. E

    Switch between different PivotTable Fields for Values

    Hi, I have an excel file where employees can submit projects they are working on and amount spent on the project each month. The names of the months are therefore in the columns as headers. When I make a PivotTable out of the table I have the persons in the Row sections and the month I want to...
  2. P

    PowePivot - Create a slicer of a measure or calculate values from one table using filter from another table

    Hello, I've been struggling quiet a lot with this issue and been looking high and low but I'm not able to find any answer. Hopefully some master can help me solve this issue! I have two table, lets call them Table1 and Table 2 in Power Pivot. They have relation to each other through Column...
  3. TheMacroNoob

    PivotTable - Automatic Current vs Prior Month

    Hello excel experts, In a PivotTable, are you able to have current/prior month in columns automatically/dynamically? Currently I have to select the months manually and move them in correct order. Secondly, is it then possible to have variance in columns? See picture for example.
  4. Acoma7

    Create pivottable with 2 tables with duplicates in each column

    Hi I am trying to work out how to make a pivottable that counts how many members are in each group that exist in each club. Names are the members of each group or club. The pivottable in the example is to give you an idea of what I am trying to work out. I have tried using Data Modal but it...
  5. T

    VBA Dynamic PivotTable Name

    I have the following code that show details of a filtered PivotTable in new worksheets. I want to create new PivotTable in these new worksheets and have the following code but I keep on running into the object required error on the Set Tbl = d.Parent.Cells(d.Row, lCol).Name line? How do I fix...
  6. S

    Too many characters in the cells of my Pivot Table?

    Hi Everybody, Goal first, then my problem. My goal is to use the PivotTable to display the Vendor & PO# in two columns such as this using the following formula in my Pivot Table: =CONCATENATEX(Table1,[PO#],", "): Vendor PO# TopCon Medical 612-A2561 My problem is that when I try to move...
  7. Mohamad Alkhatib

    complains both columns contain duplicate values. at least one of the columns selected must contain only unique values to create a relation

    when creating a relationship between two pivot tables it complains both columns contain duplicate values. at least one of the columns selected must contain only unique values to create a relation between the tables both my tables contain a column called WellId (well name) with the same format...
  8. D

    Pivot table in power query (on the excel not Power BI)

    Hello, I would like some help making the following Pivot table in a "power query". I have attached the final version of my file. Transpose is necessary, but due to too many titles, I couldn't. Picture of the table below. It will make the job much easier and simpler in a situation like the...
  9. Jyggalag

    Recreate my table in pivottable

    hi guys, i am SUPER bad at pivottables i have this dummy data for a loan here in my sheet: I essentially would like to create a slicer for "Status" that can filter for this table. However, in order to do so, it seems that I have to make a pivottable? I like my current formatting, but if I...
  10. tazeo

    Can PowerQuery...

    So I have PowerQuery cleaning some data and splitting it into different work groups. Works a treat, saves me mucho time and effort. But I am now getting greedy and want to push it further. Can I get PQ to: Split this into different workbooks instead of worksheets. That is rather than, say, 10...
  11. R

    Can't insert PIVOT table after deleting worksheet with previous PIVOT table on it

    Hello. I have a worksheet with my raw data on. I successfully created two PIVOT tables on new worksheets. I then deleted the worksheets with the PIVOT tables on because I wanted to start afresh. Excel won;t let me insert a new PIVOT table now. I get the error message "The PIVOTTable field name...
  12. Y

    How to use VBA to update pivot table data source while still able to connect back to slicers?

    Hi all, Really need help since I can't solve it by myself :( I am not familiar with VBA and most of time I just try and error or search how other people write the code.. but i am stuck here. I have 4 pivot tables (ABCD) in the same sheet and connect to 2 different data sources. There are 4...
  13. Blue1971

    Change PivotTable source from external data source connection to table/range

    In Excel 2016, I have several PivotTables (and corresponding PivotCharts) that use external data sources. The data sources were created via Microsoft Query (an Excel mechanism) and have complex SQL logic that queries an Oracle database. For certain PivotTables, I want to change the data...
  14. S

    Excel DAX Pivot table question

    Hi, I have many tables and I would like to find out the best way to count the number of units sold that meet a criteria. In tblInvMaster I have a fields called PROMO CODE. I want to sum up the number of units from tblSALE that have a PROMO CODE. So I can use the related function in DAX...
  15. P

    PivotTable Rows: show all values from one column without duplicating it from the other column

    Hi guys, I have two tables: Master Table: contain the list of all customers we need to monitor the sales Sales Data: we update it every week with year to date sales for the customers in the master table MASTER TABLE SNIPPET Customer ID Customer Name 12345 Customer 1 12346 Customer 2...
  16. S

    Match values from pivot table to normal table

    I need to ask if it's possible to match value from pivot table item with value in another normal table and return the value from another column. Example: I have this pivot table with this "account" id slected and in 2nd worksheet i have this table And i would like to know if it is...
  17. S

    Loop through pivot table

    Hello i need loop through all "accounts" item in pivot table, and select one by one and save to pdf file the account statement for each account. I have this code Sub pivot_tables() Dim p As PivotTable Dim pf As PivotField Dim pit As PivotItem Dim pit2 As PivotItem Dim saveLoc As String Dim...
  18. C

    Pivot Table( calculated field showing diffrence between two columns values show as % of the column)

    Hello, I have a simple pivot table with name of a product and sum of sales in year 2021 and 2022 shown as procent of the total column). Im trying to add a calculated field that would show the diffrence between the two years. For istance in 2021 sales of apples was 15 and grand total of sales of...
  19. Nuke_It_Newport

    Referencing Pivot Table Sourced From ActiveSheet?

    Hi everyone- I am curious if there's any method to reference a pivot table (on a separate sheet) that is sourced from the active sheet without calling it explicitly. The context of this is as follows: In my active sheet, If Range("C2:E2") value is changed, this value is pasted into the...
  20. N

    How to pivot/summarize table of values by single row but multiple date columns?

    Hi everyone, Every month I get this table (Clients) where I am given costs broken out by rows of clients and columns of weeks. However, I need to summarize these values by Client and Month instead of week (Sheet2). Pivot tables don't seem to read across columns and my current sumproduct...

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