1. C

    [VBA] PivotField.Current Page - filter on MULTIPLE items

    Hello world, I have a sheet containing a bunch of PivotTables and graphs. The sheet has an area (B2:F2) where users can input filter criteria which when applied, will automatically filter the graphs displayed to the user. For my data, there are literally tens of thousands of different...
  2. X

    Simplest way to compare tabular data for two dates (preferably using PIVOT)

    Hi. I'm looking for the simplest way to analyze data stored in a tabular format in an excel sheet and make comparisons (text as well as value fields) using dates as columns. To clarify, I have data for five days spanning over 20 different columns stored in an excel sheet. For each day, the date...
  3. E

    Is this possible? Adding equations and formulas to pivot tables

    Background: I am "analyzing" data from a large table, for simplicity, I made a dumby excel spreadsheet. My data records races and which place the runner came in. I have uploaded a photo as a visual aid. My goal: To create a pivot table the accurately returns the win rate of the race...
  4. J

    VBA Pivot Table Overlapping

    Hi, I've found the below code to display overlapping pivot tables, which will look at every pivot table in the file and then it will pop up messages where the overlapping pivot tables are. Can someone please update the code to make it so I can select the sheet that to code checks (I was...
  5. J

    FILTERS inside Pivot Table does not update when source data (incl VBA) changes

    Hi, question about pivot table FILTERS (see picture) Situation: I erased my source data and my pivotable refreshes correctly as seen in the picture. this happens automatically as I am using a little VBA code in the source data to refresh my pivot tables automatically. However, when you click...
  6. L

    IfF/AND formula for a range of cells

    Hi, I am confused as to which formula would be more appropriate for the below problem I am trying to resolve. 2020 monthly payment tab I have a list of participants who give £3 per month and can select a product. They can stop participating at any time. If product A, £1 is allocated to product...
  7. K

    We Need Only TEXT Contain, How to possible in Excel Formula ????

    All Number list is Same Len ,if Number After Single Space , We Need Only TEXT Contain ,How to possible in EXCEL formula .......
  8. K

    #How To make Hyperlink >Workbook File > Sheet 1 (Particular sheet link)

    How To make Hyperlink >Workbook File > Sheet 1 (Particular sheet link) # i try excel file create other excel file to particular sheet hyperlink making...... Pleased help me
  9. K


    How to marge 3 table into one table , because i face reference error , i tried......, pleased solving this query.... step by step.
  10. S

    RELATED, RELATEDTABLE or Measure for Power pivot

    Hi, I have 2 tables that I would like to look up the MAX date of when an item was marked down based on a specific date. The first table is OH HISTORICAL. I would like to add a column or measure to find out what the discount was on a SKU. That is on or before the DATE. So fi the item was...
  11. K

    Field List for PivotChart and PivotTable

    Is it possible to create a PivotChart and PivotTable from the same information but display different information in each? I created a pie chart based on a PivotTable for an assignment, and when I moved the fields between areas like the legend and axis in the field list, it modified both the...
  12. K

    How to count "Same Purchase item Qty total" and "minus Same Sale Qty total " ??? make report

    How to count "Same Purchase item Qty total" and "minus Same Sale Qty total " if Qty balance is "0" , not show entry in report Again.
  13. L

    Excluding a value from Pivot Table Count

    Hi - I have a pivot table where columns are counting values from the raw data. However, one of the values that is being counted is "" (aka just a blank / empty cell that is a result of a long IF statement). Is there a way to exclude this value from the count? I tried changing the formula in the...
  14. A

    Filter Excel Pivot Table based on Cell Value

    Hi, I am creating a Glossary for a table with a lot of descriptions of certain activities. I want to be able to type in a cell a value and click the comand button to filter automatically instead of in the Pivot filter. I tried with this code but keep getting an error on the highlighted code...
  15. R

    My pivot table refuses to refresh unless I do it manually

    My pivot table isn't refreshing when I tell it to. Worksheet 1 This sheet has a connection to a SharePoint list. Worksheet 2 This sheet has a table that is similar to Worksheet 1, but has additional columns for calculations. This table is then used as my source for the pivot table, which is...
  16. C

    Add PivotTable Chart using VBA

    I'm new to VBA and I dont know how to create a sub that makes a PivotTable Chart appear with a Title, Axis Title, and extended size also. Can anyone help?
  17. C

    Macro not recognising sub name

    I'm trying to write a macro to filter a pivot table based off a cell value. I've adapted the code from this SO post: How to control Excel PIVOT tables from cell values with VBA And this is mine currently Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) 'This line stops the worksheet...
  18. A

    VBA PivotTable ShowDetail writing into array

    Hello everyone, I have a PivotTable with 5 thousand rows. For each row, I need to know their detailed positions. I can use the ShowDetail method, but it's not exactly what I want. It's created a new sheet for each row. Is there a way to extract details of a row into a variable without creating...
  19. J

    Can you filter data by month between a start date/end date?

    Hi, I was given a sheet with a list of projects. It has a start date column and and end date column, and further information about the project (title, manager, budget) are in other separate columns. I have been trying to find a way to be able to select a month and year in a pivot table and have...
  20. A

    Filter Inside Pivot table data values

    Hello, @MARK858 - Is it possible for you to help me on this please. I have a Pivot table, where i need to Select Blank Column next to last row of Pivot table and Put Filter. I tried some coding but i am getting an error. Please help to rectify. Steps: 1. select Row from a Blank Column (Here it...

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