1. C

    Macro not recognising sub name

    I'm trying to write a macro to filter a pivot table based off a cell value. I've adapted the code from this SO post: How to control Excel PIVOT tables from cell values with VBA And this is mine currently Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) 'This line stops the worksheet...
  2. A

    VBA PivotTable ShowDetail writing into array

    Hello everyone, I have a PivotTable with 5 thousand rows. For each row, I need to know their detailed positions. I can use the ShowDetail method, but it's not exactly what I want. It's created a new sheet for each row. Is there a way to extract details of a row into a variable without creating...
  3. J

    Can you filter data by month between a start date/end date?

    Hi, I was given a sheet with a list of projects. It has a start date column and and end date column, and further information about the project (title, manager, budget) are in other separate columns. I have been trying to find a way to be able to select a month and year in a pivot table and have...
  4. A

    Filter Inside Pivot table data values

    Hello, @MARK858 - Is it possible for you to help me on this please. I have a Pivot table, where i need to Select Blank Column next to last row of Pivot table and Put Filter. I tried some coding but i am getting an error. Please help to rectify. Steps: 1. select Row from a Blank Column (Here it...
  5. V

    Need help with adding IF function to existing formula.

    Hi, all, I'm using: {=SUM(--LEFT(IF(A2:A18="",0,A2:A18),1))} I would like to add an IF function to this formula so it only sums the left of cells A2:A18 IF cells B2:B18 are "108". Does this make sense?
  6. D

    PivotTables - Automatically Repeat Row Line

    I have two PivotTable fields in the row section, seen below, I need the Trading Partner field to repeat next to the Transaction Set field on the entire pivot table. Below is also an example of what I am looking for. Is there a way to do this automatically so I do not have to do this by hand...
  7. S

    Need Help with pivot table and week numbers

    Hi I am trying to get pivot table to show me sales data for a particular store for a each week number of the year. I have my main data in the below format Date Month Week No Day MMM-DD Warehouse Store Sales Values 30/12/2019 Dec 1 30 Dec-30 West Shop 1 20 31/12/2019 Dec 1 31 Dec-31 West...
  8. M

    Update Source Data for Pivot Table

    Hi all! I have a workbook that contains a pivot table, a data set, and several user input pages. I have a macro that updates this data set, and the size of the set may change between each update based on user inputs elsewhere in the workbook. I would like the Pivot Table to update as well...
  9. G

    PivotChart formatting help

    Hi all, I have a fairly large dataset that is broken down as minute-by-minute data. I am plotting various charts from the PivotTable data, generally using averages. I have "Time" in the row field on my PivotTable, but when I plot a chart it gives me some strange time values along the X axis...
  10. S

    Can pivot tables in worksheet be shared in another excel workbook and changes dynamically?

    Hello all, I have a workbook with about 10 worksheets. One of the worksheets contains pivot tables and slicers. I would like to check if it is possible share/extract this worksheet with pivot tables on another excel workbook, and that changes will be updated dynamically. Reason being I would...
  11. C

    Add a column to calculate remaining budget

    I have a PivotTable that shows expenses across departments. Each department has a set budget for the entire year. In addition to the grand total that shows how much each department has spent, I would like a column that shows how much of their budget is remaining. For example, the DA department...
  12. M

    Error: 'We can't summarize this filed with Sum because it's not a supported calculation for Text data types.'

    Hey Everyone, I am trying to attach a slicer to 2 Pivot Tables based on different data sources. I am following the method as shown in this Youtube video https://youtu.be/p9VD0rsC_bk . I am using it as a guide for my own excel spreadsheet. For my own spreadsheet, I have ticked the box where it...
  13. M

    Loop through PT

    I have a PT that is created from a Power Pivot table and I want to loop through each item in the 1 column of the PT. I thought the following would workSet ptField = ptPivotTableList.PivotFields("Proper Name")but I am getting a 1004 error, Unable to get the PivotFields property of the PivotTable...
  14. M

    I can't Regenerate a Pivot Table with new data

    This is the code I'm using:Sub a_Recalc_Pivot_Table() ' Macro to recalculate Pivot Table. ' 2/7/12 Modified. WML ' ' 7/29/19 Copied from "Offfice Development Center". WML Call Initialize_Globals Data.Activate 'Determine the data range you want to pivot...
  15. P

    A PivotTable Report cannot overlap another PivotTable Report

    Hi All, I am receiving this message "A PivotTable Report cannot overlap another PivotTable Report", in a workbook of about 15 sheets or so. Usually when I have this error, I can identify where it is coming from by looking for overlapping pivot tables. I seem to have maybe identified the sheet...
  16. T

    VBA to select a date range of data return from a table

    Hi guys, I am really new to VBA so I am looking for a way to create a VBA code so that it can return results on a pivottable for me, within a certain date range, which will be determined by two cells. i.e A5 = start date A6= End date And these two would be used as references for the pivot...
  17. T

    Can I get a PivotTable calculated field that is the difference of two averages?

    Lets say i have these PovotTable fields. FieldRow, FieldData1 and FieldData2. I put FieldRow in the Row area of the PivotTable, and so data fields will be summarized for each item of FieldRow. I put FieldData1 and FieldData2 in the Data area, and set them to aggregate by Average. I would like...
  18. S

    VBA USERFORMS : Combobox values into Pivot Chart table

    Hi Friends, I have a User form with a comboBox caled "cmbpivotvalue" . When i press Submit/validate button "cmbValidate" in the userform , the values in this comboBox should go to the "VALUES" section on the PivotChartFields (please refer the screenshot) . Please help me to create code for...
  19. M

    Get only data on PivotTable

    If I double click Grand total on PivotTable I get all columns of data including those not on the PivotTable. Is there way to get the data only for dimensions that appear in the PivotTable only ? Thanks
  20. K

    Default classicview Pivottable

    Hello, Is there a way to set each new pivottables to classicview by default in Excel 2013 ? Thanks in advance.

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