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  1. R

    Power Query takes ages to load JSON data from web

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to Power Query and am having some trouble when it comes to loading times. When I refresh all data in the workbook (which is just the queries) it takes 7 minutes (I got a little frustrated and actually timed it haha) for everything to load and for me to be able to...
  2. W

    False Tie in RankX - but only when I select Customer 5!

    I tried adding a basic card to my Power BI file, and what should have taken 5 minutes has stretched to an hour and half. :mad: I have one table. It has maybe 150 unique customers and 12,000 rows with all their invoices. I made a simple RankX measure: RankX(All(Table[CustomerName]),[Total...
  3. R

    Unable to automatically pull data and perform custom modifications to a table from a query whose source is a dynamically changing link

    Hey there, I am trying to make excel get automatically get data from a link (however the link changes based on certain inputs like ticker symbol, time intervals, to/from time) instead of manually typing out the inputs into the link, putting it into power query, performing transformations, and...
  4. F

    Power BI refresh button for certain Data Tables

    I have Power BI file that has 12 data tables: 7 are only refreshed once a month but the other 5 need daily. Is there a way to create a button for just those 5 to refresh? I have been having to either refresh everything or each report individually. Due to the amount of data, doing everything...
  5. M

    Load cumulative data from Web .csv data Query to Excel table for a different Parameter Date each time

    Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well during these difficult times! I have an Excel Power Query question and I hope someone is able to help me! I created several connections in Power Query which are currently 'connections only' within Queries & Connections. All data is being imported from...
  6. K

    RELATED function send me back empty colum

    Hi Guy, This is my first time here, I would like you to help me concerning problem. Indeed I have got a cardinality One to One between two datas tables, until now everything is ok ; but when I wrote a RELATED function (Which is the same as VLOOKUP in Excel) all my entire colum is empty. If you...
  7. O

    DAX - Find max value based on another column being filtered

    Hello, I have a column of financial values and I want to find the MAX value of that column when a certain value appears in another column. I tried this but without any luck. CALCULATE( MAX('IntCustomSearchResults'[Value of Incident]...
  8. S

    Extract the values from a table based on a rule and create a new table

    Hi I am quite new to power bi and trying to learn how to use DAX and other power bi queries. I have been trying but not able to get what I want from my below query. I hope someone can help. I have same data in below 2 formats and I want the output table as below. Any data table can be used to...
  9. J

    Unable to Set Relationship with Date Table with Multiple Table in Power BI

    I have just started using Power BI. I have created below tables: 1. Date Table 2. Purchase Table 3. Sales Table 4. Purchase Return Table 5. Sales Return Table 6. Scrap Table All tables are having a field of "Date". I want relationship of Date Table with ALL other tables as "Date" field is...
  10. S

    Adopting page filters in a report for calculate DAX expressions

    Hello I am facing a problem with filters when using a calculate function. To paraphrase an example, say I have a table of sales with a date and a sale method of either internet or store. In a second table, I would like to create a monthly summary of the number of sales - so I create a date...
  11. R

    Different sources of sales data

    Running into some issues creating a sales report in Power BI. My company has a 13 period year with 28 days per period. I have managed to figure this out with a custom calendar and can get current/prior year sales by period. The next issue I have is our multiple data sources. Our day to day sales...
  12. M

    Slow refresh

    Hi, I am beginning in power Query in Excel. I have a general issue is the speed of refresh. I have something very basic code like : Source1 = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="tblprofit"]}[Content], #"Filtered Rows1" = Table.SelectRows(Source1, each ([Sales organisation] <> null) and...
  13. H

    Pivot Challenge - (column repeat itself for each month)

    Data Set Proj ID Cont Value Estimation sales cost gp Month 1 250000 200000 50000 40000 10000 Apr 1 250000 200000 62500 50000 12500 May 1 250000 200000 75000 60000 15000 June...
  14. K

    How best to synch data model among Excel, Power BI Desktop, and Server

    I need advice on the best general approach to creating, maintaining, and synchronizing a shared data model across multiple platforms: Excel with Power Pivot/Query, Power BI, and Power BI Desktop. Most source data are from an ERP cloud (CostPoint), so much of the model is implicitly defined...
  15. F

    Power BI Help - Top 2 Box

    Issue: I have data that represents Survey's that I need to calculate in a Top 2 Box fashion for Power BI. I'm new to this and really trying to move towards this. Appreciate any help Example: Scale of 1 to 5, only scores that matter are 4 and 5's. So if I have 10 scores: 1 = 2, 2=1, 3=1, 4=2...
  16. L

    Create column with conditional

    I everyone, im new in power bi / power query and I need to know how to create a column in a table IF the value of a specific column is between a range of one of two different column values. Something like: create a column 4 where the value is the same as the value in column 1 IF this value is +...
  17. L

    Conditional Merge

    Good evening everyone, I had a question ... btw, excuse my bad english: I have a couple of tables, CONTRIBUTION and BILLING, which have an "ID" field with which I relate them (the relationship between the tables is * (CONTRIBUTION) -> 1 (BILLING)), as well as a CONSUMPTION (numeric) field , a...
  18. I

    Enable filters to affect a cumulative measure

    Hi, I've created various measures to help try and show a baseline plan of implementation versus actual, which works as expected when there's no filters applied. However, when I apply a filter, none of the measures update and instead continue to show the full, 'unfiltered', values. I have tried...
  19. S

    DAX Countrow Filter Userelationship not working together

    Does anyone know why the DAX below is not working? Do I have it in the wrong order? BTS Actual = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Schedule','Schedule'[Actual Count]), FILTER('Schedule','Schedule'[WO Type]="BTS") USERELATIONSHIP('Calendar'[Date],'Schedule'[Actual date performed])) Power BI just keeps...
  20. L

    How do i create this DAX table in Power Query

    I every one, i have a problem... I have created a table in dax, like this NISCountLT2 = SUMMARIZECOLUMNS(LT2[ID]; "Total"; COUNT(LT2[ID])) to count repeated IDs then i use this code to create a column with ranges for the report Bucket Range = SWITCH( TRUE(); NISCountLT2[Total]=1;"1"...

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