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  1. U

    Dax Code to divide each data with Earliest date's data in a dataset based on condition

    Hi , I want to write code in powerBI to replicate the data in column "Ratio" attached in excel. Divide column [Amount] with data present in the Earliest date in the dataset(02/01/2019- for Kum; 01/01/2019-for Ud)
  2. R

    Custom tooltip only showing one bar data

    Hi, I have created a custom tooltip in PowerBi to show additional data on stacked column chart, however when hovering over the chart (regardless top or bottom bar), it only shows data for the bottom bar. Does anyone know, how do I show data for both bars separately?
  3. C

    Visual Table Totals are Incorrect

    The automated totals in the report visual table are incorrect. How do I fix this? Additionally, is there a way that I could substitute the automated totals row with my own measure? Picture of Table
  4. C

    Can I import an Excel Pivot table into Power BI?

    Hi and thanks in advance for any guidance on this. How can one export a dynamic (I can get static pivot tables) pivot table to Power BI from Excel? I exported two columns of data, summarized them with Excel to see what I was looking at, using groupings that are difficult to emulate in Power...
  5. C

    How do I insert a single value from a table filtered by the user into a measure?

    I'm trying to find out how to get the average output value that is specific to a unit, tractor, department, and model, into a measure, and then multiply it by a hard-coded number. The relationship between these factors is seen in the Data Table photo. The average output value changes based off...
  6. E

    Power Bi Switch True Function

    HI I'm using the SWITCH/TRUE function to create a Yes /No return on a column that is generating the number of months between to date. The issue is where between some on the date the number of months is 0 (zero) and some are blank. I can see from filtering the column there are 393 zero's that...
  7. vds1

    Calculate SLOPE value in PowerBI for given x and y values

    Hello, Thank you for looking into my question. I have series of x_value and y_value. I am looking for excel equivalent SLOPE function in PowerBI. Can you please help me with measure to calculate SLOPE for below data points? Expected Output SLOPE (m) = 1.34556304295796 y_value x_value...
  8. A

    can I author and or /publish paginated-reports into Power BI Service using Power BI pro license or do I need to have Power BI Premium Capacity license

    Hello There, I have couple of concerns if you could help me understand? 1. I am trying to understand the pricing Vs features available; the feature ‘Paginated (RDL) reports’ is not available under Poewr BI Pro. I am not quite sure what this feature mean? Is it about the ability to create...
  9. G

    Power BI - Changing Value For Reports Based on Month/Year

    Hi Everyone, In example below we see John Doe recently changed managers. We know John changed managers on March 1st of this year. Normally the easiest way to input this change would be to simply go into our excel file that is being used as the source for the dataflow and change the manager’s...
  10. Jyggalag

    Making a frontpage in Power BI?

    Dear all, I am completely, absolutely 100% new at Power BI. This is my first official day, so please bear with me :) I currently have the following Dashboard: Now, if I insert an image I can get it it to fill all of the screen except for below the dotted line (my red arrow is pointing at...
  11. S

    BI Will Not Apply Query Changes

    I have run into an issue when attempting to update and add new queries in BI. When adding a SQL query with no additional steps, the preview runs, but when I go to apply it, it doesn't do the query type selection and then doesn't apply the changes. It still notifies me that here are changes to...
  12. L

    Power BI -Proportion of overall criteria * Average

    Good Afternoon I need help to work out how to show the proportion of days taken per category. I have posted how this looks in Excel however I am struggling to create a Measure in Power BI to replicate it. My data is in one large table, called Sheet 1! The example below: first 2 columns are...
  13. T

    Bar chart - cluster x-axis and show bars for each cluster

    I am trying to create a bar chart with below clusters. Blue = 2020 Orange 2021 The data comes from Excel: Year 0-100.000 100.000-500.000 500.000-1.000.000 >1.000.000 2020 37,13% 40,0% 33,33% 33,33 2021 47,45% 36,41% 29,27% 20,59 So far I have done this: Step 1: Query Editor Step...
  14. T

    Compare to columns and count how many values are not the same

    I am looking for a way to count how many values on Visits[Regarding Account] ARE NOT on Accounts[Account Name]. In below example the result should be 2 (C and E). The data is two columns in two different tables. Visits[Regarding Account] Accounts[Account Name] A A A B A C B D...
  15. P

    Power Pivot - calculated column in Pivot Table

    I tried to have calculations of difference between two months in two years in the pivot table from power pivot. I've done some research but couldn't find a way to solve my purpose. Unfortunately, the Power BI is not available only Power Pivot and Power Query. I remember previously in Pivot...
  16. S

    Date Slider, Advanced Requirement, Question & Advice

    Hi, I have a bookmark that pops out for filtering a report. I already had a filter in there for a Relative Date field for Next 2 days, the reason being, this field filters the report for the current day at all times as our client works around the clock. There is a now a requirement by the...
  17. C

    Power BI - Duplicate rows and re-label with unique identifier

    Hi there, I am struggling with a data issue and want to find a way to clean up using Power BI. My data looks like this: ID Number # of Products Classification 12345 1 Tools 12346 2 Manufacturing 12347 1 Hardware You'll notice that the ID number 12346 has 2 in the second column. My...
  18. A

    Automate history

    Hi. Is it possible to make Power BI, every week, save data in a table, in order to create a weekly history? Thank you, Afonso Mira
  19. S

    Need help on power Query split to column function

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a split to column function which splits the value in multiple value on occurrence of starting with numbers i.e numbers between 0-9. For example, i have a data like following column Column 1 1 07-Feb-2020 1,275 194H - Commission / Brokerage I am looking...
  20. R

    Power Query takes ages to load JSON data from web

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to Power Query and am having some trouble when it comes to loading times. When I refresh all data in the workbook (which is just the queries) it takes 7 minutes (I got a little frustrated and actually timed it haha) for everything to load and for me to be able to...

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