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    Dynamic ranking but always including certain a product

    Hi, I've managed to make a dynamic ranking with a custom TopN filter, output is a table with brands ranked by TopN filter and the rest is always summed up by a total under "Others". This is because there are several subcategories. So within a subcategory the dynamic filter is working on...
  2. N

    Formatting a blank cell

    Help! I’m looking make a formula/conditional formatting to highlight a blank cell if there is data in the cell before or after. I must select hundreds of blank cells, so it doesn’t help when they all highlight. thank you!
  3. T

    LTM revenue calculated with DATESINPERIOD

    Hi guys, I have a rolling calendar in PowerBI combined wih Transaction data. I have created a measure calculating LTM revenue: Revenue Netto LTM = CALCULATE([Revenue_Netto],DATESINPERIOD(Dates_Lookup[Date],MAX(Dates_Lookup[Date]),-12,MONTH)) The calculation is not very accurate though and I...
  4. S

    Dashboard Bookmark and Dax Help

    Hi I am building a dashboard for survey data and for reasons I am not quite sure I am running into a couple of problems. I have five questions that I want to focus on. My dashboard looks like so: 1) I wrapped the text box at the top with a blank box that i removed the borders. When I...
  5. E

    How can I import SharePoint list version data into Power BI

    Hello, I have data on about 100 companies that is fed by a SharePoint list that has versions turned on. Over time, the SharePoint list is updated with new information. For example, as the number of employees changes, it gets updated. What I'd like to do is add a date slicer so a user can...
  6. J

    Need Assistance - VBA Macro So Slow - Moving to Query & PowerBI

    Hello, Looking for some guidance as I am a complete newb when it comes to PowerBI and Power Query..... Here is my dilemma I have a workbook that has 50 (US states) sheets plus 4 summary sheets I have written (with the help from Joe & Fluff) VBA macro that goes and looks at the cell color If...
  7. A

    Incremental subtract measure based on ranking

    I'm trying to create a measure which will incrementally subtract demand from supply based on rank. The ranks are already assigned and exist in the data (e.g., 0-100). Is there a way to do that in Power BI? My target end state is a matrix visual that shows each product and it's rank on the...
  8. N

    Change value if yearend date

    My organization has a report of the cumulative net income for each quarter for each year. I need produce a report in Power BI that pulls the quarterly net income rather than the cumulative net income. I currently have three DAX measures, one that pulls the current cumulative net income, a...
  9. D

    Power Bi Variables

    Hi, in power pivot I can declare a variable ; VAR name = TableName[Column Name] But when I've tried doing this in power bi I am unable to do this, e.g in the measure below I wanted to put a variable for a Table Column but am unable to do this, , can anyone explain why and who to get around...
  10. D

    DAX Date tables in power pivot and power bi

    Hi, Can someone tell me if Powe pivot and Power Bi work differently in relation to date / Calendar Tables, So if I have a meaure ; SUM(TslaesTable[Sales} ) and I use this in a pivot table which is just has Dates in the Rows, if i use the dates from the sales table I get what I would...
  11. D

    [PQ/Power BI] - Assigning a phase from another queries date range

    I have two queries where i can merge them with the "ID". The phase query has the phase ID, and the phase start and end date. The other query has hour values and a date value, and i want to add a column to this query with the Phase name, depending on which phase date range the date value is in...
  12. U

    scatter chart with dates and intervals

    Hi I have a table like this: I would like to convert it to scatter chart like this: I use Power BI, and put dates on x Axis and time on values or Legend. It always shows errors. I tried to put interval on y Axis, but it wouldn't move. can someone teach me how to create this chart? Thanks,
  13. D

    Power Bi matrix Date filtered down when measure dropped in

    Hi, This is going to be a bit vague, I had a matrix containing Month and date from 'calendar table' and when I dropped the total sales measure into value it was flited down to one row showing the grand total. I tried to replicate the situation but haven't been able to do so. I'd copied the...
  14. M

    Measure needed to return last salesperson to have dealt with a customer

    a task I've been set as part of a PowerPivot creation 1.Enter the last rep to have sold to the customer URN on the query tab of the PowerPivot. Now there's no query tab for me on powerpivot and as far as i'm aware query was part of a ribbon thats now get and transform which has nothing to do...
  15. D

    DAX calendar in pbi

    Is there a way of putting the date column into a matrix that is not a hierarchy, I can do this using the date column from the fact table, but would prefer to use calendar table as I've gone to the trouble of making it, essentially the left , which uses the calendar table to look a bit more like...
  16. D

    Power Bi Running total ; put in blank rather than repeat final figure.

    Hi, I have a running total in power bi, one using the date column of 'sales' and the other using the Calendar table, I'd like to use the calendar table but because it has every date I get date repeated where there is no current data, I'd like the matrix on the right to filter down to just...
  17. T

    Make shapes in a filled map?

    Hi. Hope someone can tell if this is possible in Power BI. I like to make a map as illustrated (see attached picture) - either as a map or satellite. It´s important that I can see where the green shapes is located (city/roads) Is it possible to make shapes like this in Power BI? I thought...
  18. W

    Pull API data using WebApi with PowerQuery in PowerBi

    I'm trying below power query to pull data from WebApi but it's throwing error. It's working fine in Postman. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Body= [ #"apiKey"= "<ApiKey>" ], webdata = Web.Contents("https://api.website.com/api/Profile/GetAllProfiles"...
  19. D

    loading PBi into power query

    Hi, I had a PBi file to which I had added a couple of columns (in pbi) , but wanted to play around with the formula so thought i'd make a copy using power query, I selected 'transform data' but the file opened up as it originally was no added columns, I'd asso created a table which didn't show...
  20. D

    multiple share prices

    Please help for the code I wrote to download Multiple Stock Prices at once. Ringing for Single Share. However, it is not working for many shares. One Stock working: One_Stock.xlsx dosyasını indir - download Multiple Stock Not working...

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