1. S

    How to hide VBA Code on a Protected Sheet?

    I am using code to add a double line that requires me to set the same password as the password to protect the sheet. And I don't want someone to be able to view the code on my protected sheet. How do I do this? Also, I don't want to hide the sheet, just protect it. Here is the code, if needed...
  2. L

    Password Protect Tabs (or only able to view a certain tab)

    Hello all! New user to Excel (previously Google Sheets). First of all, I have tried to check other posts that are similar and google, but don't think I have found exactly what I am looking for as each seem different. I currently have a spreadsheet to review Pay Rises, Overtime etc. I have...
  3. S

    unshare excel workbooks Anonymous persons

    This is my first Post/question. I've a workbook and lets say I shared the same with group of 30 more people. I want the workbook to be accessed by only the group of 30 people. If the same excel shared out of the group, it should not be accessible. Else, I want the workbook to be accessed by...
  4. s_macloskey

    Add +1 to a cell value (plus complications!)

    Good morning all, I have another VBA/AcitveX/Button query that I hope someone can help me to solve! Also please forgive me as I don't 100% know the QUESTION I am asking, I just know the result I am after. (I have also have to redact some of the information becuase of where I work.) Context...
  5. s_macloskey

    Protect/Unprotect worksheet VBA BUTTON?

    Hello all, context: I have created an employee holiday/leave sheet on (we use Excel 365) I have made a sheet for each month and they require 'protecting' and 'unprotecting' seperately/individually - with a password query: My team is not so computer literate so, I need to create an easy to...
  6. A

    ActiveWorkbook.Protect issues/questions

    Part of my Macro is protecting my workbook. If I run the same macro, with the workbook protected, it will unprotect my workbook even though there is nothing in the code telling it to do so. Is this a common thing with protecting workbooks in VBA? Below is a sampling of the my code...
  7. O

    Hosting a password protected excel sheet online

    For this game I play I've made an excel workbook to simulate ingame battles. It works quite neatly, and I would like to share it with my team. However, I would prefer to be the only one to have this workbook hence when someone leaves the team I'd like to retract access. Is there some way to...
  8. D

    Tipping Competition

    Hi, I am creating a 'Tipping Competition' and I want to make the Worksheets so that after a certain time nothing can be edited by Tipsters. I have managed to hide the Ribbon (so they can't unprotect the Sheet) and I can lock and protect the Sheets as needed. What I can't do is work out how to...
  9. G

    protecting newly created worksheet only

    I have a vba which creates a new worksheets whose name is dependant on a cell value. At the same time it also created a PDF file of the same sheet. What I want it to do is also protect the newly created worksheet only. I have tried a few things to no avail. This is what I have so far Sub...
  10. W

    How can I fetch a web site in VBA without using IE? I now use IE & MSXML... to do fetches.

    Chase Credit Card issued this announcement: Please update your browser.We'll stop supporting Internet Explorer® soon. Choosing another browser will also help protect your accounts and provide a better experience. Update your browser I would prefer to use Chrome ver. 77. Any advice?
  11. B

    Experience of XLS Padlock

    Hi Is There anyone with experience of the software XLS Padlock (copy protect ). I am looking for a good way to copy protect my worksheet. Or is there any other software to use. Best regards Bengt
  12. B

    XLS Padlock user?

    Hi Is there anybody out there who have tried XLS Padlock software to copy protect a Excel workbook.
  13. M

    Best way to protect VBA code?

    Hey everyone. I'm getting close to being finished with a Macro-Enabled Excel workbook I've been working on for a while now. I plan to release it publicly, but do not want anyone to be able to see my VBA code. I know I can password protect it, but I've read that it's fairly easy for someone to...
  14. L

    do you want to protect workbooks? yes/no (vba)

    Hi I know how to protect workbook in vba using workbooks(1).protect workbooks(1).unprotect What I want to do is to ask user this question: do you want to protect workbooks? yes/no If user say yes then I do wrokbooks(1).protect If user say no then I do workbooks(1).unprotect Any idea how...
  15. P

    How to protect a workbook in windows

    I know how to protect a worksheet in a macro and also protect a workbook in a macro. But I don't know if it is possible to protect a workbook in windows. Let me explain. When I open up say drive F:\... on my flashcard, I see my workbook which I will call book1.xlsm. I want to be the only...
  16. B

    Protect Three Columns

    Hello, I would like to protect 3 columns using VBA. Protection should go as long as there is data. I measure the end of my data in column A and to find the last row I use: LastRow = ws.Cells(ws.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row Now, to protect 3 columns I used this code, but it doesn't work...
  17. E

    Code not working

    Hi, I want my excel to hide and unhide a row when i select an option from my drop-down list but it is not working. My excel sheet needs to be protected and certain areas need to be locked including part of the row. Here is the code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If...
  18. E

    Protecting a Sheet

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet with macros that I wrote. I have to give it to some colleagues and need to protect the sheet. When I protect it normally it makes the code not work. Has anyone protected a macro enabled worksheet? Thanks
  19. L

    Tabbing Between Unprotected Cells Is Interrupted in a Protected Sheet

    I've used Excel for years, but have never run into this situation. I have an Excel spreadsheet I've created for my fellow workers to use to select items and then the sheet will do the calculations. All of my formula cells are protected, and the "fill in the blanks" cells are unprotected. I've...
  20. B

    Protect/Unprotect all tabs with set password

    Good day all. I have a spreadsheet with 80 (and growing) tabs. When this file is distributed, I would like all tabs to be protected with a password. I have VBA which does this: Dim wSheet As Worksheet Dim Pwd As String Pwd = InputBox("Enter your password to...

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