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    VBA to create sheets from a template based off a list in the master sheet not working when protected

    I am a bit new to VBA still, I got this code from another post on this forum but its a bit old and hasn't had a reply for 3 years. I am running into a problem, I have the sheet protected and a button to run the code. when the sheet it protected I get an error saying it cant be run on a...
  2. R

    Help with auto Hide/Unhide rows without rerunning VBA

    Hello, my name is Ryan, I've been using different codes to accomplish hiding rows on my sheet, which work but as I go along, and the cell changes it does not unhide rows like I thought it would. I have a safety meeting data on a spreadsheet, one sheet (Safety Meeting 101) is an interactive...
  3. A

    Allow Edit Cells in a Protected Document

    I have a macro I'm running that allows you to insert a new row and copy formulas by double clicking any cell. I've tried running the below code to allow my macro to run on a locked document, which it does...but the cells I had locked using the "Format Cells" are still editable. How am I able to...
  4. N

    Can’t Set Minimum Scale of a Chart when Worksheet is Protected

    I have a macro in a protected worksheet that performs some calculations and updates a chart when the worksheet is activated by clicking on its tab. Within this macro, I set the minimum value of the chart's X-axis using the following command: ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart...
  5. 3

    VBA using Active X Checkbox to hide rows on another sheet not working when the sheet is protected.

    Hello, so I have a VBA on a dashboard of sorts sheet that contains a bunch of checkboxes that when checked unhide rows on another sheet. The code I'm using for this: Private Sub CheckBox6_Click() ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Filament Data Sheet").Rows("3:14").EntireRow.Hidden = Not CheckBox6 End...
  6. E

    Creating a new workbook with VBA including VBA

    Hi All, I am using at the moment a VBA code to create a new workbook. It´s financial data and therefore I want to use the group function to show detail in my totals. Next, i want to protect the two newly created sheets and save it as a new workbook. So everything works fine till this point, but...
  7. 1

    Excel table not expanding with new data

    Hi, I created a table in Excel that was working perfectly for other users to enter data. Now it is no longer expanding automatically when new data is entered in the next available row. I have tried everything including checking the auto format as you type in options (it's Excel 2010). I had the...
  8. N

    Sort and Filter on Locked Cells

    Hi, I have a worksheet that I would like users to be able to sort and filter the contents of, but half of the columns are formulas that I would like to keep locked and half are open for editing. When I have the cells with formula 'locked' (via formatting the cells) the sort function doesnt...
  9. I

    Spell check either Active X text box, text box or merged cells in excel 2016

    I hope someone can help me. I have a protected workbook with protected work sheets (2016). I built the spreadsheet with merged cells for user comments, but have now been asked to allow spell check in the comments field. In the example below I would need a text box/merged cell from b2:e3 (with...
  10. M

    Getting Data From Last Years Accounts Workbook

    Hello all, I have had some great tips etc. from you Excel Experts and am hoping for more. You recently solved my 'INDIRECT' question which works well but now I am looking to copy 'cars in stock' data from a sheet in last years workbook into a stock book sheet in this years workbook. I would...
  11. P

    Select unlocked cells in a protected sheet.

    Me again. A slightly more challenging one this time. I have a worksheet with multiple formula some on hidden rows, all nicely laid out and formatted to make an easy to use standard report. I have the sheet protected from accidental editing by well meaning colleagues. All good! I want to...
  12. N

    VBA- Filter on Multiple Drop Down on Protected sheet

    Hello, I am having a difficult time with a VBA code for allowing filtering capabilities on a protected sheet with multiple drop down. The sheet itself allows users to select multiple items from drop downs on columns 12-16; however, users have been unable to use basic filtering, sorting, and...
  13. G

    Select Quarter for COUNTIFS

    My database has a column for initial date from which Iidentify the YEAR and QUARTER. I use the COUNTIFS function where one criteriais QUARTER and the range is 3 for Q3. IfI want to look at the data for another QUARTER like Q1 to Q3, I have to changethe range to =<3. The report has over30...
  14. A

    how to insert row and copy down formula in a Protected Sheet

    Hi, first post on here so please excuse! I am, and have been for quite some time, trying to set up a spreadsheet to be used by a wide range of users (many with very little excel knowledge) which has a great deal of code and formula within it. I have therefore password protected the sheet to...
  15. O

    Disabeling/enabeling pages protected workbook

    HelloHi allNew on the forum here. Looking forward to being part of the community. I have a problem that I have been struggeling with for some time. I have a proteced workbook consisting of 1 sheet and 4 pages in that sheet. The problem is;The users using the sheet may only need page 1 and 4 so...
  16. A

    Macro allowing both column grouping and row hide/unhide functionality in a protected sheet

    I've been struggling to find a macro code that allows both column grouping and row formatting (hide/unhide in my case) in a password protected sheet. The macros that I've used to allow column grouping work for that purpose, but then seem to disable the ability to allow row/column formatting when...
  17. V

    Excel 2010 - Collapse/Expand cell when Sheet is Protected

    Is there a way to allow a sheet to Collapse or Expand Rows when the page is protected? Apparently selecting Format Column/Rows in the check boxes does not allow this once the page is protected. I have a gorup of protected cells on the page, but need to allow the users to group collapse or...
  18. D

    Excel VBA hide rows from range with value at multiple protected sheets

    I have tried finding code for hiding rows from range with value criteria, with applying it to multiple protected sheets. Could someone help build the right code.Original code as following (i'll explain what i would need after the code): Sub CreatePDF_ERIKHONOKRISSEPETE() sheetname =...
  19. A

    Unhide multiple groups of rows, one group at a time

    I am attempting to use one macro to unhide a select group of rows in a locked worksheet. I have a VBA code but it only unhides 1 row at a time, and the one who wrote it isn't around to fix it. I am looking to make 1 button that when clicked, will unhide rows 110:130, then if pressed again will...
  20. B

    Protected Sheet Hacked

    I have a program that depends on VBA and cell formulas that I send to customers for projections. We do not want them to have access to either the formulas or the VBA. I feel the VBA is safe (enough) with password protection. However, even with sheet protection, one of our customers sent back a...

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