1. L

    Move the file

    Sir I have to move the file from one place to another i need the vba to do this i will put the location of that file in the vba code where it is located and where we have to move i will put that in the vba code so plz guide
  2. I

    VLOOKUP based on drop down list

    Hi, I need to select a value from my drop down list and the code will look at three values in a database then put them in three next to where the drop down list is. Here is the info for you. Worksheet is called TEST Drop down list is in column B Cells awaiting data are in column C, D, E Table...
  3. H

    Sum the same cell in all worksheets

    Hi is there a way besides using .Formula to say sum all the B6's on the worksheets in a workbook expect for sheet1, and put the results in B6 on sheet1?
  4. H

    put results on worksheets in another workbook

    I'm using this code to count items on each worksheet in workbook 1. How do alter the code so that this part (ws.Range("C1").Value = cnt) is put into a different workbook? both workbooks have the same sheet names, if that helps. Thanks! Dim ws As Worksheet With Sheet1 Dim x As Long x...
  5. M

    check the checkbox on user form based on cell value

    I am still struggling with trying got do this. When I activate my userform, if a cell on the worksheet has a value greater than 0 I wan the checkbox to be checked. Currently if checked when unloading it runs a macro and put data in the cell if it is checked. However if you don't recheck it the...
  6. H

    Count totals from one sheet and put on another

    Hi - I don't have any code for this because i'm not sure where to start. On Workbook1.Sheet1 is a lot of data from column A:O. Workbook2 has sheets with names that correspond to column O on Workbook1.Sheet1. I would like to put the date the procedure is run in column A of each corresponding...
  7. L

    Pull the highest values (with other data) from multiple sheets into 1

    Didn't quite know how to word the title... I keep a spreadsheet of music, albums that have come out every year going back to the 70's. As I listen, i score them. One sheet for each year, column A is the artist, B is the title, C is the score. I'd like to put a worksheet in front of all the...
  8. D

    Using If, Left and Or Functions

    Hello, I'm trying to get a formula with multiple conditions to work and am having a hard time. Basically: If A1 starts with "ABCD" OR "EFGH", put the value (say, $10) of B1 into cell C1. If A1 starts with anything else, put a zero in cell C1. I've tried combining If, Left and Or but I must be...
  9. E

    Index-Match Array Formula

    Hello, Can you help me with this, I need to put in the result the max "320" https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing
  10. S

    Keep cells together when printing

    Hi all I've created the this spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9nykdyne8p04ku/Executive%20PA%20Diploma.xlsx?dl=0 but I need to stop cells relating to the same course from being split when I print the document. I was going to put additional rows between the courses but this...
  11. K

    COUNTIF Not Blank Help

    Hello, I am trying to count cells if they are not blank without including extra rows or columns to do so. I know how to represent if a cell is not blank but I do not know how to count them. Example: In the grid below A1 has my header and A2-A5 has a 1 or it doesnt. B1 has my header and B2-B5...
  12. L

    Where is the Default location for template?

    Hi I am using Windows 10 with Office 2010 I want Excel to open to macro enabled template but where to put? Thanks
  13. A

    Put a value to a cell only if two values of two other columns are the same

    Hello everyone, i tried to search and find what I am looking for but with no success probably because I cannot describe it very well. I will try to explain what I need with a picture. Thanks for your assistance in advance.
  14. S

    Tried the following formula with Absolute referencein VBA but get Application Defined Error

    Hello I put the following formula in cell CE3 how to replica in VBA. as i get Appln. Defined Error with Ws .Range("CE3").Formula = "=if(" & "BE3<(R[-2]C[-82]" & "," & "BF3" & "," & "0" & ")" End with i could not move further because of error Regards Samd
  15. C

    dashes needed excel 2016

    i need 00901002409 as 009-01-002-409 with the preceding 0's when i try <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3986;width:82pt" width="109"> <col style="width:48pt" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> 00901001120 =TEXT(G4,"???-??-???-???") 00901001122...
  16. L

    I have user form problem

    I put name of them user form name.show will not open the form ty Thomas
  17. S

    VBA active x text box

    Wondering if anyone can help. I want to create a user form with two active x text boxes. In box one you put a number and the second box uses a formula to change the number and display the result. For example put 2 in box one and it shows 100 in box 2. There are many other boxes on the form but...
  18. C

    Splitting commission

    <tbody> <tbody> M N O P Q R S I put staff no. in here I have a formula in here when it generates sales person name after entering her staff no. in column M - formula is =INDEX('Staff info'!$a$3:$a$22,match($Q2,'Staff Info'!$G$3:$G$22,0)) Formula in here for single sales...
  19. L

    VBA to get name, date and GPS data from pictures in a folder

    I have looked and can't fine code to do this, I have a folder with pictures in it and I would like to put the names of each picture in the folder in column A, date taken in column B and if the pictures have GPS data for them put the latitude in column C and the longitude in column D, can this...
  20. K

    Moving Cell Value

    So let me explain. I have a table with months along the top row, a product in cell A2, and each month I have new data Jan = 20% Feb = 30% Mar = 40% Apr = 32% etc I have a different cell on another worksheet in the workbook that I want to automatically put in the latest value in the year...

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