Formula to auto fill a name

    I am reposting an old post in which I tried to use but does not work am I doing something wrong. below is the original post: ----------------------- Here is a Vba solution: If you will be entering all your values in column "A" for example use this: Put a list of your shortened values like...
  2. V

    Put Two values into Clipboard with VBA

    I need to put value of 2 cells saying cell 'A1" and 'A2' into window's clipboard to use for other purpose Dim obj as DataObject Obj.SetText range("A1") Obj.PutInClipboard Obj.SetText left(range("A2"),4) Obj.PutInClipboard When i run code (f5), then opened window's clipboard, it only saved the...
  3. D

    if no formula in a cell

    When a button is pressed, if there is no formula in a given cell, I want to put a formula in a the cell. What is the vba for this?
  4. H

    On Error Select Row

    Hi - I have code that pulls data from one sheet and puts it into another. It matches certain values to determine which row to put the data, however sometimes the values won't match exactly and it errors out. Is there a way to put code in that says on error ask user to select row? thanks!
  5. T

    hide sheets

    is there a way to once you put a sheet under Hide have it only viewable to admin users. or put a password on that sheet so one other then yourself or selected few can view it?
  6. Ramballah

    Extract information out of a cell.

    Well hello everyone... I have posted this before, but since i got no replies or help, i thought i would repost it and ask it a bit differently or something. So i have an sheet where i want to keep track of my coinflips.. But to make life easy i want to just write down simple things and then...
  7. I

    Best formula? VLOOKUP, Index Match?

    Hi, Can someone help me I have 2 sheets (Sheet 1, Sheet 2) On Sheet 1 I have a list of numbers in Column A (A8:A47) that are also on sheet 2 column A (A2:A93), where they match up I would like to return the value from Sheet 2 which is in column F and put it in Sheet 1 Column F! Whats the best...
  8. K

    Put Two Worksheet_Change in one Sheet

    Hi all, Please Help Me to Put this two Worksheet_Change To one Sheet: - First one: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) On Error Resume Next If Not Intersect(Target, Range("R6:R1000000")) Is Nothing Then Hyperlinks.Add anchor:=Target, Address:=Target.Value...
  9. M

    How do I copy JUST a condition format?

    I have an excel worksheet which column "K" is where i put a value in cells K19 down to K200. every cell in K19 through K200 is summing up the total values in its individual row..meaning the formula in cell K19 is SUM=(O19:NQ19) I put a "conditional format" in K19 that basically states: if the...
  10. gheyman

    ACCESS: I dont see my fields on my form

    I created a Split form. Used the wizard. It put my fields in the detail section - which I can see all of them and edit them when in Design view. But when I go to Form view there I don't see my fields. I see them in the datasheet section on the bottom and I see the buttons I put in the form...
  11. C

    Macro/Functional formula

    I have a 4 page spread sheet, 1 of the pages is just raw data, another is a page that when I put in certain results, gives me an outcome, I'm looking to then have a 3rd sheet that will put the data from the first sheet into a form I can print. I can't seem to use any formula's as there is a lot...
  12. T

    IF Formula

    Hi, just trying to create an IF formula, I want to say ' if R3 = M, V3 is 2.5, R3 = Q, V3 is 7.5, R3=S, V3 is 15 and R3 = A, V3 is 30 How do I put this in an IF formula =IF(R3=M, V3, "2.5", R3=Q, V3, "7.5", R3=S, V3, "15", R3=A, V3, "30")
  13. D

    Large/Countif Not Giving Me The Correct K

    Need excel gurus to help spot what's going on here. I have a named range that has a value for each of 10 periods. I'm using a Large/Countif formula to identify from other IF statement criteria, which period in named range would be captured for the table I have the formula in. My forumla works...
  14. W

    Password Protected Worksheet without Password

    I just put in VBA for 'ThisWorkbook: Private Sub Workbook_Open() OpenWHSE.Show Sheet2.Protect Password:=True, UserinterfaceOnly:=False End Sub After running it, it protected the stuff I want. I want to do some more editing and go to unprotect, and says I didn't put in the correct...
  15. W

    one Column with 6000 rows convert into 6 columns into 1000 rows based on conditions

    Hello Team Here is the example <tbody> # 1 1 CREATE POINT 744STEAM:FA0032.PNT 1 PUT POINT 744STEAM:FA0032.PNT TYPE FLOAT DESC = "4 RECOVERY MCR" AUDITUPD = NO COLLECTOR = srhc03 # 2 1 CREATE POINT 735WLCLF01:FY0046B.RO01 1 PUT POINT...
  16. M

    VBA to put a calculated value into another cell as a static value once per day upon opening file.

    I have a calculated field that averages a range of data based on certain conditions. I need a record of this dynamic value to be captured once a day or week, doesn't really matter, when the spreadsheet is opened. My dynamic calulated cell is O4 and the place I want to put is in a table...
  17. D

    Rearange structure chart for better display

    Dear all, I try to find a way to rearrange a structure chart Here the current image I get https://www.dropbox.com/s/25sxfbbhv1vb9pj/CUURENT%20DIISPLAY.png?dl=0 Here what I would like https://www.dropbox.com/s/pquidh4eul69mi2/Rearrange%20structure%20chart.png?dl=0 Sheet 1, In the range A2...
  18. E

    Why this simple IF function does not work?

    Hello In C6 I put 3. In C15 I put: =IF($C$14:C14<=C6,0) However the C15 says FALSE iinstead of 0! Why that? It's so confusing!
  19. A

    Number Value Put Into Cell Not Accepting Format

    I am trying to put a number value converted from a text value (Me.empl_no2.Value) into a cell with the format of "00000" with this line of code ... .Cells(lr_orp, 22) = Format(CLng(Me.empl_no2.Value), "00000") All I am getting in the cell is '0', not '00000'. Where have I gone wrong.
  20. P

    Fill column with "X" based of on value of another cell

    Need help on creating a macro for this scenario, I hope this to automatically run as I change value. If I enter 5 on C2 the macro should put "X" on D2:H2 If I enter 3 on H3 the macro should put "X" on I3:K3 This i currently what I have but it is hanging for some reason. Private Sub...

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