1. D

    Measure variance over week period

    Im having a lot of trouble working with this formula, what im trying to get is, if the week number is even, then get the difference compared with two weeks ago (current- twoweek), else (current 53-previous 52), the thing is with other measures works perfect, but with this particular measure is...
  2. A

    Insert Row based on Cell contents and copy data from Row above and paste data from another tab

    Bit of a complicated one here, i will try to explain best as i can Main Sheet Day Route Reference Shift Start Depot Name Customer ID Customer Name Customer Address Postcode Arrival Time Depart Time Product Name Call Type Order Details 1 Tue 100/011 08:19 PPARK DEPOT 08:51 09:21 C...
  3. D

    Macro inserts column in wrong place

    Hello, I usually code macro's in Excel but I need the process automated. I tried to record a macro but for some reason it goes horribly wrong. This is what I want it to do (and what I recorded): - Insert a column in a table - Do a VLOOKUP - Do this for all remaining rows When I recorded the...
  4. C

    Beginner Question - Sheets I'm editing become inactive until I click another sheet or workbook (Intermittent)

    Hi there, everyone! I just registered to the forum to ask about something that has been mildly inconvenient for a few months now. I'm a bit of a beginner, but I've committed to getting better at using Excel going forward (including starting a training course). So, here's what I've got: I...
  5. S

    Lookup query

    Hi. In Sheet0 I have columns A to O populated with travel data. E contains email address I contains departure date L contains country B has the formula =IF(COUNTIFS(TA!C:C,E2,TA!E:E,"*"&L2&"*",TA!D:D,"<="&I2+7,TA!D:D,">="&I2-7)>0,"yes","no") which looks to see if there is a corresponding value...
  6. D

    Inserting table column name into excel formula

    I got a question answered and then I posted another question in the same thread. I forgot I needed to post new questions in new threads. I get an error with trying to insert the following formula into a cell in vba. .Range("M11").Formula = "=IF([@[Wait Time/Hrs]]<3,3,[@[Wait Time/Hrs]])" The...
  7. M

    ComboBox List Selection Issue

    Hi I have a very annoying issue that i can;t get my head around, I have a ComboBox change event that refreshes a list as its typed and reduces the options in the drop down list. Works fine BUT Once I have selected a item from the list, running any other code/macros elsewhere in the document...
  8. T

    Posting Screen Prints to Questions

    I have a basic question that I haven't figured out. How do I post (paste) a screen print to a message I am posting? I see the Insert Image icon in the ribbon, but when selected it prompts for a URL. How do I post a picture stored locally on my computer to the question I am posting? Thank you...
  9. V

    Apply Formula to Entire Column that Already has Data

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet with a column containing URL's. I'd like to apply a formula to the entire column so that, if a URL has a question mark, delete the question mark and everything right of it. I found this formula: =LEFT(A1, FIND("?", A1&"?")-1) Probably a basic question but, how...
  10. F

    Corrupt/Damaged File Won't Open

    One of my regular (almost daily) excel (.xls) files will not open today. I get this message: "Sorry, we couldn't find D:\Daves Data\....blah.xls. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted? When I ran CHKDSK the result for the file in question says that "first allocation unit is not valid...
  11. M

    Advice on putting values in table

    Hiya I have a table where I have a simple sumif formula to calculate for each week Each week when I run an update, I need to paste the week I’m running as values so the table will have inconsistent table formula my question is that can I do that so the table formula can have cells in between...
  12. S

    Pivot Table Filter For Multiple Survey Responses

    Hi! I have a spreadsheet with data from a survey: 9 questions, each with an answer between 1 and 5. I have a pivot table that shows me a breakdown of how many of each answer (1 through 5) there is for a single question. Is there a way that I can include all of my data and filter by question, so...
  13. E

    Import images with column names

    Hey. I had a question of exporting data from Excel to MySQL. There was an acute question with pictures. Pictures must be saved with the names that appear in the next column. How can I do that?
  14. A

    VBA - ActiveX button

    Hello.. Assuming i got 2 sheets and 2 ActiveX button. Sheet 1 with Button1 and Sheet 2 with Button2. Both button contain the same coding which is for adding row above the button. The question is, how to trigger clicking Button 2 automatically when i click Button 1.
  15. C

    XLSM Sharing Question

    Good Afternoon, My question is related to an XLSM file that is shared on a network drive. I have built a Purchase Requisition form in vba that creates an auto-updated number. Currently when one user opens and starts to complete the form, another user can open and it would have the same...
  16. J

    VBA for Copy/Paste

    Hello! I am struggling with a function to link to a macro that requires me to copy a set of values from one sheet to another, while these values depending on a certain month that I link, and then asking the user a Yes or No question on if they want to replace these stored values for that month...
  17. D

    "VBA" ? Or "Excel Formula" to solve ?

    Hello, I need help with my project, I am confused should i use Excel Formula or VBA to complete this project. I have requirement that if the column with all details say "No" in any of the column cell need to copy the "question" to another sheet. So For 1st step need to check column F if any...
  18. J

    Table Compare

    Hello all, I am working on an addition to the massive dBase I have, a query that compares two different tables, linked by a name field in each, and performing a datediff function. For the most part I have this working. The datediff is operational, but the slight issue and question I have is...
  19. L

    Form from Options--> All commands vs VBA form

    Hi I just found that I can create a table then Ctrl+T then I can go to Options-->All commands-->Form and use that command to create a data entry form. My question, what is the advantage/disadvantage of that form compare to a one that I can create using VBA? Thank you very much.
  20. K

    Help with VBA code to filter, copy and paste in another worksheet

    I need some help with the code below. On my "Leases" worksheet I have data in columns A through F. I am filtering on the word "Question" in column F then coping those rows into the first available row on my "Question" work sheet columns A through F. The code works fine provided the word...

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