1. S

    Enabling "Beta: User unicode UTF-8" corrupts file and removes saved vba

    I was trying to rename a file with VBA, but when I put the "/" character in the name, things don't work. Then I read that I should enable "Beta: User unicode UTF-8" so that it could support the character. However, when enabling and restarting the computer, Excel says it has corrupted the file...
  2. B

    Excel opening file - found a problem with content

    Hello friends, I have a big problem with one of my files. When opening its giving a warning If I click NO the files closes and does not open. If i click YES it performs a repair and after 5 minutes the below message appears. Once the file opens it open with no content. The file size is...
  3. S

    Crashed/Recovered excel ... enable macros greys out everything!

    Desperate: My excel crashed. I rebooted, and downloaded a backup copy of it. Now when i open it, it says: "SECURITY WARNING some active content has been disabled. Click for more details." I instead Enable Content, and when it does so, most features are grayed out, including saving it and even...
  4. M

    Macro to prevent or answer Excel recovering windows

    Hello everyone, I have a macro that creates a new file almost similar to the one it runs on by Saving it As, copy/pasting as values every sheet and removing the old ones. It goes like this : Sub Export_EDF() Dim Feuille As Worksheet Dim FeuilleRef As Worksheet Dim Sheet As Object...
  5. M

    Recover Deleted Table for Access 2010

    Hi, Unfortunately I have deleted table called "Rik" from access table 2010. Now I am looking for suggestion to recover table from the access 2010. Please suggest. Thank You, Mohan
  6. A

    File corupt

    Hi. I need your help. I have spend a lot of time on my daily report excel project, and as it was getting to over, in my final file, it got corrupt and excel can not open it anymore, and massage me like excel has stop working. I try to recover it with excel auto recovery tools but it didnt work...
  7. A

    How to skip Worksheet_Change?

    Can I skip/disable a sub code before run my marco then recover it like as following: Private Sub progress() Skip run/disable Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) My Marco Recover/enable Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) End Sub
  8. D

    Autosave oops

    All, I had a file I was working on it was on the network. We lost internet so the file messed up. It prompted to recover and someone, not me hit I have what I want. Can this file be recovered?
  9. I

    Recovering previous data

    A coworker of mine made some changes to a workbook and saved those changes. She is now trying to recover the initial workbook (before she made the new changes and saved it). Can someone assist me with how to recover the old file. Thanks
  10. M

    Excel separating VBA code sheet from worksheet after recovery

    Hi everyone, I've tried searching the web for a reference to this situation but I haven't had much luck. Maybe someone has seen something similar before and can help me troubleshoot it? I have a workbook with 8 sheets with 1 main sheet pulling information from the others. I have a function on...
  11. E

    Can I recover an XL file by converting to ZIP?

    If I have a corrupted XLSX or XLSM file, can I recover by converting it to a ZIP and reading the individual worksheet XML files? Ed
  12. J

    lost print size

    I have lost the setting to print 8.5 x 14 sheets ! how do I recover this setting ? THANKS
  13. M

    Excel 2016 (Office 365) Not Responding Challenges - Ideas?

    I'm an experienced Excel user and troubleshooter, and I'm somewhat at my wits' end. Symptom: Click on many options in the Ribbon (most noticed, clicking on File) immediately pauses Excel and seconds later goes to not responding. I can replicate this on any Excel document of any version, as...
  14. D

    Filtering Images causing Errors

    My users build product spreadsheets in Excel to track items carried in their area. Columns for Vendor, Product, price, etc. Included in this, they also insert images into a column so they have a visual representation of their selection. We have an ongoing issue when they open these workbooks...
  15. R

    Excel Files encrypt due to Virus

    Dear all, Virus encrypt my all excel files now i am unable to access them is anyone know how to repair encrypted virus files. i think its chines virus. if anyone know then please share. Thanks in advance.
  16. M

    Excel File got corrupted for no reason. Need help immediately!

    I've been using excel as a log file for all my attempted questions. The file basically includes date, q no, source, time taken, correct and wrong answer columns. Now I opened the file today to access those questions since my GMAT is just 2 weeks away and most of the data is GONE! Please, Please...
  17. M

    Recover overwritten files excel 2007

    Is it possible to recover overwritten files in excel 2007? By mistake when I created a new excel file I named it with the same name with an existing file that I had and when excel asked me if I want to replace the new file with the old one I said yes.
  18. E

    How to find or setup my AutoSave files?

    I go into Options | Save and see that they are supposed to be auto-saved every 5 minutes to: AutoRecover File Location C:\Users\user2\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\ But when I look in that directory, I dont see ANY saved files. Why not? What can I do to fix this?
  19. L

    How to recover a deleted worksheet

    It just happened again. I unintentionally deleted a worksheet and trying to recover it was impossible. Undo does not work for this purpose. I tried copying all the extra work into a new document and then I forced a shutdown of my computer to make excel crash and then after I restarted I was...
  20. B

    Recovering a replaced file

    Hi, I just accidentally replaced a file with a wrong one (a file by this name already exists, do you want to replace the existing file). Is there a way to recover the one I replaced? I have not closed the excel file I replaced it with.

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