rows and columns

  1. O

    Prioritize rows based on info in cells

    Hi, I have a spread sheet that is used for storing potential building projects See ( image). I want to get a VBA code that prioritize the projects based on information in the D column, F column and P column. 1. If D contains "Offentlig", F contains either "Skolebygg", "Helsebygg", "Offentlig...
  2. F

    How to find Row number and column number

    I have some numbers in sheet No.1 and in sheet No. 2 i want to write Row number and column number of each number present in sheet No.1 by formula. is it possible.H11 ABCD12NumberRow NumberColumn Number316342??53??64??75??86??9795108??11How to find row number and column number by formula12...
  3. F

    SearchString,copy and paste in next sheet

    Good day, All I am using this code to look for specific Like value in a column then copy it over to next sheet and then remove the row but when it goes to copy the next row it skips a row and start but the row below Please Help. Much thanks in advance Sub SearchString() Dim c As Range Dim...
  4. E

    Arrange (Transpose) Single Row to Multiple Row Based on Criteria

    Arrange Single Row to Multiple Row Based on Criteria Hi Friends, I have Product Data in Single Row in following order (data in tabular form at end of sheet) Above data is required to be sorted in new sheet as following 1. Row number 2,3,4, are for refrence only. Not Required In actual...
  5. E

    Map different cells into a row based on other cells

    Hi! Is there a way to add rows with a data from one file to other based on cell similarities? Using Excel UI tools, VBA or formulas, whatever. For example, in the first file there is a complete database of clients, e.g. 1000 rows with records divided into 3 columns. Column A contains clients...
  6. E

    VBA to Hide Rows

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a VBA that will hide rows when two conditions are met. In column O I have a numeric value which, for a row to be hidden needs to be less than 0. In column P I have either Yes/No. When it is No I want the row to be hidden. Therefore when O = <0 AND P = No then row...
  7. Saher Naji

    Auto-Fill values (2)

    Hello O great and smart people actually I posted a similar thread before some days, and Mr. @alansidman graciously did a great help and his code is working very well, 100% and this is the post link for the solved problem:
  8. Saher Naji

    Auto-Fill values

    Hello Thanks in advance, I tried to crate a formula, but the problem I have to make the formulas fixed by $ symbol, this will cost me a long time What I'm looking for is a formula or a macro to do this thing automatically each time, because I have hundreds of rows, and the number of boxes...
  9. C

    Normalization in excel

    Hi guys I want to build VBA code for normalization if the data is populated in excel like this( 4 columns) a h o v b i p w c j q x d k r y e l s z f m t a g n u b i need to rearrange the data like given below a h a h b i b i c j c j d k d k...
  10. D

    Range.Rows property with autofilter applied

    Hi MrExcel, I need your help. I have an autofilter applied to a range resulting in non-continuous set of rows visible (see snapshot). Assume I want to access the number of the first visible non-header row (which is number 7 in this case). When I run Dim rng As Range Set rng =...
  11. Q

    Index and Match across different sheets

    Hello, I have a 2 D data (rows and columns) on Sheet 1 and I have specific values in Sheet 2. I want my index match formula to return select from the range in Sheet 1 and the rows and columns in Sheet 2 to return the value specific to that combination. =INDEX('Zone & Pricing...
  12. T

    Logical operators work in columns

    I found this script and i now wonder how to make it work in more than one row. i tried to add Range("A1:A10"). but it gives me a run time-error 13 . Hope you can help. Sub test() Dim score1 As Integer, score2 As Integer, result As String score1 = Range("A1").Value score2 = Range("B1").Value...
  13. C

    Update cell of filtered column header selection

    Good day all, I would very much like to have a certain cell reference(A4) be updated with the team leader I select on the header filters. Reason being, I have to print out the whole team for every team leader, and have the leader's name on top of the list. I have a database with staff members...
  14. A

    Need to add duplicates in a format

    I have 2 sheets that i need to merge into one but the format is not as simple so it cannot be just copy pasted. But i feel there will be a way to do that with a vba. Hoping to get a solution from here. here is what I am looking to do. First column is "Source URL" and Second column is "URL"...
  15. T

    How to transpose multiple rows of an array into a single column & preserve order of values

    Hi all, I hope someone can help, I'm at my wits end! have a large data set that represents births by age of the mother for each county. Mother's age is represented on my x axis, the county code on my y axis, and the birth counts for each age are reflected in a single row for each county. I am...
  16. G

    delete the row that has the earliest time

    hi I'm new to vba and I'm trying to write a code that will delete duplicate rows if say values in column C match up. But I want to delete the row that has the earliest time stamp heres an example. <tbody> Number time stamp round device 5 16/6/22:39:44 5 15 4 16/6/22:39:44 2 16 8...
  17. ProgramUser

    Taking occurrences of unique numbers (two tables) and placing results list across rows with corresponding occurrence values [Compare Two Tables, look

    Dear Excellers, This is part of a larger project involving trigonometric ratios. The Situation; I have two tables, one table (A22:E22) with unique numbers derived from trigonometric functions, I then check this table’ values for duplicates using a vba code snippet I wrote (see below) into a...
  18. D

    Rows to Columns with Every Other Row Formula

    Hello, I'm working with a Word Document that includes course number, course title and course description. I saved the document as a .txt file and used Excel to open the .txt file. The current Excel format is one column; one row contains course number and title and the row directly below...
  19. ask2tsp

    named range used as argument in ROWS or COLUMNS function results in #VALUE! error

    named range namedRng ="$A$1:"&ADDRESS(COUNTA($A:$A);COUNTA(!$1:$1);1) that in my case evaluates to $A$1:$H$74 when a cel contains the formula =ROWS(namedRng) it shows #VALUE! i tried evaluate formula where the formula evaluates to ROWS($A$1:$H$74) when a cel contains the formula...
  20. D

    Excel 2013 - Missing # of Rows & Columns for Selected Range

    My office upgraded from Office 2010 to 2013. In 2010 and earlier versions, Excel would show the number of rows and columns I had selected at the bottom right of the selection before I'd take my hand off the Shift key or left mouse button. Now, it only seems to show this in the Name box until...

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