1. T

    Slow calculation of calculated column in Power Pivot

    Hi, I'm having a performance issue while running the following formula: "=Calculate(sum(lines[CB unit]),Filter(Lines,Lines[Index]<=earlier(Lines[index]))" I'm only iterating over 150K rows, but the calculation times out and never seems to finish. It works fine with 2K rows, but really starts...
  2. B

    VBA goto cell referenced in a cell

    I am using Excel 2013 In cell L11 I have this formula Address (K11,7) This returns the address in the cell as $G$45 but the row number will change each time I loop the macro In my code I want to go to that address and continue running the code. to do this, I am using this code Application.Goto...
  3. T

    =IF Help

    Hi, Can someone tell me why my If statement is not working...
  4. sitewolf

    Why is my Excel shutting down?

    I've been running the same macro-enabled spreadsheet almost daily for years...well, this one happens to grab NHL stats. I'm using Office 365. Last night I had run a different spreadsheet using the fuzzyvlookup function that's been posted here for years, copying a formula down some 2500 rows...
  5. W

    How to use nested IF statement with a running total?

    I am trying to use a nested IF statement but I can't get it to work. <tbody> Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Amount 0 15 34 54 67 88 Running total 0 0 2 3 4 </tbody> In cell H34 (running total for 2013 = 0): =IF(G34<>0;0; IF(G33+H33>50;1; IF(H33+G33>70;2; IF(H33+G33>150;3...
  6. S

    Trying to build a running total by hour

    Hi I'm trying to build a formula that has the running total by hour. I use CUBE members Here is the hourly cube: =IFERROR(CUBEMEMBER("ThisWorkbookDataModel","[TIME].[TIME].&[1899-12-30T10:00:00]"),"") This is the sales formula pointing to the hour above...
  7. S

    Running total by hour

    Hi, i'm trying to build a running total by hour. I have a power pivot CUBE formula for the time: =IFERROR(CUBEMEMBER("ThisWorkbookDataModel","[TIME].[TIME].&[1899-12-30T10:00:00]"),"") And what i need is to see the total up to this hour. I'm pulling in last years values. If the hour is after...
  8. S

    Using Sum in VBA

    I am running a few checks at the beginning of my macro to insure that the data is correct. What am I doing wrong? I want to check that the sum of this range is lower than 10 before running the macro. Set costrange = wks.Range("H8:H46") Set costcheck =...
  9. J

    Dividing two running totals in pivot table

    Is there a way to divide a running total by another running total in a pivot table?
  10. W

    VBA Running Slow

    Hi All, **Newbie VBA/Macro user*** - I use forums and Youtube to learn how to code but in there somewhere are probably some bad habits. I have a form button on a project i'm working on which has now gone a bit slow to calculate. The button picks a random number between 1 and 10 in the...
  11. J

    Prevent user interrupting Macro ?

    Hi, i have a macro which depending on data size, can take up to 2 minutes to complete. Now ive found if whilst this is running the user gets impatient and clicks the mouse / keyboard etc.. then i get "excel not responding" -- Is there any way to prevent this? Was thinking maybe a userform box...
  12. S

    Running total of sales prior to now.

    Hi, I have sales by the hour. Each hour I have a cell with the total sales. I'm looking for the best way to have running total, but if the time is after now it will display 0. 1pm $200 $200 2pm $150 $350 3pm $ 75 $425 But if the time is after now then dont give the hourly...
  13. S

    Userform UPDATE record and date issue

    Hi guys need help with vba code for userform Cells formated to date dd/mm/yyyy and use the isdate etc on userform....and if not a valid date wont accept....but noticed entering 07/12/18 will go into cell as 12/07/18...frustrating Also managed to get update button to update data with addition of...
  14. J

    Dividing two running totals in pivot table

    I am trying to divide two running total rows in my pivot table, but can't see to get it to work. Any assistance is greatly appreciated... thank you.
  15. JenniferMurphy

    UDF stops running if I hot-key to another task

    I have a UDF that does some iterative calculations. It can take anywhere from about 2 to 8-10 seconds to complete its work. The data, which I enter into an InputBox, comes from another application. If I hot-key over to the other application, the UDF stops running until I hot-key back. Is there...
  16. M

    Automation Error Exception Occurred

    Hi everyone I would like to ask a help regarding on Automation Error Exception Occurred. I have created an Excel application. Excep as a front end and Ms Access as a backend. Basically all the data that will input in the Excel userform will be exported to Ms Access. The application is running...
  17. M

    Vba to distribute days across multiple years

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="8"></colgroup><tbody> Before Running macro The sheeet1 contains following data. I need number of days between 1-4-2014 40 31-3-2019 which should be displayed in shet2 Cust ID St Date End Date 1 01-04-2012 30-04-2016...
  18. W

    Protect worksheet without stopping a macro from running?

    I have a worksheet that I wish to enable protection on. Unfortunately, whenever the worksheet is in a protected state and I update any values in any unlocked cells which the macro automatically applies sorting to, the following error appears: Even if no cells have a "locked" attribute when I...
  19. B

    Runaway macro

    I have a macro running that seems to have run away and will not stop without control alt delete. Also ESC or CTRL-BREAK also don't work. IT's so weird. Sometime I will allow it to run over night and the next day it will be done and other times it will still be running. There is no rhyme or...
  20. M

    power query running total help

    I have a complicated windowed running total I'm trying to calculate. I've made an excel example that I'd like to implement in powerquery so I don' thave to copy the formulas down. Here's an example file

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