1. C

    Auto Refresh Power Query at 5:00AM, M-F

    I have a power query ("Query - qry_Riders_Last_5_Years") located on sheet tab "Previous RolledUp Cost Data" which needs to be refreshed only once each workday. I prefer this to happen before everyone gets in and starts their day. This way, they can come in, open the tool and begin working...
  2. D

    How to Kill Excel using note pad and task scheduler

    Hello everyone, :laugh::laugh: I have a bunch of stuff running on my task scheduler and sometimes something with my excel programs will get hung up which causes all other programs to stop as well. I was looking online and found that it might be possible to use 'Notepad' to kill excel and have...
  3. N

    Help to create the proper schedule planner

    Hello everyone, Thanks for visiting my post. I'm hoping you could help me make the ultimate work scheduler. Please note the empty boxes... I've set "conditional formatting" to color fill each box once data is inputted. Please refer to photo I was really hoping there was a way I could use...
  4. V

    Not certain what function is needed, perhaps multiple V-Lookup arguments?

    Hello, I'm trying to build a manpower scheduler, ideally the manager would plug in names on the "Scheduler" worksheet and it would be annotated on the monthly schedule, in this case "Oct-17". I've manually filled in the first two days, but how can I automate the process of filling out the...
  5. H

    VBA to Autofill a Schedule

    Hello, I have a home-grown Excel Schedule that I use to schedule 200+ employees on a biweekly basis. The MASTER tab is the posted schedule, tabs 1-SUN through 2-SAT are the daily assignment sheets, the FORMULAS tab simply shows what formulas are used, and the AUTOFILL tab is where I place...
  6. A

    Need Schedule Template

    Hi there, I am searching for a template for scheduling work for my lawn mowing business. I have customers that are mown every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every 4 weeks, casually and once off. I'm looking for an excel or access scheduler that essentially has a weekly view that I can add, for...
  7. L

    Job shift schedule

    I need a macro to assign jobs on the hour and half hour. I would like it to let me put a number next to the name to divide the jobs evenly as I see fit. I use Column 1 almost ever hour and I use Column 2 when I need to add another person for a 2 person job. I sometimes need up to 4 people it...
  8. K

    Automated Task Scheduler During Time Blocks - VBA

    I am trying to create an automated duty scheduler that places people into time slots based upon their availability. Either through formulas or code I'll need something that allows me to click a "Generate" button and auto populate the below table with names. Once everyone is placed I need for...
  9. S

    Contact Center Schedule

    Hi all, I'm trying to build a schedule in excel with various buttons, to make it easy for the schedulers. One of the buttons I would like to have is a shift-button for X hours with Y skill. The shift should start in the cell where my cursor is and than auto fill the other cells to the right for...
  10. G

    Employee Shift Management in Excel

    Hello! I recently was promoted at my job and am now in charge of scheduling our employee's shifts on a weekly basis. Rather than having a program for it, they still do it paper and pen style. This is slightly problematic, considering our employee base is rather large, has people who are...
  11. L

    multi dimensional array to create weekly schedule

    Using Excel2010 and WIN7, I am trying to make use of a multi dimensional array to pull data from a data entry worksheet and display it on another worksheet as a weekly calendar. There are multiple rows in the data entry sheet with the name of a person (Installer), a date and a job description...
  12. S

    Silently Run Macro in Background

    Hi guys, So this is what I'm trying to do. I've created a workbook that pulls data from an Access query, updates the data from an external source, and then creates a text file (with some dalay for the data to update) that will be imported and rewrite current values in the Access database. In an...
  13. I

    Windows 8.1 Task Scheduler Launch Excel Workbook

    I was using Task Scheduler in Windows 7 to launch a .xlsm workbook that executes macros upon opening. I migrated the program to a computer using Windows 8.1. When Task Scheduler launches, Excel is opened as an application but the specific workbook is not. Does anyone know how to get the...
  14. D

    Guidance on VBA Rota/Scheduler procedure/algorithm

    Hello I am looking for some help in creating an Excel VBA solution that will create a rota/schedule allocating staff to service users using an algorithm. I believe there are already existing names for this kind of problem/algorithms but not entirely sure what to refer to it is. Here is my...
  15. A

    How to identify if spread sheet was started by the windows scheduler

    Good day I have Excel 2010 spread sheet that I need to automate and run using the Windows 7 task scheduler. The spread sheet works fine "interactively"; it opens, performs the tasks that it needs to and then closes down. When I try to run the spread sheet via the Windos scheduler, it behaves...
  16. L

    Shift Planner - Excel or not?

    Hello, hoping for some advice please. I am looking to set up a shift rotation planner for a charity I am involved with, and am not sure if I should be attempting this in Excel or if because of the number of potential volunteers/requirements I should be looking at separate software. Details as...
  17. T

    Scheduling/Calendar Formula Question

    I'm a novice excel user. I’d like to be able to use Excel to schedule future random date(s) based on an start date. The generated target date must be meet the following criteria: - should be within 120 days from the start date - fall on a different day of the week (excluding Sundays) from the...
  18. P

    Automating Citrix Excel / Windows Scheduler

    I want to use the windows scheduler to automatically open an Excel file and at that time the file's auto-open would run a specific macro. The code in the macro runs quicker when the file is opened through our company's Citrix Excel object instead of the Local version of Excel. How do I get the...

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