1. D

    Vertical Scroll Bar fake copy?

    So I have been having this same problem for a long time. I just work around it, by scrolling with my mouse, which can be tedious. We used to have MS 2016, now we have Office 365. Problem existed on both. The document is a shared document, old school, not the internet sharing because I need to be...
  2. R

    Is there a way to add a scrollbar in a word object in excel?

    Hi there! So, I'm making an excel spreadsheet that has to have a lot of text in it, so I added a word object in it. The issue is that it takes a lot of space on the screen and I need a way to reduce it without compromising the format of the text. Also, the user needs to be able to do different...
  3. E

    Converting pivot table to dynamic regular table, or adding scrollbars

    I have created a pivot table with 3 columns: Order number, Officer, and Days Outstanding. I have filtered it to only show Days Outstanding > 5. The problem is, I want to use this on a dashboard, where I need to fix the number of orders to 6. So, I was thinking that I need to somehow add a...
  4. S

    Hide Scroll Bar in Sheet

    Hi, Hopefully this is possible. I'd like to hide the horizontal scroll bar in a specific worksheet. The code below does it generally for all tabs, would appreciate some help tailoring it to only apply for the "Results" worksheet Code - For All Sheets: Private Sub...
  5. A

    Setting the Current Value from a Cell in a Form Control Scrollbar

    I have a file and created 3 scrollbars to help my sales reps understand how they can affect their commissions by activities they can control. On the worksheetI have a section that shows their current performance, and another section that shows a 'What-If' scenario. As I move the scrollbars, the...
  6. B

    Hide/show scrollbar with combobox

    Hi all, I'm using the following code to hide/show charts and scrollbars. Private Sub cmbDepartment_Change()Dim SelectedChart As String Dim SelectedScrollbar As String Dim blnVisible As Boolean Me.cmbFilter.ListFillRange = Me.cmbDepartment Range("B16") = cmbDepartment.ListIndex + 1...
  7. A

    Help Scrolling an IE modal

    First off, I appreciate all of your time in reviewing and potentially responding to my inquiry. I have a webpage that loads a modal that is longer than the page displays requiring me to scroll down to get the second screenshot. I have not been able to programmatically scroll the modal despite...
  8. R

    Creating a scrollbar within an item that was created during runtime

    Hello Everyone, I have few questions here 1. Just like what is in the subject line, I would like to learn how can I add a scrollbar within a frame that I created as well. Please see the code I created so that I can explain it further. For counter = 0 To 10 Set MyFrame=...
  9. kelly mort

    Scroll vertical scrollbar to the bottom of list

    Hi Can I get a script to scroll the vertical scrollbar to the bottom of the list of a listbox? I load the listbox each time I add data . So I will like to see the last item. Thanks
  10. J

    VBA:How conncect Scrollbar and Textbox in Userform

    I have a userform with a scrollbar and textbox. How do you code it so that the scrollbar connects to the textbox? For example, I want the textbox to increase/decrease by a value each time you click the up/down-arrow on the scrollbar. Anything helps!
  11. J

    Text box with scrollbar

    Is it possible to insert a textbox with a scrollbar. So if the text entered is long it can be scrolled down in the textbox to see all text
  12. D

    How to simultaneously scroll userform labels with listbox?

    I have listbox that adjust to screen resolution of user computer. Since it is also auto-fit it's columns in some cases scrollbar appear so user could view all columns in listbox! Since I didn't want to use column header option of listbox I've put labels above listbox of each column. Of course...
  13. H

    Scroll Frame by Frame

    Hello, Hope you are well. I have a Userform with a 2100 height. On this Userform is Frame14 with a 2000 height and scrollbar set Vertically to a 1950 height. On Frame14 is 5 different Frames (Frame1, Frame2, ect). What I want to do is if a user clicks the scrollbar the scrollbar should upon...
  14. C

    Adding Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbars in a userform using Userform_Activate method

    Folks, I have to add both vertical and horizontal scrollbars in a userform, so far I have this code below for horizontal scrollbars only. Private Sub UserForm_Activate() With Me .ScrollBars = fmScrollBarsHorizontal .ScrollWidth = .InsideWidth * 1.5 End With End Sub The...
  15. S

    Excel 2016 UserForm Listbox - Can listbox horizontal scrollbar be disabled?

    Hi, I don't need the horizontal scrollbar on my userform listbox, is there a property that disables it? Thanks!
  16. H

    Scrolling using Window's Messages / Win32 API

    Hi all, I have recently attempted to use the DetectScroll method developed by CPearson: It no longer works because it is based on the "WM_VSCROLL" messages, which I cannot find in any window's message stream using Spy++. From this observation, I...
  17. bfreescott

    Stumped: Scrollbar disappearing when re-opening file

    Hey guys, I have a simple textbox (ActiveX control) on a sheet. I've set the Vertical Scrollbar property to true as well as Multiline. I've also gone through all the other properties of the textbox, but I cannot seem to determine what is causing the scrollbar to disappear when I close and...
  18. T

    Setting ScrollBar Max value from Cell

    I have an ActiveX ScrollBar and want to set the Max value to the contents of an Excel Cell so that it becomes variable. What is the VB coding? So far I have: Private Sub ScrollBar1_Change() Dim cell As Integer cell = 200 ScrollBar1.Max = cell End Sub Which works. I now want to change the '200'...
  19. J

    Scrolling Count?

    Hello Everyone, I'm sort've new to Excel and writing code in VBA. I have the following situation: my company tries to make revenue predictions at its many sites (740 sites). We are the midst of creating a forecast method and we'd like to compare the old one to the new one. So currently I have a...
  20. F

    Excel 2010 scrollbar goes too far

    My problem is illustrated in the PrintScreen below: I've searched a lot on the Internet and almost all sources say to delete the empty rows at the end of the sheet and save the document. For example that is what is suggested here (see Section 2f) ...

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