1. R

    Issue with Text in Shapes

    Hello, For some reason whenever I open up my workbook, the text in my shapes has automatically moved to the back so that it appears like there is no text in the shapes. So every time I re-open the workbook, the first thing I have to do is click on a shape and send the text to the front. This...
  2. Worf

    Manipulating shapes with VBA

    Here is a description of this application: Canvas sheet - shows your current work. Problem sheet - presents the original problem and also some examples that can be pasted on Dat page. Dat sheet - There are stored triangles vertices generated by the program. Alternatively, you can insert your...
  3. M

    After change from Picture.Insert to Shape.AddPicture picture image is shifted

    Hi, Hi I had to modify excel template VBA code to make image logo persistent outside the network so I change simple Picture.Insert(pfile) to: Set vOldShape = vSheet.Shapes(pName) If Not vOldShape Is Nothing Then vLeft = vOldShape.Left vTop = vOldShape.Top...
  4. P

    VBA to check if circles are inside of freeform area or not

    Hi, Im newbie on this site and I need help with this : I have Freeform area and shapes in form of circles named from A to G. Some of this points are inside of Freeform area and some of them no. I need macro which will check each of this points if this point is inside/ outside of freeform area...
  5. G

    Help with vba to scroll group of shapes

    Hi everyone, I have shapes in my worksheets, these shapes have been grouped, i am trying to get these groups to scroll down as the user scrolls down the worksheet. Below is the code i am using, my problem is that it keeps bugging at line Set myGroup. is there something wrong here that i can...
  6. N

    Enable / Disable Shapes

    Hi All, I have a excel template where I have 8 shapes created as button and assigned a macro to each shape. Is there a option to disable the Shapes where the users are unable to click the shapes to run the macro. For example: I have a shapes with names Login and Logout. When the excel is...
  7. A

    Deleting Lines and Rectangles

    Hi, I have a need to delete many shapes on a worksheet although I wish to keep others. All of the shapes that I wish to delete are either lines or rectangles and the ones that I wish to keep are not. I had hoped the following would work, but it doess not - can anybody let me know what the...
  8. G

    Freeze a shape

    Is there a way to freeze a shape so that it behaves like freezing cells? I want to freeze a shape so that it always stays on the screen even when a user scrolls.
  9. M

    How to change visio shape text based on worksheet row content using for each loop?

    I created this for each loop to add the devices ip address to the shapes text it find the devices if i put a static name on the code but It doesn't look like is reading the worksheet names from column A When I change the loop and write one of the shapes name on it I'm able to change any of the...
  10. F

    VBA With statement: How to copy grouped items?

    Hi, I have previously created a chart and copied it to another sheet. But now I have added a text box and grouped the text box and chart together (not in VBA). I want to be able to copy the group to another sheet as a picture. I believe instead of "Chart" it's "Shape" in VBA. But I don't know...
  11. J

    default to not move or size shapes?

    Is there a way, like creating a template, that will default to"do not move or size" shapes"?
  12. D

    VBA to cycle through values to change colours of various shapes

    Hello there, I have a range of shape names followed by various values which correspond to the colours which I'd like to assign. I'm having problems piecing together the VBA code in order to update the shapes in one go. My data source is on the sheet named "Data" with the shapes on one called...
  13. D

    Deactivate connectors from shapes

    Hi all :) Does anyone know a VBA code that would allow me to deactivate connectors from shapes. Here see an example Because what I would like is to turn the shapes at 180 degrees without moving the connectors. That's why I'm...
  14. G

    How to ignore Overlapping shapes with VBA code

    The code as is works in most situations however sometimes when a bar slightly over laps it will count in the range and sometimes I can't get it out of the range. This code is going into a document that I don't use it's used by other people who produce a schedule and for whatever reason they have...
  15. D

    Rotate text in cells or in shapes by 180 degrees

    Dear all, Does anyone know any VBA code that would allow me to rotate text by 180 degrees in specific cells, kmowing the texts contained in the cells are linked to specific shapes. I want to keep the text and do not want an image ... I'm open to any ideas, even if it's include to use Word or...
  16. D

    Shapes linked to single cells not updating

    Hi, I've been looking all over the place for a solution to this but have yet to find one the fixes my problem permanently. I'm new to the forum so please let me know if something is incorrect with my post. I've created a dashboard on excel that mainly consists of tables and graphs; but I also...
  17. T

    Change default color for shapes

    I like blue as much as anyone but not for geometric shapes like lines and boxes. How can I change the default color to, say, black?
  18. M

    Dynamic Shapes

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to change my shapes based on a value. Either by a formula or code. I have a ton of numbers that I want to show with arrows for positive/negative/flat. (Green Arrow up/Red Arrow down/Sideways Arrow) Thanks in advance for any help on this!
  19. P

    Copy pasting data from excel to outlook

    Hi All, I have a data in excel sheet which I would like to send as email body. In my sheet I have few lines of text few charts, shapes and Pics. Im currently using a code which will copy paste the data to an email. But in that draft email if I scroll down to view the email body the shapes in the...
  20. P

    Copy pasting data from Excel to Outlook

    Hi All, I have a data in excel sheet which I would like to send as email body. In my sheet I have few lines of text few charts, shapes and Pics. Im currently using a code which will copy paste the data to an email. But in that draft email if I scroll down to view the email body the shapes in...

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