1. K

    10 Buttons (Shapes) only first 9 work. #10 does not.

    I have a POS that is using 10 Shapes (Categories) as buttons. I have a Macro to call the Subcategories. It works for 9 of the buttons, but not 10. Sub POS_LoadSubCategory() With pos 'Remove any existing product shapes For Each ProdShp In pos.Shapes If InStr(ProdShp.Name...
  2. Worf

    Excel TypeScript: Functions and Shapes

    This is my second TypeScript article. Today we will see how to use functions and deal with shapes and images. The example below is not exactly production code, rather an assortment of working bits that you can use as reference when developing your own projects. In a nutshell, it creates a...
  3. S

    VBA code for filling a range of cells partially with colours

    Hi I am looking for a code what fills the ranges of cells P1, S1, P2, S2, etc partially - entering the values in range cells C5 for P1, D5 for S1, etc - with the colours listed in cells C14:C20 - the colours are defines in the range C23:C36 result should look P1 15% filled and colour orange If I...
  4. T

    Dynamically create formula for shapes VBA

    Hey! Trying get this code to work: shapes.OLEFormat.Object.Formula = namesheet.Cells(names, 10) Error Code says it can't set formula property of rectangle. I am trying to get shapes I created to in another part of macro to dynamically change their textframe when the cell they correspond...
  5. Jaafar Tribak

    ScreenTips For Shapes and Buttons.

    Hi dear forum, I just thought I would post this code here which should accomplish what the tread title suggests. It is similar to the code I posted here for worksheet tabs screentips. As we know, shapes and buttons placed on worksheets don't have screentips ( Including ActiveX controls ) and I...
  6. FilleFrella44

    Remove shape in specific range

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I've got a sheet where there sometimes exists shapes which cannot be targeted by the mouse (there are several different ones, they're not all the same shape). I want to be able to remove them anyway, however I want to also control which ones I remove since some...
  7. T

    Macro to open hidden tab - using shape as button

    I'm looking to make a super simple macro that just pulls the text out of a shape and uses that to unhide and open a tab on click. Sub ButtonToHiddenSheet() Dim ShtName As String ShtName = SHAPE TEXT Sheets(ShtName).Visible = xlSheetVisible Sheets(ShtName).Select End Sub I...
  8. F

    Callout shapes - move and resize

    Hi, with callout shapes, if the arrow is moved to the other side, is there a way for the object to automatically change, so it doesn't look like the second image, but like a reflection of the first image. Also, a couple of similar questions. - When moving, only move the Text box without moving...
  9. G

    Change shape color by row to specified color

    Hi folks, I have a simplified timeline example in the attached image below to illustrate what I am trying to do. For some reason XL2bb isn't working for me to put the mini-sheet in. With a macro, I would like to recolor any shape that is in a row marked with an "assign color" (C2:C6) entry. I...
  10. G

    Charts, shapes, and buttons, duplicating when dragged.

    This behavior has been going on for some time now, and I have not found anything on any thread or forum that can help. If I simply drag a figure, button, or shape, Excel acts as if I were holding control and duplicates the object at the dragged location. However, it does not act exactly as when...
  11. D

    Coloring of different shapes based on time

    Hi There, I am trying to solve the problem with coloring the shapes based on time and I am struggling with it for some time so hope someone can help me with this. I have 19 shapes on excel sheet and each is having the name Bankomat_ and then number from 1 to 19. The output should be that...
  12. A

    How to allow moving shapes, but prevent editing their text on a worksheet

    I have a challenge to overcome, but couldn't find any hint yet and hope you guys can help. I need to create shapes (e.g. msoShapeRectangle) with specific texts in them in a worksheet. Once created, I want to allow users to move the shapes on the worksheet, but I want to prevent them, editing the...
  13. R

    Move (grouped) shape 5 columns to the left

    Hi all, I've got a grouped shape that will move based on the cell value entered in cell A1. Now I want this grouped shaped to always move 5 columns to the left. So when I enter value M8 in cell A1 VBA should automatically move the grouped shape to H8 (at least that is the upper left corner of...
  14. Ruts

    Updating Text Format in a Shape using VBA

    Hey everyone, I wrote this bit of vba quite some time ago (2017) to run a little bingo caller for a social team where I was - keeping excel up to date wasn't something they were good at - so the version at the time worked. They have now updated to O365 and the reformatting of the text in the...
  15. S

    Wait Until new shape selected

    Good Evening, I'm a novice at best. I'm looking for a faster way to name shapes that make up a large map using a given array. Given: - An array "Districts," which has more than 300 text strings (district names) stored in it -- The district array has no spaces or special characters in it -...
  16. S

    Moving a shape without explicitely naming the shape

    Hello, Using the moderator, from this site (Fluff)'s help a couple days ago, a sequence of code was developed that showed when clicking on a cell the name of any shape that was currently located directly within that cell or astride of its borders. That worked great thanks to Fluff. But the...
  17. R

    Updating Objects in Different Groups in the One Worksheet

    I have a worksheet where a map has been created using a number of freeform objects. Each of these objects has been assigned the name of the territory which it represents. I then have a list of each territory, with a reference to the fill colour required. I have this working with the first...
  18. S

    Filled shapes becomes transparent when changing sheet through VBA

    Hi, I've tried to utilize VBA to enable smooth transitions between sheets. When activated a square shape is moved into cell A1 and gradually fills the screen before the sheet is changed. On the next sheet a similar shape is gradually becoming transparent (and later moved out of sight) to...
  19. H

    Convert group of shapes to picture

    Hi, I'm working an a project where I try to convert a group of shapes to a picture and then delete the group. Shortly how I done so far: (the s_text, s_header etc. are programmatically generated shapes) Dim shpGroup As Shape Set shpGroup = sales_sheet.Shapes.Range(Array(s_text.Name...
  20. Worf

    VBA – Transferring picture to worksheet pixel by pixel

    Say that you want to analyze the color distribution of a given picture. One way to do this is to have each worksheet cell representing one image pixel. To use the code, run the transfer routine, specifying the sheet and the shape name. #If VBA7 Then Public Declare PtrSafe Sub Sleep Lib...

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