1. NewOrderFac33

    Keyboard shortcuts not working

    Good morning, - as a Lotus 123 veteran (!) I still use a lot of keyboard shortcuts within Excel such as Alt+f (File) followed by c to close the active workbook. Whilst these work most of the time, sometimes they don't and the above sequence will result in a "c" appearing in the active cell, and...
  2. most

    Identify if a Application.OnKey is set or not

    Is it possible to identify if a Application.OnKey is set or not? if Application.OnKey."+^{g}" = "MyMacro" then msgbox "Yeah" The final goal is ONE macro which disable or enable all shortcuts.
  3. JenniferMurphy

    Can I get a list of the defined keyboard shortcuts for a sheet?

    I want to assign a macro (Sub) to a keyboard shortcut. When I do this in Word, it tells me if the shortcut is already defined so I don't screw anything up. Excel does not appear to do this. Is there a way for me to find out what all of the extant shortcuts are in any sheet?
  4. I

    Are there any differences between these two ways of typing a shortcut?

    Hi guys, If I want to paste something as value, I can press Alt + ESV. That is, hold Alt and press and release e, press and release s, press and release v. It did the trick. However, I just found I can also press Alt and release it, press and release e, press and release s, press and release v...
  5. G

    creating new shortcuts in excel

    Hello, I want to create new shortcuts in excel and they should work for all workbooks. Excel offers Alt, W, V, G shortcut for not showing the gridlines. I want to change the shortcut as Ctrl+Q. Are there any way to use the new shortcut for all the workbooks? Thannks in advance.
  6. C

    VBA warning box

    Hi all, Bear with me - I am a VBA novice so any help would be appreciated. We currently have a workbook which has a lot of tabs at the bottom. One of the tabs is called 'Shortcuts'. I am trying to write a VBA whereby if cell P43 on the 'Shortcuts' tab contains "1" a warning pop-up appears...
  7. Dr. Demento

    User assigned keyboard shortcuts (ALT) not working

    I am having issues getting keyboard shortcuts with ALT to work and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong. The CTRL+SHIFT shortcuts work fine; however, in order to minimize re-assigning native CTRL shortcuts that I normally use, I've moved on to using ALT. However, they don't function at...
  8. K

    F4 no longer repeats last action

    Hi Everyone, This is driving me a bit crazy. It used to be that Excel would repeat the last action I made if I pressed the F4 key. Now it no longer does this. It's not an issue with a function lock. If I press F5 I still get the Go To menu. But somehow F4 no longer repeats the last action...
  9. L

    List of Shortcuts

    Does Microsoft Excel offer a list for all shortcuts? I know there has to be about a million of them.:laugh:
  10. MUKESHY12390

    MS Excel 2003 short key stopped working

    Hi All, It has been while I'm using MS Excel 2010 and generally use some MS 2003 excel shortcut like paste special, series.. etc. I don't know why it stopped working but I can use MS Excel 2010 shortcuts without any problem. Anyone has ever had this strange issue? Thanks, Mukesh Y
  11. R

    Creating shortcuts into specific Excel worksheets

    Hey! I want to create a bunch of windows shortcuts into the same excel workbook, but into different worksheets inside that book. Haven't found any solution to this, anyone here who knows what has to be done to make that happen? Cheers,
  12. C

    Mac Numbers equivalent

    Hey all, I am forced to use Numbers on my Mac at work for many things. I'm going bonkers tying to use a habitual shortcut that does not seem to have an equivalent in Numbers. In excel for Mac I select a range, type the value and then press CMD+Enter. It fills in the entire range with the same...
  13. A

    Looking for Comprehensive List of Menu Commands Rather than Just the Shortcuts

    I have found hundreds of Shorcuts like Ctrl+S for Excel 2010, but I have not been able to find a list at Microsoft for menu commands. In the case of Ctrl+S, a menu command would be Alt,F,S. I know people call them all shortcuts, but in my point of view, a shortcut is one key combination with no...
  14. A

    Create a shortcut to the current active workbook in a specific directory

    Hi everyone, I need a VBA script to insert into my module that simply creates a shortcut to the current active workbook in the following directory "D:\Work\Expense Report" Thank you and have a nice day
  15. svendiamond

    Is there a shortcut to show/hide sheet tabs in Excel?

    The reason I ask is because a user of one of my workbooks called me and said he could no longer see the sheet tabs. I simply went to Options and checked the box for "Show Sheet Tabs" but I was wondering how he hid them. I know he didn't go to the Options and un-check that box... so is there any...
  16. A

    Ctrl + Shift + Down throws error while in formula, but works if I hit Shift + Ctrl + Down

    Hi, When I am writing formulas and highlighting ranges, I normally just hold the Ctrl +Shift and then enter down to highlight a range. Something recently went awry so that when I do that to select a range in a formula it jumps back to the cell in which I'm writing the formula (rather than the...
  17. T

    CTRL + SHIFT + TAB not working (normally) when entering formulas

    I am having a problem with the CTRL + SHIFT + TAB shortcut when entering formulas into cells. Normally, when entering a formula (ie typing = into the cell), you can use CTRL + TAB or CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to activate a different workbook without exiting the formula edit. Until a few days ago...
  18. O

    I can open the excel file but the worksheet is gone!

    hello every one. i was working with an excel file and inserting data into it. by accident i think i hit a shortcut button combination and the worksheet is now gone! the file still exists and it has 35 kb of information in it but when i open the file, the worksheet is not there. i think that...
  19. W

    Excel Mac 2011 Ctrl + Tab while editing formula cancels editing window

    Hi all, I am using Excel for Mac 2011 and when I am trying to edit a formula in a cell and reference another cell, I hit ctrl + tab to switch workbooks and when I do it cancels the edit formula. When I click on the second workbook while editing a formula it works fine. Is there any solution to...
  20. R

    Check source folder for newly updated EXCEL files and make a copy in destination folder.

    Hi Could you please help me with the scenario below? My source folder is called "Source\Files\" It also has shortcuts folder that is shortcuts of the all original files say "Source\Shortcuts\". These shortcuts point to files in "Source\Files" folder. ---- I need to create a backup of this...

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