1. S

    Looking to compare 2 Column and find closest match then sort

    hello , I have this 2 list ,and I want the same word to be in the same row ( Ex : row 1 contains : "Service 351" in A1 and "Service 82" in B1 ) , please help and ty ♥
  2. R

    Excel VBA copying specific rows and pasting them to specific sheet. Without double inserting the data

    Hello, I am using vba in windows. I have a excel project. I need to have a list of projects, the status of the project color codes the row. Data is sorted by macro that sorts data by its color. I want to have page where all the projects are listed and then one sheet for each status, which are...
  3. L

    Macro to Sort all rows by column G regardless of sheet or workbook name

    I used the "Record Macro" to do what I wanted, but that builds the code around the tab name and I want to be able to use this macro on multiple tabs So I all I want to do is be able to sort all rows by column G (which will always be named "Handler (Job)") and of course leave Row 1 alone at the...
  4. L

    Macro Creation - Sort Rows, Add blank row, conditional format text

    I'm looking for assistance in setting up a macro to do the following. 1. Add a blank row in between each set of value from Column G. Column G is named "Handler (Job)" and may have different values on different tabs. Let's say it comes looking like this - Bob Susie Susie Lauren Bob Lauren...
  5. D

    Sort the worksheet content accordingly

    How to automatically sort the order of the data in worksheet 2 according to the numbers entered in C4 in worksheet 1. i.e. if enter 1 in C4 then sort by name if enter 2 in C4 then sort by student ID if enter 3 in C4 then sort by score I made some attempts, but there have some problem, it can't...
  6. B

    Pivot table sort

    Hi, I am trying to sort a pivot but it does not properly work and I have spent hours on it. I sent a screenshot of my pivot. As you can see my pivot is first sorting by Issuer2 in first column which I like. But then I am trying to ask him to sort by total (3rd column) within each Issuer2 which...
  7. E

    Sort and split by 2 criterias

    Hello All Could someone direct me to the right direction So I have some data, for example Name Time Count John 14:00 20 Matilda 00:20 11 Ben 01:00 30 Susan 00:45 10 Edd 02:00 14 Tom 12:00 40 I need to sort this in time order and then split this data into the multiple tables...
  8. P

    VBA to convert range of data to table and sort

    Hello, I’m trying to compare two different excel files and I want to automate it in VBA. What I really need help with is copying over a range of data and making it into a table. I want to be able to click a button on workbook1 sheet1 called “JData” that allows me to select a previously saved...
  9. E

    Macro to extract cetain coulmns and then sort data

    Hello MrExcel community Hoping to find help here as i am struggling a bit wuth building a macro using VBA My requirement is to select few particular colums and extract to a particular named sheet and then sort it according to criteria of one particular column the problem i am currently facing...
  10. T

    Move to new sheet VBA

    Hi All, First off I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't find anything specifically with this many values. I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around moving data from a master sheet to 26 other sheets based on the first letter of the last name. I successfully got it to work...
  11. C

    Random generate multiple names from a list with exclusions & sorting

    Here's my table: Here's also the sheet...
  12. M

    Looking for a sorting formula

    I have the following table ABCDEF2IntervalFHFCDYWYYR332FH 50FC 10DY 15WY 20YR3250101520 Cell A3 has numerous values which i would like to extract and put into the correct column. I am looking for a formula (no macros or VBA) to input into each column (B-F) which will look at column A and...
  13. M

    Sort list by size

    Hi, i want to analyse a big amount of number and would love some help. Column A = time Column B = Price Column C = Size Aprox 200 000 rows :O How can i sort this so the 20 biggest by size show up in Column D (biggest on top) followed by it´s time in Column E and it´s price Column F. If i...
  14. Dermot

    VBA: Enhance and speed up random numbers and sorting, using spill functions

    Sorting Arrays VBA does not have a built in sort function, which means you need your own sorting code. But now, the Excel Sort function can be used in VBA, and based on my testing, it is faster than my quicksort function. Note that the array must be 2D, eg (1000,1) or (500,3) For example if you...
  15. J

    Formatting date/times issue

    Hi, I am trying to sort orders by date/time within the CSV export from my order system, however when I try to sort it does the dates correctly, but not the times (hour/minute). How can I make it so the sort works for the hour/minute as well? I tried changing the formatting to see if that would...
  16. J

    Sort rows according to master column

    Hi All, I'm trying to sort a spreadsheet so that all columns following the first will follow the same indexing as the first column, as shown below Thanks!
  17. J

    Sort sheet alphabetically

    I've got a data entry sheet on this workbook my agency uses for business purposes. The data entry sheet consists of names, addresses, personal identifier numbers, and a type label. Users are currently navigating to this sheet manually, reviewing the content of the sheet for completeness...
  18. I

    How to repeating sort in excel

    Hi everyone, i'm struggling to sort in Excel. I have a labelled data from 1-5. What i want is the data sorted with repeated number. To help you visualize see the picture below. Is there any way to resolve this? Thank you
  19. K

    Creating a Multi-column sort that also adds a line between different items

    So I've got a start on the code to sort a list of materials where I can enter the materials how I want (seen here) and then it will sort to the correct way as seen in the second picture. Where I've got the "Let the Magic Happen v2" button to automatically sort the list to the way I want it, but...
  20. R

    Keeping Cell data together after being sorted on a separate sheet

    How do you keep a row of cells together when the first cell in the row is being sorted by a sort function on a separate Page. currently, when the NY, PA & OH cells are sorted on page 1, the data next to them is mixed.
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