1. mohsinbipu

    Get summary results (Textjoin, Unique value) of a table

    I want to get a summary of the unique value under a condition. Like in the below table- 1. For article BD-01, the Sorted (A-Z) unique area code is 11, 12, 15. 2. Then for these Unique codes, there are some product codes. 3. Now I want to Join all Area code and their Product codes with separator...
  2. S

    Sort not executing properly in macro unless run by itself

    Hello everybody, New to VBA coding. I have a dynamic table that is created from a macro based on another worksheet, a query, and equations. I then have a different module with the following: Sub SortTable(ws As Worksheet, tableName As String) Dim tbl As ListObject Set tbl =...
  3. M

    autosort in excel

    i have a table of 6 column first 3 tables already have data in it in a certain sort i would like to keep second 3 table which i will put data in i want if any data i put in column let say 6 matches with any data with column 3 it will put what i wrote in same row number as its in column 1 let...
  4. A

    Pivot Table Sorting

    Good morning, I've searched everywhere, watched Youtube videos, and haven't had any luck finding what I need so I figured I would go to the experts of Mr. Excel to help me out! I have a pivot table in tabular format with all item labels repeating. I have 2 different rows and am trying to sort...
  5. V

    Sort pivot using VBA

    I have a pivot table (Columns are Name and marks) and I have created a dropdown that contains a list (Alphabetical, High to low, and Low to high) If I choose Alphabetical my pivot should get sorted in Alphabetical order by Name column If I choose High to low my pivot should get sorted in...
  6. Chris_010101

    VBA Code to auto sort specific cells

    Hi I can't XL2BB as my work won't allow it: I need a VBA code on workbook open to sort these three columns (not the total) by days lost > highest to smallest. A small caveat here is that the VBA will need to first unprotect the workbook (with password) before sorting the data and then...
  7. V

    Custom sort

    Hi all, I want to sort a pivot based on the options Example: I have a data contains 3 columns, State_name, Lives (*integer), Coverage (*Percentage values) I have to create 3 options 1. Alphabetical 2. High to low - Lives 3. Low to High - Coverage If I choose any of the options my data...
  8. K

    How to insert variables depending on sort function table

    Hello, I am collecting data for my class each week during PE depending on certain variables. I have put each title ( accuracy, speed, passing) into seperate tables. For example in table 1 the accuracy column shows the accuracy for each student and since student A has the highest accuracy, they...
  9. M

    Sorting data in a macro messes up formatting

    As part of a macro to prepare client ready files, a tab with various tables of data of varying sizes gets filtered to show empty rows and these rows are then deleted. This is done using the following code: Range("A2:A" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row).AutoFilter Field:=1...
  10. I

    Transposed data with blank spaces and create a Bar Chat without any space

    Hi MrExcel expert, I really appreciate your help to solve this issue. I have been working on this issue for a couple of days now and I feel stuck. Data set: Hours & Date. Goal: 1. I want to sort the data of "date and hours" which have hours assigned to them, and listed beside of my existing...
  11. F

    Sort range - mix of text and numbers

    I'm sorting a large range of data, based on values in column A. Column A values are a mix of text and digits, so a String. Example below shows sorting for an example case. There's an issue when there's a different count of digits. Is there a fix for this, like a setting in Excel.
  12. L

    Power Query: Cleaning Repeating Delimiters

    Hi there. I've been using PowerQuery to collapse a flat file into combined, multi-value cells with delimiters. The inconsistent nature of the raw data results in repeating delimiters / spaces, like so: ; ; Smith, Judy; Carson, Kevin; ; Levy, Kevin; Bloom, Judy; ; ; ; Nicholas; ; ; I'd...
  13. L

    Power Query: Removing duplicate values in Multi-Value Cells

    Hi there. Long-time Excel user and dabbler in VBA and Power Query. I've got a variation on a problem I posted a few years ago in this thread. There, folks helped me use PowerQuery to collapse data, combining multiple rows into single, multi-value cells while removing duplicates. The wrinkle...
  14. A

    Guys please help! Excel problem with index sort and filter function

    So i got this excel workbook that contains 2 sheets in sheet 1 column b - employee id column c - ranking on each equipment column d - employee name column e - date column f - worked hours for employees column g - shift (day shift or night shift) column h - equipment id in sheet 2 column a -...
  15. T

    Sorting with blank rows

    Hi, I need help sorting the table with VBA code. There are four rows and three columns of data. The sort is on Last Name, then First Name When I use the standard sort procedure, the blank rows are listed as rows 1 and 2. I appreciate the help. Joe
  16. Chris_010101

    VBA Help Auto-Sort upon workbook Open

    Hello This is my sheet (unfortunately can't install XL2BB on my work machine): Sheet is called "outstanding" and is 16 columns wide. I already have VB code in here which moves the row to another sheet based on the status from a drop-down list in column O. When the workbook is opened (or...
  17. L

    Sorting problems...

    My problem here is that I have a list of countries on the left. Then I have a list of countries on the right. One column to the right of the second column of countries is a column of numbers in the format What I need is for that column of numbers to end up in the order that the first...
  18. A

    sort randarray

    Hello everyone I need you help regarding sorting in an array. Let say that I create an array with command randarray(18,7,3,20) how can I sort the numbers that the smaller with obviously is 3 to be at the top left corner of the array and the biggest (20) be at the right bottom . I want the sort...
  19. B

    Custom sort not working correctly on larger file

    Hi, Is there a way to make custom sort work correctly on larger files? I created a custom list but both in VBA and in regular excel it does not work correctly on larger files, while it does work perfectly fine on smaller files. Is this a known issue and is there a way to resolve this? Current...
  20. S

    How to custom sort a long file with new entries.

    I have an excel file file about a thousand entries that we number like following (please copy/past this in new sheet) Index Item Number 1 F1 2 F2 3 F3 4 F3.1 5 F3.2 6 F3.3 7 F3.4 8 F3.5 9 F3.6 10 F3.7 11 F3.8 12 F3.9 13 F3.10 14 F3.11 15 F4 16 F5 17 F5.1 18...

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