1. Worf

    Combination Chart: Bars and TreeMap with VBA

    Excel presents a wide variety of charts, but not a hybrid of bars and tree maps. It is not necessary to write code for custom tree maps because a guy named Fabrice Rimlinger already did that when creating the add-in mentioned below. His source code is not protected so you can look at it after...
  2. M

    Dynamically updating Sparklines in VBA Code

    Hello, I have an Excel file, with multiple tabs, in which I pull in data (daily) using VBA. I use sparklines to show trends, and I usually do this part of it manually (basically extending the sparkline to the next cell, including cells that have a value of zero). I'm looking for a way to make...
  3. I

    sparklines from text, Yes/NO, Win/Lose

    i have a column which is text, either Win or Lose. i wanted to see the streak, how can i make a spark chart based on these 2 text values? thanks
  4. P

    Sparklines - zoom/pop out

    Hi Not sure if its possible but I am looking for a way to have some sort of visualization to be able to zoom in on a selected sparkline or have it pop out Thanks
  5. D

    Plotting line graphs within excel cells without using sparklines?

    Sparklines are too limited in formatting options for what I need to do, and it would be really easy if I could just embed a line graph into a cell, with all the needed formatting parameters, then drag that over to cells below to replicate the same on other data sets. Is it possible to do this?
  6. S

    Need help with creating a sparklines stock chart

    I am not sure if I ask for the right chart though... It looks like a chart plotted in cells, just like sparklines. Anyone see this kind of chart before? If yes, any idea how to create one? Thanks in advance!!
  7. K

    Sparklines and icon sets

    Dear Excel Folks, I am trying to create a worksheet to show trends in students performance in a fitness test. I want to display icons to show whether their present attempt was better, in line with or worse than their previous effort. So for example if score 2 was better than score one it would...
  8. D

    Automated Dashboard

    Hi Guys, I am trying to make myself a dashboard that is updating itself as much as possible. I have one data sheet with all the source data which is in the following format: <tbody> Startdatum new members New member % page views visits 4.1.16 wk 1 0 0 0 0 11.1.16 wk 2 0 0 0 0...
  9. N

    Sparklines not refreshing while VBA is running

    Hello all, I automated a report in Excel that uses VBA to set some parameters, conditionally format charts, and then exports to PDF. It all works fine except for one thing: sparklines. Even though all my numbers and calculations and charts show the proper values when it gets exported to PDF...
  10. T

    Dynamic Year-To-Date Sparkline based on week chosen from Dashboard.

    Hello, I'm quite stuck with this issue and lost on what should go into the data range for the sparkline while using the Offset function as my reference value is in another workshet and combining vlookups in Offset is leaving me confused. In my dashboard worksheet, I have a list [validation] made...
  11. D


    Longshot: This is a screen shot of part of a dynamic dashboard. Is there a method, VBA or otherwise for hiding the sparkline if the value in the cell to its left is zero? Many thanks D
  12. K

    Spark line indirect reference error: "Data source reference is not valid"

    Hi, It's my first post here. :) Searched help all over the web but didn't find anything helpful on this, so here we go: I want to create a report with rolling 12 month sparklines. The report is updated monthly and I find it convenient to calculate the range in one cell and then refer to it...
  13. J

    Sparklines in HTML File Format Alternative

    Hello: I have Sparklines in an Excel file that I would like to share on the web. This would be a file that would automatically update daily. The format I set up was for the file to save as an HTML file and then be published to a website. I have discovered, however, that sparklines are not...
  14. M

    Dynamic Lookup to generate sparklines

    All, Hoping someone can help me out here. Here's my need. What follows is a simplified explanation of my spreadsheet. I have two sheets ASSIGNMENTS and AVAILABLE CAPACITY The ASSIGNMENTS sheet has a list of staff members assigned to every project we are working on. There are as many rows...
  15. E

    Sparklines Displaying Incorrectly

    I've got some data (5% in each column, unvarying, for 10 years). I constructed a spark line to cover this data, and Excel, for some reason, has the sparkline showing crazy variability. There is literally no variability in this data. It's 5% precisely. When I re-copy the formulas, the...
  16. C

    Updating sparklines with VBA

    Excel 2010 i am attempting to update multiple sparklines with VBA for the first time. First, I recorded a macro and it returned the following usable code: Sub Macro1() Range("D9:G9").Select ActiveCell.SparklineGroups.Item(1).Modify Location:=Range( _ "$D$9,$E$9,$F$9,$G$9")...
  17. N

    Sorting rows with sparklines

    Hi, I have a list of sites with various different metrics and I am compiling a dashboard/summary sheet to make sense of all of the data. I have one line and win/loss sparkline for each site with the source data for each sparkline held in a different sheet. Example data : The source data is...
  18. L

    Is there a way to unlink sparklines?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to unlink sparklines other than copy/pasting as picture? Many thanks !
  19. H

    Colouring individual Sparkline data points based on value?

    Hi all, This is a two-parter I guess. Is it possible to set the colour of an individual data point in a sparkline graph? If so, is it possible to set the colour based on criteria, for example above a certain threshold? I'm hoping to use sparks to display how a set of measures are performing...
  20. L

    Overlayed images not printing correctly

    I am trying to show 2 sparklines in the same cell. So I've created both sparklines off to the side and used the Camera Tool to get them both into one cell. I've made the image fill transparent so that I can see both images in the same cell in Excel. The problem is that when I try to print out...

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