status bar

  1. T

    VBA Code for updating status bar at the bottom + automatic refresh

    I am using the code below to show me the largest number in column B in the status bar. Sub Return_highest_number() 'declare a variable Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worksheets("Gantt table") 'return highest number in a range Application.StatusBar = "Next ID = " &...
  2. Jaafar Tribak

    Retrieving the Text being displayed on the Status Bar

    Hi all, You know when you perform tasks in excel such as copying cells, entering edit mode, turning on the ScrollLock key, dragging and dropping cells or using the fill down feature etc .. , the text on the status bar changes accordingly to reflect the current state or the action being...
  3. R

    The 'calculate' message on the lower right corner of Excel's status bar

    I understand that while in manual calc mode, dirty formulas trigger the appearance of the 'calculate' message on the status bar. However the message usually goes away once you hit F9 and does not come back until the formula gets dirty again for some reason. When dealing with User Defined...
  4. R

    Spreadsheet constantly recalculating

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that is currently 7800 rows and goes to column BK. A few months back I noticed that everytime I change anything, for instance use a filter at the top of one of the columns, there is a 20 to 30 second delay which also sort of locks up my spreadsheet and at the very bottom...
  5. P

    How to read (not write) from status bar?

    How to read values from status bar? Like the count, sum and all. Possible?
  6. V

    status bar

    How do I remove the status bar on the bottom of my spread sheet? It covers the names of my sheets so I can not advance to the next worksheet. Thx.
  7. R

    status bar "functions"?

    Hello all, searched internet and various forums for this kind of capability. My idea is to use status bar (already have this VBA coding to give activecell's color index), and click on button on status bar (like clicking zoom and macro on default status bar) opens a command window, enabling...
  8. T

    status bar aggregate values disappear when focus is on second Excel 2013 window

    Hello, One of my users frequently receives different Excel spreadsheets from different partners and needs to aggregate numbers from those many spreadsheets (all in different formats) into a "master" spreadsheet. They would work by having side-by-side Excel windows: one with the input...
  9. R

    VBA Code for putting cell value in Status Bar

    Hi, I have been trying to put the value of a cell in Excel 2010 into the status bar so I do not have to flip back and forth between sheets after changing inputs in my model. Does anyone know how to alter the code below to make it automatically update and put it into the Accounting format...
  10. B

    Average in status bar different to formula

    Hi, I have a strange situation. I want to average the numbers (in time format) in column A only when the indicator "1" appears in column B. At first to eyeball it I filtered column B to 1, selected column A and looked at the status bar which provided the average 00:00:02. However when I then...
  11. M

    Display worksheet name in statusbar

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to display the name of the sheet a macro is working on in the status bar once the macro has been completed. I have 4 worksheets the macro runs through and would like to update the user as each worksheet is done. I tried using: Dim wsname As...
  12. D

    How to determine the progress of a macro?

    Hi All, I currently am using a very lengthy macro that opens and updates 30 other spreadsheets. It currently takes between 9 and 15 minutes depending on what is doing. I have a very basic screen update built into it that shades a progressive cell in black to show its progress. I have...
  13. B

    Show % Calculated in Status Bar?

    I have a two-part process that is triggered via a button, and I'd like to show the user information about how far along the process is using the status bar. Right now, I have the workbook show one message while the workbook rebuilds and recalculates via: Application.StatusBar =...
  14. H

    Progress Bar for a slow macro

    Hello People, I have a macro which takes a looong time to execute - opening 20+ files and copying information from each into one master file. I have used the application.screenupdates = false command to stop the screen jumping all over the place while this happens, which is a greaet improvement...
  15. A

    Status Bar Display Format

    Hello: Is there a way to force the Status Bar in the lower right to display its calculations in a format other than what's selected? Situation: 1. I select a range (55.689, 52.512, 21.788) while the status bar is on SUM 2. The sum (129.989) is displayed 3. BUT I when the above numbers are...
  16. V

    Capturing Calculate Status

    I have several large templates, pulling data through an ODBC connection, so I have them set to manual calculation to speed up processing time. There will be dozens of people who use these templates; most of whom will not remember that they need to recalculate periodically to receive refreshed...
  17. S

    Workbook slow to save . . ."Table:" in status bar

    Hi All, I have inherited a spreadsheet from someone and have started modifying for my own purposes. Unfortunatley it is taking a long time to save and appears to be doing some automatic recalculations when I modify certain cells. I have removed all pivot table worksheets (is there some way...

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