1. TheMacroNoob

    SUMX and Subtotals Not Adding Up

    Hello experts, In my Power BI report I am trying to do a calculation on all rows in a table, then be able to correctly add them up in the subtotal lines by whatever grouping I am using. In my case, the final grouping I have in Matrix rows is 'Calendar'[EOM], which is not being used in the...
  2. C

    Excel 2016 Total or Subtotal Row ignoring hidden columns

    Hi all, I am trying to create a subtotal across a row like you would down a column, however, when you try to subtotal a row the calculation appears to include the hidden information. I have a Spreadsheet that contains numerous macros which hide\unhide columns of data, however, when I try to...
  3. C

    DAX Subtotals Profit and Loss statement

    I'm using the following method from Imke to produce a nicely formatted pivot table in Excel: However, I am building on this to produce projected numbers. For each reporting heading the...
  4. T

    Pivot Table Calculated Field subtotals

    I am working on a pivot table based on data that has a region, a sub-region, dates, and then the available work potential in each sub-region by date. I need to do two things, 1. I need to create a calculated field based on the available work potential 2. I need to change the subtotals to...
  5. kweaver

    VBA inserting subtotal(s) rows

    Before I totally kill my day trying to do this, I thought I'd post this considering how quickly perfect solutions are created. I have a sheet which is already sorted by column H (starting in row 5). [thanks, Fluff] I now need to put in a subtotal row for each group of names in H5:Hn and total...
  6. P

    Loop through spreadsheet and replace static subtotals with formula

    Hopefully this make sense. I have this table I would like to loop through and change the subtotals to actual formulas. My Thought was to loop through the A column because the subtotals are placed the row after the name. I thought if I could calculate the range...
  7. P

    Rank - exclude subtotals

    How do I setup a rank, type formula, to exclude subtotals? I am trying to pull a top 10 list. if I do a subtotal on the original data, I lose most of my top 10 values.
  8. D

    Rounding Formula Parameters to Make Summations Accurate

    Hello, I have reports that are in whole dollars and decimals with subtotals and totals. I need to report these in thousands. The round(x,-3) formula works for presentation for the individual rows and totals, but the sum does not equal the rounded totals and subtotals. I end up having to add...
  9. S

    Sorting grouped items

    Hey, I have grouped amounts and it equates to the subtotal. I would like to sort all of the subtotals will my groupings follow?
  10. T

    Is there a way to replace all formulas except subtotals?

    Is there a way to replace all formulas except subtotals? Currently I'm doing it manually...
  11. S

    Removing Subtotals with a value of Zero and related data

    I have a macro to remove all subtotals that equal zero along with the data making up the total; however it appears to be deleting more data than it should. For example, I know the outstanding total should be $157,542 but when I run the macro to remove the zero subtotals my outstanding balance...
  12. B

    Calculate percentage of selected range/category from a large set of data

    Hi all, I am new to mrExcel. I have a typical requirement. Currently I have one document which as the inventory of the vehicles. I need to calculate the percentage of the number of vehicles by city in a new column. The sample data as follows <tbody> Country State City Brand no of cars USA...
  13. F

    VBA or formula - Subtotal of Non-Hidden columns

    Hi, Have a report, totals represented in cells b3:ac3. I need to hide columns at times and would like the subtotals. I tried this thread but can't get it to work. Can anyone help?
  14. S

    PowerPivot table Multiple subtotals

    Hi, I'm wondering is it possible to have a power pivot report table that has the details of units sold by one criteria. Then also shows multiple subtotals at the end. IE: Total units sold by Brand is the report. Then I have a subtotals at the bottom listing the season. Another subtotals listing...
  15. srizki

    Pivot Table Subtotal,

    Pivot Table Subtotal, How do I change the subtotal column, my pivot table has approvers on column A, vendors on column B and the result of Sumiffs on column C, I want the subtotal by column A, but the pivot table subtotals by column B, that is just repeating on what is in column C. It is...
  16. F

    Automatically insert subtotals help

    I have a pivot table with multiple subtotals. Off to the right, we added manual adjustment columns not part of the pivot table. Is there a way to automatically insert subtotals (highlighted in yellow bellow) for the manually added columns? I have thousands of rows of data so manually creating...
  17. J

    Pivot table subtotals

    Hello, I got rid of subtotals in this pivot table, but how can I get those hierarchy titles and empty spaces to go away?
  18. J

    Dynamic Range with SUM Function Calculation

    For my macro the user puts in a year and month to bring up monthly expense table. I have a subtotals and month totals rows after the last date of the month. I can't figure out how to sum the subtotals for each column in my subtotals row because the number of rows above it could change because...
  19. L

    Pivot Table Subtotals?

    Hi all I use pivot table subtotals and there are not normally a problem. However I have a subtotal that when set to SUM is correct, but when set to AVERAGE, MAX or anything else = 1. Which is obviously not the correct value. Anyone know why?
  20. D

    Subtotals in Pivot tables

    I'm building a pivot table with quite a few columns. By default excel puts a column subtotal and doesn't repeat the row labels. I can remove the subtotals and make the labels repeat from the field menu. I wondered if there was somewhere no subtotals and repeat labels could be set as the default?

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