1. E

    How many surveys needed to reach the target percentage?

    EMPLOYEE NAME SURVEYS POSITIVE SURVEYS NEGATIVE SURVEYS CURRENT PERCENTAGE TARGET PERCENTAGE POSITIVE SURVEYS NEEDED E1 42 50% 75% If positive surveys vs negative surveys count as 9 positive surveys is equal to or gets canceled by 1 negative survey. With the given data above, how many...
  2. D

    Employee survey analysis

    Hello, For years I have googled and searched how to analyze employee exit survey data, in a PivotTable if possible. I finally decided to ask the experts on this forum. I have a number of characteristics for each employee who answers the survey, like age range, area, division, etc.... I then ask...
  3. K

    Create a survey with a customised report

    Hi - I need help! I am trying to create a survey with multiple choice answers, after which completed, will give the respondent a score and report based on their answers. I have tried to do this in Microsoft forms with the questionnaire feature, but I need to weight the different answers within...
  4. O

    Survey data to capture full month

    Hello everyone, I'm abit in a pickle and would be grateful for some help. My data: <tbody> Issued Answered Result <colgroup><col width="102"></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3730;width:77pt" width="102"> </colgroup><tbody>...
  5. I

    excel survey calcustion, pre and post session.

    A colleague has asked to see if there a way of creating a formula to calculate the progression that a group of young people have made through a survey folllowing a short course. The table below shows 9 young people and where they gauged their level of understanding before and after the session...
  6. K

    Copying imported data

    Not sure if this is possible, but I will ask anyway. I have a worksheet that gets data imported from a survey form This data is imported into Sheet 1 Row A1 through to A12 What i would like to do is once the data is imported, is to copy it to Sheet 2 rows A1 to A12, so I delete Sheet 1 info...
  7. A

    Combining survey results in excel

    Is there a way to combine results in excel? Survey was sent to ppl in different countries. Survey has dropdowns for each question. Responder will answer all questions. Format of the survey Question - Name of Responder - Company - Location - Dept 1 - Dept 2 - Dept 3...
  8. T

    VBA Macro to Hide/Unhide Rows Based on Criteria

    I know very little VBA, but from what I've read it is the only way to automatically hide rows in a worksheet. I am attempting to do the following: The cell Q9 in the current worksheet is determined by data from 'ProjectDataSheet'!J43 and assigns the text according to that cell remaining blank...
  9. D

    Identify duplicate titles

    Hi All, Could someone please assist with the below query as I couldn't figure out the way to do it. I have two columns(A&B) with document numbers (same numbers exist in column A due to multiple versions- draft, version 1, final etc) and Titles. Some document numbers have same titles, which...
  10. S

    Looking for a formula to insert column header text

    I must compile over 60 multipage paper surveys. The 1st question has 20 possible responses and the users marked all that applied. The easiest method I can come up with is to "x" the appropriate box and excel replace the "x" with the column title. But I can't get it to work. Can you suggest a...
  11. S

    VBA Filter

    Hi, i need some help on two matters. both are related to filters, involving dates and multiple column. a sample of my database as such: <tbody> Name Project Gender Type Funding Topic Date of Application Survey Date 1 Survey Date 2 Survey Date 3 Survey Date 4 Survey Date 5...
  12. S

    Inserting date

    Hi, I know there are a lot of discussion on inserting static date using vba, but I need something different. i need one that would insert a dummy date whenever the next cell is empty. to be more specific, I need a code to reflect the date of the respective surveys in the respective column...
  13. rjbinney

    Stacking Columns

    My Google skills have found ways to combine multiple columns into ONE column; I'm trying to figure out how to do TWO columns. Basically, I have received data from a survey. Every other column is the Question on the survey, then the next column is the Answer. (i.e., |Q1|A1|Q2|A2|Qn|An|). Each...
  14. C

    Survey Questions Excel-Highest Occurence, Second, Third, etc.

    Might be missing the obvious but need some help. I have this data that I extract from a SharePoint survey and dump into excel. The questions all have various responses and the report is becoming tedious to maintain. I want to pull the highest response, second, third for each question. When I...
  15. B

    HCL Leap Expert Needed

    Are there any HCL Leap experts out there? Doing a survey and have a question about creating a table for a question. Able to put it together, but when we save and go into the survey, the formatting is all gone. Hoping to maybe talk to someone that can walk me through it. Thanks! Bob
  16. B

    Formula lookup help

    hello, see if i can explain this well. on sheet 1 column A i have a list of unique IDs (surveys), column B is the date of the survey (in form of month), column C is unique identifier for who took the survey on sheet 2 i have the unique IDs from column A sheet 1, column B is a list of unique...
  17. P

    Help with making complex survey responses useful

    We have posted a survey and have received many answers. Unfortunately, there is no relationship in our CRM and the questions have all become jumbled. I am wondering if there is a way to process the data in Excel to make the data useful. For instance: Identify shared time stamp (survey is...
  18. F

    Distinct Count with filters on the page

    Hi All, I desperatly need help with powerbi. I am new to powerbi and I have 1 table with unqiue ids called headcount data and another table called survey data which has multiple ids. I have a relationship 1 to many from the headcount tble to the survey tble. I then have 3 filters:-...
  19. M

    Delete Rows Based off duplicate String (ZIP code) in another Column, and keep the most-recent

    Good Afternoon, I am working with a dataset that is refreshed when a sharepoint survey is completed, and the responses to that survey are then exported to a table in Excel. I want to be able to delete an entire row(s) if the ZIP code (string) of the facility reviewed (Column Y) is the same, but...
  20. F

    Frequency distribution of multiple variables in one table

    Hi all, I am analyzing a survey where people rank several product attributes on a scale from 1 to 5. I want a frequency distribution (of how many people selected 1,2,3,4,5) for all attributes in one table. Is this possible, preferably with PivotTables? I want to avoid using formulas like...

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