1. I

    How to prevent older versions from automatically converting tabs to spaces?

    My colleagues who used Excel 2013/2016 told me that, after they pasted text into a cell, tabs in the text got converted to spaces automatically. My Excel 2019 does not have such an issue. Is it possible to prevent the said automatic conversion from happening?
  2. F

    If Column is X, display text

    I have a list of names and all the countries. Column 1 is filled with names and the following columns represent all the countries of the world. In each row, there's an 'X' under the country that person has visited. On another tab, I'm listing some of these names using the formula FILTER. In the...
  3. M

    What would be the VBA code to move to the next column after Enter but NOT after Tab?

    I have the following code to run a macro that sorts column A after I hit the Enter key and keep the modified row selected. However, it also runs when I hit the Tab key. I don't want it to. Is there code that would run the macro when hitting Enter ONLY? Thank you! Private Sub...
  4. H

    Create reference (tab name) based on cell values to create the link

    Hi, I'm having real trouble in searching for the answer to my problems, perhaps I am not wording it correctly. I have 2 tabs: Sheet1 Sheet2 If I want the value in cell A2 from Sheet2 to be in cell A2 in Sheet1, the formula would simply be: ='Sheet2'!A2 Now I want to create a formula that...
  5. F

    Tab Reference in Formula

    Hello Excel Experts, I need some help (if possible) regarding formulas that contain a tab reference. Specifically, I am trying to find out if I can incorporate a formula that based off of a text contained in the same cell on every sheet, that it would change which tab will be referenced. In the...
  6. L

    How to make two new tabs pull data from each other

    I have a document that I’ve made with two tabs “shift report” and “machine data” which both pull various formulas and data from each other Is there a way I can create a button / macro that would copy both tabs but the formulas for the new ones would correspond with each other Eventually you’d...
  7. S

    Renaming a tab

    Hi i have 10 tabs that starts from "prod_xxx_F1" , "prod_xxx_F2", ... so on. How is there a way to keep F1, F2,... by deleting others. Thanks
  8. S

    Unable to copy or move sheet in Excel 2016

    Hello everyone!! i have this excel version when i try to make a duplicate sheet in workbook it showing like this, only 2 button are working that is View code and protect sheet: why other are not working??? please help me , i am worroy about this
  9. W

    Conditional Formatting referencing multiple sheets Hi Excel Users! I need some assistance in having a formula created that will highlight a cell red when the following conditions are met, however, some of the information is on different sheet tabs. On Saturday...
  10. C

    Inserting text from another tab

    Good Morning, I have an events spreadsheet and would like to do the following. The tab with the information is called Events Notices as follows: <tbody> SUBJECT LINE FULL NOTICE 50's Sock Hop Toss on your bobbi socks & poodle skirts then head down to where DJ (this needs to pick up the...
  11. C

    Matching cells, adding blank lines

    Hello, I've got an idea for a spreadsheet but am not sure where to get started. I have two tabs (Tab A and Tab B); each tab contains materials for a job. Each group of materials "A" column is the system into which the material was taken off. I would like to have all of my column A from Tab A...
  12. C

    What's the most efficient way to remove all the salary info from my model without ruining all the calcs?

    I work in Finance and I need to send out our budget model to one of our business partners, but she can't see all the salary info we have in there. One option is to go tab by tab (there are probably 30) and manually copy/paste values in the person-by-person salary calc, then delete the person by...
  13. J

    Summarize 3 Tabs into 1

    Hi all I have a customer order form spreadsheet with 3 existing tabs, each tab has a different product range and there are rows for each different product with columns for price, description, SKU and quantity ordered. I need some help please with what formula to use so that on a new fourth tab...
  14. L

    Automated Stock Sheet

    Hi, I’m trying to find a solution to automate a stock sheet. I have a register of various sizes based on diameter and length on one tab. On other tabs I’m trying to look at the first tab and automatically add new items or down date quantities you can see on the used / create tab, it has two...
  15. R

    Case Statement and For next loop

    Hello, My workbook has a tab for each month. When I’m in a specific month, I run the macro below to add a name to the Totals tab. It places the name on the first available row for that months chart. I created name rages for column A for each months chart on the totals tab. Example...
  16. T

    Help Getting Date on Tab

    Hi, I have a macro that puts data that is in a cell on the tab. Currently I turn the date into Week XX and currently names the tab of the current sheet Week XX. I know you can not put / on the tab. Is there anyway I can Create Week 45 11.3.19 on the tab? I need to replace the / in the date...
  17. F

    Copy Data from One Workbook to Another

    Hello all, Should be a simple piece of code, but I'm getting a timeout error. I've got a workbook, let's call it "summary", which I want to put a macro in that will open another workbook, select all the data from a specific tab "CFG", and paste it into a tab, of the same name "CFG" within the...
  18. C

    List all instances of a value from a list of mixed values to separate tab

    I have a column of data on a tab called "Data Dump" in column A. The column contains 5 different product codes. I'm trying to do something along the lines of: If A2 on the "Data Dump" tab equals "S-7", copy and paste A2, B2, C2, and D2 to a new tab called "S-7" starting with cell A9. Do this...
  19. A

    How to insert in cell A1 the name on the tab

    Is there a way to insert the name on the tab of an excel sheet into cell A1 without having to type it every time?
  20. P

    Keyboard Shortcut to View all Worksheets (Excel 2010)

    Hi, Is there a keyboard shortcut to view all the worksheets in a workbook? I know how to right click on the <> arrows to view all the worksheets but wondered if there was a shortcut? Thanks Peter

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