1. F

    MEDIAN IF Contains Matching Text

    HI, I'm trying to do the Median equivalent of AVERAGEIF(A1:A10,"*"&C12"&*",B1:B10) where Column C has text some of which is contained within a longer string in Column A and Column B has numerical values that I want to find the median of. I found other threads where this was possible with the...
  2. A

    Count string in each text cell of a column

    Hi everyone, I'm given an excel sheet to analyze. There is a text column and people used checked boxes to enter the data. So many cell ended up with many text strings in them, like this: "String1String2String3". And I have to get the most occurring string in the whole column. Do you have any...
  3. D

    Unable to convert date+time (yy/mm/dd hh:mm) format to excel date

    I have the following column with dates, that I need to convert for excel to recognize them as dates: 21/02/12 15:34 21/02/15 21:18 21/02/17 22:06 21/02/15 21:37 21/02/15 16:05 21/02/17 20:53 21/02/17 00:55 21/02/17 02:34 21/02/19 05:31 I have tried using DATEVALUE, TEXT...
  4. W

    How to extract number is a string of text?

    Greetings, This is my string; LANTUS 24 Units in the Morning, 18 Units + HUMLOG at Dinner Time. I need to extract the numbers, 24 and 18. I've seen all kinds of answers, including VBA, which isn't for me. W. Kirk Crawford Tularosa, New Mexico
  5. R

    InStr with Multiple Text in String

    Hi guys, Currently im try to search a cell if it contain two specific text inside it using InStr function. However it is not working. Anything am I missing here? If InStr(1, (Range("L1").Value), "Hello ") > 0 And InStr(1, (Range("L1").Value), "name ") Then The tresult im loking for should...
  6. S

    most common text within cells

    https://www.mrexcel.com/board/threads/find-the-1st-2nd-3rd-common-text-w-criteria.1146002/ https://www.mrexcel.com/board/threads/top-10-most-common-text.1145758/ I don't think this is possible with just formulas but let's say I have 10 cells, and I want to find the top 5 most common words...
  7. M

    Connecting cells in different sheets

    Name code Size in cm Weight in kg Age Gender M/f kg/cm size/age weight/age Persons Andrew Black P001 180 82 23 M 0.46 7.83 3.57 Sarah Jones P002 169 71 32 F 0.42 5.28 2.22 Tim Bradford P003 175 71 45 M 0.41 3.89 1.58 Julie Clark P004 172...
  8. T

    Excel to find key words and paste the same in Criteria column

    Team.. Need your help again. I believe it is possible for Excel to find key words as described by user and paste the same in the dedicated cell. And I also believe this can be done without using a Macro. Please help out on the below.. I prefer not to use Macro's if possible please. Keyword and...
  9. L

    VBA code to copy data from Excel by rows to multiple text files

    Hi, I would like to the have the VBA codes to copy data from MS Excel, paste into Notepad and save as text file format (.txt). Please refer to steps below. I have an MS Excel file with 2 worksheets: Fruits and Vegetables. 1. In worksheet: Fruits, Col A to F are the metadata information and Col...
  10. A

    Search for texts in adjacent cells and highlight

    Hello all, I'm quite new to VBA searching for guidance. I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to write an excel VBA script that would do the following: 1. Search column B for a cell containing "Checker Plate". 2. And if the adjacent cell (Column A) contains a "6" or a "9" then highlight...
  11. E

    Find the 1st/2nd/3rd Common Text w/ Criteria

    Hi all, Looking for a formula that will give me the result of the most common text within my dataset. I currently have, for the first common text result the following formula : {=INDEX(tblMain[Placement Provider],MODE(IF(tblMain[Reporting Fin-Year]=RIGHT(E4,5),IF(tblMain[Placement...
  12. B

    Issue about Protected workbook and cell editing function

    :giggle:Would like to ask for your suggestion for this case: Once the sheet is protected, the cell cannot be edited when I come back to it Let me input text: test1 When I try to edit again, the original text would be deleted and the cell is blank Anyway I can fix that? Even the workbook...
  13. C

    ExcelSum Column Containing numeric and alpha text

    Hi, I am trying to create a sum formula that will sum a column which contains a mixture of numeric and numeric an text entries. I am using Excel 2016 and I have a column of financial figures, which I know I can use the =sum function to calculate the total of these figures, however, some of the...
  14. B

    Finding the last text value based on cell value in another column

    Hi all So I have a table of data - here is an example: A B C 1 Code Stage Final Stage 2 455 Stage 1 3 455 Stage 2 4 522 Stage 1 5 522 Stage 1 6 616 Stage 1 7 616 Stage 2 8 616 Stage 3 9 616 Stage 4 What I'm wanting in column 3 is a formula to return the...
  15. V

    Unique ID between two date ranges

    Hello, Would like assistance to run a query in Access for the table below, where the ID is a text format. Date ID Value 4/15/2020 ABA 2.00 4/15/2020 NHB 1.00 4/19/2020 BBB 0.222 4/20/2020 RRRf 1.55 5/1/2020 NNN 9.55 5/2/2020 JUY 2.22 5/2/2020 YYY 2.22...
  16. alansidman

    Want to Put Text into a Pivot Table instead of numerical data

    Have you ever wanted to put Text into the fields in a Pivot Table instead of Values. Well, I found this link where Bill Jelen shows you how using Power Pivot at the site Strategic Finance. Fairly easy to follow. https://sfmagazine.com/post-entry/ju...a-pivot-table/
  17. S

    Format text between two bookmarks in word (VBA)

    Hello, i hope you all are well. I am looking for a way to format text (e.g. size, fond and line spacing) between two bookmarks ("Start" and "End") of a word document using VBA. Do you have ideas / tips how i can solve this problem? Thanks in Advance and best regards, Sarah
  18. D

    Pivot table text not values

    Hello everyone, I am using Excel with a table dump from ERP system. In the example below I am trying to create PT that returns the text value instead of number or formula. In the column ADHOCV all the values under should be ADHOCV not 0. Is this possible? I can do find and replace but this...
  19. H

    Find and Replace Loop Using Spreadsheet

    Hi all, Sorry for the beginner VBA question - I've been stuck for a while and haven't been able to adapt any answers from this forum to quite get the results I would like. I have a range (B46:C54) on multiple sheets that contains values that need to be used in a find and replace. B46:B54...
  20. MrDB4Excel

    Text Extraction

    During the course of extracting the date and time data from this Excel sheet into a word document it adds a tab character between 2020, the @ and the time, in this case, 11:40. So I first tried using the concatenate but it inserts numbers instead of date and time formats. Changing the format of...

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