1. D

    Remove characters in formula

    I need to run this formula but need it to ignore the text that is in cell W12. Formula is =sum(w12*t12)/100 Cell w12 reads as ‘15 kestrel’ So I want to ignore everything but the 15, I have other cells with different text so it has to ignore generic text.
  2. B

    Copy and Paste then Auto save from 2 wbs into 1 wb

    Hi all How to copy and paste 2 wbs from 2 locations into one then run macro 1 then auto save the combine wb into the same folder with wb1 , same name as wb1 but add specific text1 and time stamp at the end & (.csv ) After that, the macro will automatically redo copy and paste 2 wbs above...
  3. W

    Custom Data Validation

    Hello all, I am trying (and failing) to implement a custom data validation to prevent issues during data entry. I need to permit the following example formats: 4.1 4.2.1 I can get the '4.1' level working easily enough (as it's seen as a number with decimal), however once I start...
  4. W

    SAP RFC "RFC_READ_TABLE" can search for job names like "*" and "%" of sm37

    English is not good, please forgive me You can search for information by giving the full name with the job name. How to search like sm37, you can use * or % search range Like this StrMaterial = "888_A31-YCH-*" But it doesn't work, so there should be other ways, or the instructions of the...
  5. L

    Sorting by date

    Hi, I have exported a file as a CSV that includes dates and other information. Upon export, the dates are not in chronological order and I cannot seem to get them sorted into chronological order. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I also do believe that the dates are stored as text but can't...
  6. I

    If then statement failing

    Hello all, I'm having an issue getting an IF then statement to work within VBA. I'm trying to have my spreadsheet format a text to columns if A2 is blank. (meaning if it hasn't been text to columns already) I've tried a number of different formulas. It's not skipping if A2 has data and redoing...
  7. C

    If statement

    Good morning everyone, I hope someone can helps with this one, I have the following formula(copied down through rows etc) =IF(D2=G2,"ok",IF(D2>G2,"Supplier MPQ higher","Check pack multiple")) to return a simple text answer, but what I wish to modify this (if possible) to show that t if G2 is...
  8. S

    Conditional hiding of many text boxes

    Hi all, I have very little coding expertise and have searched the web and the forum, but couldn't quite find the solution. I am trying to show/hide hundreds of text boxes based on their values. Use case: I have an image of a map (jpg), which includes 222 locations. Each of these locations has...
  9. J

    Finding most common words in excel

    Hi there, I have several survey question responses. Many of them are paragraphs in single cells. I am wondering if there is a way for excel to look at every word (not just the cell as a whole) and return the most common words. The problem I am running into is that I want to look at each...
  10. G

    Code changing color of text stored in ActiveX Text Box

    Hi, I am having an ActiveX Text Box control in my worksheet which is linked to a cell data. I want to change the color of the font of the text box based on certain condition. What is the VBA Code for this task? I am trying with the following but not working...
  11. C

    Comparison match for text

    I am trying to do a comparison of uneven columns of text to see if the other column contains a match. I want to make it not case-sensitive. I have tried doing an IF statement. Is there anything else you recommend?
  12. E

    IF Formula using 'text' as a condition

    Hi there, Using the IF function, I'm simply looking to return the contents of a cell only if it has text in it. I thought the Logical test might be; IF A1 = " " This is clearly wrong. Can anyone assist please? Also, if the cell is blank (False)then it currently returns a 'zero'. I would...
  13. P

    SUM only numbers in a cell that also contains text.

    Hi, I'm sure this will be fairly straightforward for someone here... I have a group of cells that I want adding together, they are cells G65, K65, O65 and S65. Each one of these cells contains both text and numbers and I only want to add the number part of the cell. They all contain the same...
  14. D

    Fuzzy Lookup Meets Find and Replace

    So first things first, my title might be inaccurate but I'm not sure of the terminology. I have a long list within a single column of various length text. Most of these text strings will contain, in part, 1 of about 30 known phrases. In the column next to the original text I'd like to place the...
  15. diddi

    Combobox Text behaviour

    Morning All! I have a minor but irritating problem with UDF comboboxes. I need to display a long text item for user to have correct information in selection, but do not need to display it all after selection. my annoyance is that after selection the content is always displayed right justified...
  16. B

    If CountIf - Help Displaying Blank Cell

    Hi Guys, I could really do with some help if possible, I have a cell that looks up a column any will display "Complete" when all other cells in column K are "Complete" or "Outstanding" when any other cells in column K contain Outstanding. What I'd like to do is for this cell not to display ANY...
  17. H

    Extracting text from a random string and matching to a list

    I have a csv file which I have downloaded to Excel. The name of this worksheet is 'Tickets'. This contains text strings of random length which include standard 'labels' of random length. The text is in column C. The phrases in the text are separated by "|" which may assist. I have a separate...
  18. T

    Text into date format

    Please help me out converting numbers into date format in column O Text THS100219 THS092719 THS091819 THS080719 into 10/02/19 09/27/19 09/18/19 I tried format cell into date. it does not work. Thanks
  19. H

    Text to Columns with multiple delimiters

    I wonder if you can help. I have been tasked with extracting text from a CSV download from an app of a list of standard responses. As a download these contain multiple strings of characters such as: <p>Hello {{ entity.person.display_name }}</p><p><br></p><p>Thank you for your...
  20. H

    Hyperlink cell based on value

    I am having a sheet in which I want to hyperlink a cell such that it finds text mentioned in formula and moves cursor there For this I am using below formula =HYPERLINK("#ToDo!A" & MATCH("promc1",A:A,0), "display text") Above formula is entered in cell A53 Todo is sheet name in the same...

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