1. X

    Need Formula to take todays date and fill dates for week days.

    I've been looking for an answer for quite some time now without any luck. It has been difficult to word so even more difficult to find an answer. What i'm trying to do is have excel take todays date in cell A1 =date() In cells a2:g2 it is respectively Sunday - Monday I need a formula to have...
  2. T

    Open a workbook with Multiply Worksheets to today's date.

    Hello, I am trying to find a vba code that will open my workbook to today's date. I have found many that work with just the one sheet as people only want to highlight the cell. My workbook is a rota, so this means that each month is a separate sheet and is continually being added to as the...
  3. P

    vba import *.xls with todays date

    Hi All, I'm importing a xls file into an xlsm file. This xls file is created each day onto a workers desk top. My question is, is there a sub that I can provide to first check if the xls file has todays date in the 'Date modified' string before my other sub begins the import? Does anyone...
  4. J

    Change Fill color and font type based on date VBA help

    Hi all, I have a VBA code I am using that will change a specific cell in column L to a fill of yellow or icolor=6 if it matches todays date. If the date in column L is before todays date, I want it to turn red or icolor=3. (I would prefer if it would stay yellow for 3 days instead of 1 day, but...
  5. G

    VBA for today date

    Good day, thanks for reading and try to help, I have recorded this macro and the only thing that I did here to unselect all dates on slicer and then select today's date I want to see how can I configure the same code for only selecting today's date only and also this list will grow more...
  6. T

    macro to show last time a row was updated?

    HI Everyone, I need a macro that when any data is entered into any cell range E13:N103 todays date is entered into Column O on that row, any ideas who to do this? Thanks Tony
  7. C


    Hello all you lovely people. Just a quick question, I have a userform that has a DTPicker (Calendar Date Picker) in it that shows today's date, how do I make it display the day before. Thank you in advance.
  8. Z

    Lookup values by today's date

    Hello Gurus I need your help I want to know How to link today's date against numerous dates mentioned in single column against the name of a person and completion status of that thing (like: Draft, In progress, Pending etc) In attachment on SHEET 1 Column G is where I want that formula...
  9. J

    Formula Dates - 3 Conditions

    For 2 days I'm thinking how to do this conditional formatting. It would be great if someone can help. 1. If the date in the cell is more than or equal to Todays date it will be highlighted with red. 2. If the date in the cell (compared to today's date) is less than or equal to 30 days it will...
  10. Sharid

    VBA Date in column Isuue

    I though the code in red was working and for its part it does do the job, but not as I expected. The code in red puts todays date into column A if there is DATA in column B. The code was fine yesterday but not today. [CODE Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Application.ScreenUpdating = False '...
  11. M

    Macro to find last instance of today's date

    Hello. In my workbook, column A contains dates, which can be repeated. The table is not sorted (and can't be) on column A. I need a macro that will find the last instance of today's date, and select the cell (or table row) immediately under. I haven't been able to find a solution for this...
  12. J

    Count rows with 2 date columns where either or both dates past today's date

    I have a sheet with dates in two columns: Start Date (column A) and Due Date (column B), rows 2:20. I'm looking for a formula which compares today's date with Start Date and Due Date and if today's date is past either or both of those dates then count that row as 1. The formula should return...
  13. D

    how to get the date they updated it

    I thought this was working to give today's date when they updated the form, but then when they opened it =IF(OR($E24<>"",$F24<>0),NOW(),"")
  14. bencar

    How Do I Show # of Days Before Today's Date?

    In one column in my sheet it says '=TODAY()-31' when I click in it. The date happens to be 31 days before today's date. How do I format a column of past dates like this so that when I click in the cell I see '=TODAY()-31' where the '-31' part shows the amount of days before today's date?
  15. R

    Select today's date

    I have a sheet with dates for the whole year running from B2 all the way to NB2 for all of 2018. When I open the sheet I would like today's the date to be highlighted and potentially the whole column. If it's easy to simply do the date, that will suffice. tia all
  16. B

    Today's Date function

    I need help with an excel function. I am looking to create an excel function that determines if there is text then spits out the today's date. =IF (logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false]) =IF(ISTEXT(Q19),NOW(),"")
  17. P

    Formula for aging data

    I have a data set which contains a column of dates. I am trying to generate a countIfs statement to count how many dates fall one day from "todays" date tgen another statement for two days from "todays" date and so on. Ending with individuel counts of how many dates fall 1 day to 10 days from...
  18. K

    copy date, if cell blank use todays date

    Hi I have the following working formula, but now need to update it. =IF(ISBLANK('Raw data'!A2),"",DATE(YEAR('Rawdata'!A2),MONTH('Raw data'!A2),1)) I am now trying to add todays date rather than a blank value by adapting the formula, I am getting a #Value returned with the updated formula:-...
  19. S

    COUNTIF before date, but keep current value if after

    I have a table from M12:W24. In M12:M24 are dates In Cell W14 I would like it to look at todays date, and compare this against M15 (So it looks if todays date is before the start of next month) If it is, I want it to count the number of "YES" in A1:a100 If it is beyond that date, I don't...
  20. C

    Vlookup based on date amorization calendar

    Hello friends, Im trying to figure out a best way to get data based on todays date. Here is the situation: First Tab I have todays date: =today()...TAB 1 CELL A1 Tab 2: I have 3 COLUMNS Column A: DATE -which has the first of month date(e,g. 03/01/2018, 04/01/2018, 05/01,2018....etc) Column B...

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