1. A

    VBA Practice?

    Hi all, I find myself always posting on the forums and asking for assistance with VBA. Majority of the times I get the help I need which is great, but usually have a hard time understanding what the code actually does/means. I would say I'm an advanced Excel user but still a beginner with VBA. I...
  2. H

    Create a tutorial

    I have a spreadsheet with vba buttons, code and userforms. I want to creat a "Help" button inside a UserForm that when clicked opens up a tutorial of how to use the sheet. My dilemma is I don't know what control from the toolbox to use. I tried a text box, but it won't let me format it with...
  3. P

    Building a data entry form with Excel VBA

    Excel 2016, Windows 7. I am trying to learn how to build a data entry form for a worksheet that contains more than 32 columns. When I searched the forum I found this post from someone with a similar question. Following that thread, I started working on the tutorial for Excel VBA Userform - Easy...
  4. V

    VB.Net tutorial

    Hi All, Very Happy New Year. As my experience to learn VBA with MrExcel is outstanding. And hence MrExcel Experts are Programmers and hence you can guide me on Vb.net tutorial. Could any one have idea the simple and best link or document to learn vb.net, please.. Many Thanks..
  5. H

    Problem with Peltier Technique - stacked charts

    I'm trying to follow this tutorial https://peltiertech.com/Excel/ChartsHowTo/PanelUnevenScales.html and am running into some chart creation problems. I've recreated the tutorial up to this point: But my use case needs a full days worth of data at one-minute intervals so I 1) moved the...
  6. A

    Remove duplicate values for unique drop downs with multiple matches

    I have a spreadsheet with three columns of data. Column 1 and 2 have multiple matches. Columns 3 are all unique values. I am trying to make three drop downs that only show unique values in each based on the selection from the previous drop down. However, only tutorials I can find have 2 columns...
  7. S

    Macos for beginners

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to learning new excel skills in 2018. Can you please help me by telling me what is the best way/place to start learning macros, preferably a detailed tutorial of sorts. I am a kindergartner at Excel Marcos/VBA so I need to learn from...
  8. M

    How do I update data?

    Hi, I just discover Power Pivot and I'm happier than ever :-) My problem now is that I'm not able to add new data to the model. I've followed steps in this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yel9PMxvOfc But I lose all the calculated fields I have in my data set: How can I fix this...
  9. P

    Use previous quota, then borrow if it is needed

    Good day, This is the spreadsheet link: CLICK HERE I am currently looking for a formula and the formula that I am looking for goes something like this. Each member has a set of quota per month. The quota is a fix value, and will never be changed. A member will use his previous month quota...
  10. Q

    Excel newbie trying to do something moderately complicated (analysis of staff data over time)

    I guys so I am a bit of an excel newbie and need some help getting my head around the best way to create an excel sheet for the data that I have. I have a CS background and have done DB subjects as part of my course work however creating an SQL database isn't an option in this case. The data I...
  11. F

    Tutorial: Fractals in Excel VBA

    only 16 lines of code: Excel tutorial - Mandelbrot set fractal
  12. HillDragon

    Creating a Call Center staffing tool in PowerPivot using Erlang C and Weighted Moving Averages

    Ok, if you have ever had to staff a call center you'll know that you are either large enough to afford the purchase of staffing tools or you're not. It's that cut and dry. The company I work for falls into the latter and ever since I was placed into a position that dealt with those sorts of...
  13. G

    No portability with UDFs

    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I have created a macro workbook that sits on our server that various users on different computers need to be able to open. I have solid (if self-taught) experience with VBA code, UDFs, etc.,, but very little experience with creating, setting up or...
  14. Majawat

    Newbie Userform questions: Userform to variables

    I appologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, I did a quick search on here and didn't come back with anything that suits my needs. Moreover, I've also searched google as well. I just started using Userforms today. I've used Visual Basic before so I understand some about the theory about...
  15. D

    Excel tutorials wanted - I am a student

    Hello, I am a student preparing for job interviews in the Spring. I will be applying for a job in the management consulting field. I have checked with my university, but they do not have anything more than a basic MS office tutorial covering beginners excel. I would like to learn how to...
  16. MrKowz

    Free Excel Tutorial I am building for Beginners

    Hey all, I am progressively working on an Excel Tutorial that could be very useful for beginning users of Excel and possibly for some early-intermediate users. The original reason for me creating this file was so I could hold a few meetings with my department to teach them some of the basics of...
  17. D

    Waiting list in Access

    Hi, I have a nice database for my small company, an after school care center in Holland. I work with Access 2003 and would like to have a starting date possibility on my form; for new children and children who are changing days or times etc. as from some day in the future. I cannot figure out...

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