1. P

    Unpivot Data - Power Query / Excel / SQL

    Hi I have summarized data in the following format: role 2021 2022 2023 admin 1 2 2 I would like to convert this so it is presented as: role year admin 2021 admin 2022 admin 2022 admin 2023 admin 2023 I've tried PowerPivot and the Unpivot option. That doesn't seem to show...
  2. P

    Unpivot my data - Excel / PowerQuery / SQL

    Hi I have summarized data in the following format: 2021 2022 2023 admin 1 2 2 I would like to convert this so it is presented as: admin 2021 admin 2022 admin 2022 admin 2023 admin 2023 I've tried PowerPivot and the Unpivot option. That doesn't seem to show in this...
  3. G

    Creating a group index column based on the columns I unpivoted

    Hi, I am using this wholesale customers dataset as an example. Using PQ, I have unpivoted all the columns from Fresh to Delicassen as shown below. What I would like to do next is create a column "Order ID" that would work like an Index column, except it's incrementing by 1 with each new...
  4. S

    Unpivot - Help Required

    Hi , I am very new to power query . I have a raw set of data . In excel I use a three way look up to get the required answer. The attached input file and the related output file after using formula will give you an idea of what I do. Since my actual data set is very large, the formulas take a...
  5. M

    Can I unpivot multiple non-contiguous rows to columns?

    I am trying to import six regional schedules, each with a separate sheet for each week of the month. When I pull all of the sheets in through power query the dates are scattered on various rows throughout the aggregated editor view. Is it possible to unpivot all of the rows with dates to...
  6. tbablue

    Power Query (noob-ish) struggling with changing Field names.

    Hi Forum, Long time excel user - first post with a Power Query question. I've been gnawing on this problem for days - my head is going numb. Any help offered, gratefully received. Every week, I get a cross tabulated report which I need to unpivot: Ancillary information like Name, Dept,etc -...
  7. O

    unpivot using nested headers (multiple columns)

    Hello all, I have searched for a few days now how to unpivot via VBA. While I have found some helpful information out there, my situation is unique in that the desire is to unpivot nested headers. Horizontal groupings have levels. For example, below is simple example of what I am trying to do...
  8. S

    Power Query Unpivot?

    HI, I have a power query table with payments made on a transaction. I would like to have all payments on one line for each transaction so I can link them to the sales table. But if a customer paid with 2 credit cards in power query it is listed on 2 lines. I was hoping to use the un pivot and...
  9. M

    Transpose variable data from a single column into multiple columns based on indent level

    Hello helpful excel folk! I have been given a data export to cross reference that looks like it was created as some kind of pivot and the only data structures are the cell indents in the first column. I have already used a small VBA script to populate the indent level of the cell data and now...
  10. M

    unpivotting a table with macro

    Hello everyone, So i had been directed to this thread here: https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/783577-unpivot-table-2.html?highlight=unpivot+macro which has a very useful macro for unpivotting data from a table using VBA, works really well and is what i have been looking for, for...
  11. M

    Dynamically unpivot data from a table to a new one

    Hello there everyone! I'm in a bit of a kerfuffle... and not really sure how to go about this. I've created a workbook that multiple people will be entering data into and its going to broadcast how many of each insert we will need per month. So right now i have a table that looks like this...
  12. J

    How can i UNPivot a pivot table to retrieve all of the data in Tabular form> excel 2013?

    All we got from the client is the final pivot table, we do not the source tabular data. Can I UNpivot it to get back to my raw data? thanks Jeff
  13. H

    How to calculate Contribution using DAX - Complex Business Problem - Please help

    SQL View: a view created from SQL query from different tables Unpivot SQL View: and unpivot version of table created in point 1 through power query Report : Desired presentation Objective: adding contribution column next to sales column where contribution is total sales - total prime cost...
  14. A

    Unpivot and Arrange the data in Sheet1

    Hi All, Please help me unpivot and arrange the data in Sheet1 using power query. My data must look same as in Sheet2.. Mr MarcelBeug helped me in the past and now I am looking forward to his help or some other expert. My file link is here...
  15. B

    Unpivot other columns

    HI I have data in sheet "data" and would like to unpivot them. I click "from table" then highligh "need?" and then go to transform --> "unpivot other columns" Excel cannot unpivot all of the selection and has error at the end of the list. Could anyone help? How can I add attachment? Below...
  16. P

    Help Unpivoting table?

    Hi all, I'm using Excel 2011 on a Mac, I have the Developer tab available. I have a workbook that looks like this: <colgroup><col width="50" span="17" style="width: 50pt;"></colgroup><tbody> Family Genus Species Blood / Heart Teeth / Mouth Guts / Stomach Sexual health Neurological General...
  17. D

    Unpivot VBA Help

    I need assistance with a VBA that will take the sample data provided in the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4w20SQzW8pCdGZQRFMzUkpnYXc and pivot all of the date columns to look like the data provided in the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4w20SQzW8pCT3R1WENJQV9DeG8 I would...
  18. S

    Calculating count of 1st occurrence of ACV value in crosstab rows containing variable date headings

    Hi, I have multiple crosstab workbooks like this, each representing ACV data for a particular Category-Country e.g. Foods-US. The workbooks filenames are e.g. INO-Food-US.xlsx INO-Pet Food-US.xlsx INO-CCare-US.xlsx INO-CCare-UK.xlsx INO-Food-UK etc. i can loop thru the folder and import all...
  19. M

    Transform Rows to columns

    Hi! Please help me with my thesis research. I have downloaded huge data set to analyse. For the first step, I want to transform the data. I want dates to be in the rows, and company names to be in the columns. Currently it is like this; Name Date Price Company A...
  20. L

    In VBA, does a check for a value slow down or speed up calculation?

    I have a workbook where there are various groups of cells where users enter values. I have code which translates that worksheet into a nice clean data table. Essentially the code loops through the defined ranges and checks every cell to see if there is a value > 0. If there is a positive...

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