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  1. I

    VBA Update Links not Updating

    Hello, I have two 2010 Excel workbooks: Book 1 is on a shared drive and linked to multiple other Excel books within the same folder. It automatically updates when opened without a prompt to update. Book 2 is on my local drive linked to a password protected (modify, not open) Excel book...
  2. S

    Excel links do not work upon copying folder

    Hi there I have a link(ed) query... I am working with multiple excel linked files. the structure is something like: Main Folder>> Sub- Folder + Loose Files >>Sub- Folders>> Files Files are linked within as well as between the sub- folders. Problem: Whenever I copy the...
  3. D

    Remove opening source "error" message Excel 2010

    In a xlsm workbook I have an auto open macro that opens a different workbook that has a user form with multiple buttons linked to the master workbook. The user form workbook has no macros, only links to all my VBA code. This was updated from a very old Excel project. When the user form book...
  4. C

    External links in Excel 2016

    I am migrating from Office 2010 to Office 2016. Previously, when opening spreadsheets with External Links in Excel 2010, the linked cells would retain their stored values until I would select “Update Links”. With Excel 2016, even though I select “Don’t Update” when prompted regarding External...
  5. C

    External links - Excel 2016 Migration

    I am migrating from Office 2010 to Office 2016. Previously, when opening spreadsheets with External Links in Excel 2010, the linked cells would retain their stored values until I would select “Update Links”. With Excel 2016, even though I select “Don’t Update” when prompted regarding External...
  6. K

    update links vba debug error

    Hi i have a workbook open, but i want it update all the links on the page The links from the other spreadsheets are open on other computers that are shared and are saved every 5 mins The current code looks like this Sub UpdateIt() ''This stops any messages popping up on the screen...
  7. C

    Updating Links, Ignore workbooks that are open

    Hello all. In my workbook i have a button to update the workbook which i will press several times whilst it is open as the files regally change. It all works well unless i have one of the workbooks open. Is there a way for vba to check to see if the workbook is open, if so then it will skip the...
  8. J

    VBA type mismatch

    The following code is giving me a type mismatch error...I am trying to update the links when a tab is activated by a user...this was working yesterday for me which is why its really strange. The linked workbooks on are a network share drive and I have access to both of them.. Workbook1 has...
  9. H

    Automatically Update Links/Enable Content when opening Excel files from SharePoint

    Hi. While this is my first post, I have been dipping into this board for too many years to contemplate for help on VBA and have always appreciated the resource. I manage a department SharePoint site as an administrator (with limited privileges) for the Sales Team. I have a number of workbooks...
  10. W

    VBA Open produces Update Links, Excel UI does not

    Excel 2007 VBA -- When I open a particular file from the Excel user interface or Win Explorer, the file opens without the "... links cannot be updated" dialog. When I use a empty new file and a vba code of only "Workbooks.Open filename", it opens with the dialog. I have purged the file of all...
  11. M

    Worksheet Reference Link Wont Update

    Hello, I have an issue with worksheet links through a network drive. System information: Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit Microsoft Office 2010 Professional I have two workbooks, v1_File and v3_File. Both are Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled workbooks and are both saved on a network drive. The...
  12. R

    Links not updating

    Hi I've got a workbook with a dashboard in it and it contains links to other workbooks. I changed settings so that the links are updated automatically and the dashboard is continually up to date. For some reason now, the links not only don't update automatically but when i click on Edit Links...
  13. M

    AutoUpdate of Links work on Terminal Server but not on PC

    Our Lisbon, Portugal location is trying to turn off an old Terminal Server. For years they used Excel 2003 on this TS and would have many links between several excel files and would update/refresh these links without issue. we are now moving them off of TS to PC's with Excel 2010, but now...
  14. F

    Don't allow update links

    I have a number of spreadsheets that have links to several source data files. I want to be able to turn off the link updates so that a user has to manually choose the actions to make the updates. I know in Tools - Options there is the checkbox to always ask to update links, which is what I...
  15. S

    Automate selection of new source file for links

    I have a Powerpoint presentation that is linked to one Excel workbook. The document contains about 60 linked objects. This Powerpoint is shared among multiple users who update the data in the Excel file and then they update the links in the Powerpoint. We have trouble getting the users to...
  16. K

    "Update Link" automatically for Excel Chart in PowerPoint while Excel file is open (Read-Only)

    I have an Excel Sheet that we use to track project progress. This sheet is open almost around the clock as people are constantly entering information into this sheet. I then have a PowerPoint presentation which links to this Excel file and grabs some graphs from it and then displays this...
  17. C

    Disable update links messages on workbooks opened through VBA in template file

    I have an Excel 2007 macro-enabled template to open all workbooks in a given directory, copy all the sheets back into the template file, then perform some analysis. The issue I'm coming across is that when the code cycles through all the workbooks in my directory, on occasion it will come...
  18. N

    Excel 2003 crashes when update links is done

    I have an excel file which is linked to other workbooks. When I open the file and are asked to update links and do so, excel crashes. If I don't update the links but do Edit / Links and then Update Values it also crashes when I select the file that has the most links to it. BTW this doesn't...
  19. pedie

    Hi, need vba to update links connected to other workBook.

    Hi, can VBA update links (eg: formula like Vlookup, or other references) connected to other workBOOK. As everytime i open the workbook, i have to click on options and click on enable. Please advice. Ped;)
  20. Default300

    Query DataSource Filename & File Path: ?HowTo Update Query Automatically when either one Changes?

    Windows XP Home / Professional Excel 2003 / 2002 VBA 6.5.1024 MS Query 11.8164.8172 Question (concise version): I have several QueryTables in an Excel Workbook. The Query for each was created from the User Interface, and with Microsoft Query, (not VBA so far). During development, I am changing...

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