1. J

    Unique ID field based on other fields entered in a record

    Hi, Firstly, thanks for taking the time. I am extremely new to Access, so hopefully this makes some sense. I have a table with some address details and I want to generate a Unique ID (either in the ID field or a new field) which relates back to the initials entered into the "State" field...
  2. S

    V-Lookup Values

    Hi When I am using V-Lookup, it is fetching information but not all the information is fetched although when I manually checked, values were present in the source table. V-lookup is showing N/A for those values. Below is the snip. The cells in blue have email addresses in the source table but...
  3. S

    Pivot Table - Sorting the whole table based on additional V-Look Up Data

    Basically I have a Pivot Table and got a few V LookUps in subsequent columns. Now I want to sort the whole Pivot Table based on the extra Column which contains V-LookUp Data but it's all greyed out. So I thought, let's just add the relevant field to the Pivot Table but then it just goes right...
  4. G

    Search in Reverse on V-lookup or Index Match

    Hello All... Lookup value: 1B-22A-1555 When I use V-lookup or Index Match, the formula returns an N/A. However, when I remove the “1” in front of the “B”, V-lookup and Index Match returns the correct data, the formula, I believe keys on the “1555”. So, Is it possible to have a V-lookup or...
  5. A

    IFERROR with V-Lookup and ISBLANK

    Hello! I have an IFERROR, which returns a value from a V-lookup, and iferror, it returns the text "Active". However, some of the fields from the V-lookup are blank and it returns 1/9/1900. Which function can I add so that these cells also the text "Active"? I currently have...
  6. L

    Create pivot table in existing worksheet

    Hi All, I'm a total newbie , so please apologies for my poor language :) I need a macro that creates a pivot table in the existing worksheet (named C-grades). Range is O11:T500. Location pivot: 'C-grades'!$X$11 Fields to add to report: "material" (in rows) and "C-grade Quantity" (sum of...
  7. J

    V-Look Up Not working

    I have data in Sheet 1 Column A-P. Column D is a list with account numbers. In sheet 2 I have a mapping data. Column A is a type of account. Column B is account # and Column C is account description. In Sheet 1 in column Q I have following formula: =VLOOKUP(D2,Sheet2!A:C,1,FALSE) I am trying to...
  8. E

    Best way to live consolidate data/subtotal live data over multiple sheets..?

    Hello, Sorry if the title doesn't make make sense. I'm pricing a project which split into blocks, with many of the same specifications repeated by block. I have used V-lookup (on a different sheet) to generate the same rates for materials and labour, but is there any way to total up the...
  9. J

    Want to Match a List of Numbers in One Sheet to a List of Numbers which match in another

    Hi, I currently have an empty (B) column which I want to populate with a list of numbers which are listed on a separate sheet. These need to match line by line with another list of numbers in the same (original) sheet in column D. The list in column D is much longer than the list on the...
  10. U


    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 YELLOW RED GREEN PINK SILVER 2 ORANGE X 3 APPLE 4 GRAPE X X 5 KIWI X X 6 BANANA X X </tbody> <tbody> Kiwi Formula? </tbody> I need to list the ??? cell with a formula so that it picks up the column...
  11. U

    Using V-Look Up to transfer data from one workbook to another

    Hi, I am not very good with excel hence the post. I am trying to transfer data from one workbook to another (without copying and pasting it) using some sort of V-look up formula or any other that I may not be aware of. I have given an example of the data set below: Workbook1: <tbody> A B...
  12. K

    Lookup value from user form with multiple results

    Hey guys, So I'm very new to Visual Basic so I apologize in advance for any obvious things that I'm missing. I'm working on a tool for price estimation that will allow people to enter the number of pages in a project and the number of interviews for a project into a user form, and then have the...
  13. T

    VBA Help in Macro

    Hey I am trying to run a macro that fill complete a v-lookup. The v-lookup is being ran in column C and its lookup value is coming from column A. The table array is coming from another workbook. I am wanting the v-lookup to run until it finds an empty cell in column A since the number of values...
  14. V

    Combing list and V-lookup

    Hello, I am trying to get a list on a separate tab of two columns. I have the following: <tbody> Column B Column S 1 1/4 1@2 2 3/8 2@4 3 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 1/4 </tbody> 2@4 </tbody> And am trying to get add: <tbody> Column 1 Column 2 1 1/4 1@2 AND 2@4 2...
  15. B

    help with complciated vlookup + if formula

    would really appreciate any help...wish i could attach the excel document here as it'd be easier to describe, but essentially, this is what i need to happen in 5 different cells: Cell 1. If there is a "V#" (meaning v1, v2, V3, etc) in Column L, then take that "V#" Cell 2. For whichever row had...
  16. J

    V-Lookup over multiple sheets

    I have an excel file that has multiple sheets (6 currently but more will be added) I also have a master sheet that I want to lookup invoice numbers from the other 6 files. I have created a formula called VLOOKALLSheets but that is pulling data from the master also. The logic I need is: Look in...
  17. N

    V-LOOKUP Lacking, need guidance

    <TBODY> Badge #</SPAN> Division</SPAN> Location Name</SPAN> Employee</SPAN> Product</SPAN> Count</SPAN> Date</SPAN> 14844</SPAN> 403</SPAN> Denver 5</SPAN> Paul</SPAN> Apples</SPAN> 33</SPAN> 1/2/2012</SPAN> 14844</SPAN> 403</SPAN> Denver 5</SPAN> Paul </SPAN> Bananas</SPAN> 55</SPAN>...
  18. E

    VBA Code

    Hi, I have been working on this problem for a while, and am stuck at a juncture: I have two very large email lists, one with 30,000 emails and one with 100,000 emails. I want to write a vba code that will keep only the email addressed in the list of 30,000 (Sheet1) and also in the list of...
  19. R

    Creating Email Addresses for Blank Cells

    I have a spreadsheet that has 4 columns - Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Email Address The first 3 are complete. the 4th, Email Addresses has blank cells. Two issues: How do I create a valid email address for the blank cells using the information in the cell above? Also, is it...
  20. B

    V-lookup formatting error

    In row A I have about 5000 SKUs that are generally a few numbers and then a few letters. For some reason, even though I go to "format as number", they all still have errors saying "Number Stored as Text". Because of this formatting error, the V-lookup doesn't return a value. But as soon as I...

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