vba coding

  1. C

    VBA Changing Directory for different users

    Hello there! I've only recently started learning VBA and wanted to know if there was a way to have the directory change for different users. I have a basic excel VBA macro which performs the function of importing data. I want to share it with my colleagues but they have to manually change the...
  2. An Quala

    Covert Data into Text with VBA Code

    Hello, so when I download this sheet from the web, it always shows this error "Convert to number", basically in few of columns (where there are numbers) it is stored as different format which does not allow you to sort with number and mathematical operations, I change it manually with...
  3. tlc53

    Spreadsheet Operating Slowly - Improve VBA Coding?

    Hi there, I have the following VBA coding on my spreadsheet which functions as I want it to. The only problem is, it is quite slow and flickers a lot. Even when data is entered into a basic cell with no VBA coding attached to it, it acts like it is having a good think about it. Is there anyway...
  4. C

    Table Search -> Copy/Paste Code

    Hey all, I'm new to VBA coding and not quite sure where to start with this project nor do I know if it is 100% doable. Below is a image for an overview of what my data looks like: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet What I'm trying to accomplish: A table in the "Monthly Cals"...
  5. T

    Need to Bypass or Disable 'File in Use' Error Message on Personal.xlsb File

    Hello, The Personal.xlsb Macro file on my system is set to open automatically when Excel Opens (in the XLSTART folder) and is hidden from view, so that it is accessible for me to code and write to without having to manually open it. Normally, this is not an issue, but it has been an on again /...
  6. R

    VBA Code or Excel Function For Multiple Sheets in a Workbook

    I know that there are probably threads that have answered this before, but I figured I'd start a fresh one as most of them are pretty old. I have a workbook that was given to me where each participant receiving quarterly payments has their own tab (50+ tabs). Each participant has their own...
  7. E

    VBA Form coding issue

    Hi Guys, I have created a form in excel using VBA. The information completed is to be loaded in to a mastersheet via a command button. I have written the code, which ?I have copied here but have an issue with the part in blue bold Private Sub Cmdbutton_data_Click() Dim iRow As Long Dim ws As...
  8. B

    VBA command for copying active cell content only

    Hello folks, I tried the whole internet but couldnt find vba code for. selecting active cell , then f2 command, then selecting all the content of the cell, then copy all the content. I have to enter a lot of data from excel to external application which support only values and not normal data...
  9. D

    VBA Code for create object on excel sheet to attached multipal pictures file on another excelsheet

    Hello Everyone, I am not good at VBA coding, i would be grateful if someone would help me. I would like to create a button for attachment in excel sheet from where i can attached multiple pictures file which will paste on second sheet or " create automatically pictures tab sheet including...
  10. J

    VBA Coding broken code

    Hi All, I am very new to this and have been assisted to utilize VBA code for an excel spreadsheet. After a number of months using the code i realized that the intended operation was not happening and instead i started to loose data. The reason for the code that i have is to move a row of data...
  11. C

    Creating time difference box in VBA excel

    Couple of things I want to do here... 1. I am working in military time, and need both the cb_starttime1 and cb_endtime1 to be entered as a four digit number hhmm, but display as hh:mm. 2. I then need the tb_timedifference1 to calculate the amount of hours spent on the job. I also want this...
  12. A

    VBA code to use Tranpose from on worksheet to an other

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to help me out.... Sub Xpose() Worksheets("insertion_order").Select ' copy column E info into Row 6 starting at column C in worsheet "zone_chart" Range("A12").Resize(, 10).Value = Application.Transpose(Range("C6:L6")) End Sub I would like to modify this code...
  13. V

    VBA coding for the question

    Dear Sir, Suppose I write any number (Example 100) in Cell A1, the cells A2 to A12 should be filled with the same number automatically. And again in cell A4 I write any other number, the cell from A5 to A12 should be filled with the same number automatically. How to write a VBA code for this...
  14. V

    Complete Automation and Emailing from within Excel 2003

    I tried to find a post that already was created (in this year) for this type of issue. If I placed this in to the wrong thread please move it to the proper place. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I have gone though a lot of the postings...
  15. H

    Registration Product Keys

    Hello ... can someone point me in the right direction for creating a "Product password key". thanks HDfatboy03

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